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DAY 5 Edition - IFA International 2017

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BUYERS' GUIDE CLEAN LIFESTYLE WASHING MACHINES MARKET Sales of washing machines with more than 8kg loading capacities are continuously on the rise, with more manufacturers focusing on the segment, which leads to 300+ new models every year and declining prices. The growth of smart washing machines continues from yearto-year. In the first half of 2017, 200,000 more smart washing machines were sold than in the second half of 2016. Among the biggest smart markets are the UK, France, Italy and Germany. With washer-dryers, there is a focus on convenience not only in growing loading capacities but also increasing drying capacities. This makes it possible for consumers to reduce the number of loads and dry more clothes at once. STATE OF PLAY The washing machine market is going through a transformation stage, with consumers wanting to buy big capacity, energy efficient machines. According to GfK, over the past 12 months, sales of washing machines of more than 8kg have grown 15% to become an important part of the white goods mix. GfK Global Director of Major Domestic Appliances Natalia Andrievskaya said “The biggest impact on the MDA market is still coming from high capacity washing machines and no frost refrigerators.” INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT IFA ENERGY EFFICIENCY TOPS THE AGENDA A smarter and savvier consumer demands more from their appliances as energy bills, more than ever before, place a huge strain on household finances. At IFA, manufacturers are showing technological innovations that give real assistance to the consumer, to not only guarantee perfect and effortless results every time, but also maximise resource savings. Appliances that not only provide exceptional results, but also ensure maximum energy efficiency, will also be a key market driver for growth. SMART AND CONNECTED At this year’s IFA, a number of manufacturers present their smart, app-driven washing machines. There has been a significant increase in sales of connected appliances and while this is sometimes viewed as a gimmick, the reality is that technology is already taking over our homes, and manufacturers are confident that it’s only a matter of time before all of kitchen appliances are connected too. CANCEL THAT NOISE Another key area of development for manufacturers concerns appliance noise performance – an important issue now that open-plan kitchens that merge into the living area have grown in popularity. Some 40% of Europe is still exposed to sound levels over 55dB, which is louder than the sound of continuous light traffic flow. The average washing machine sound level is around 60dB – that’s louder than most normal conversations. Sharp Home Appliances is tapping into demand for hi-tech, low-noise products, with its new quiet range. Awarded the Quiet Mark, the range includes a washing machine that operates at just 39dB. CONTACT Natalia Andrievskaya Global Director Major Domestic Appliances THE FUTURE The washing machine market looks assured as manufacturers look to invest in developing their product offerings. Consumers are seeing the benefit of purchasing energy efficient, larger capacity machines, which is good news for the industry. Moving forward, we expect more manufacturers to offer the ability to automatically re-order when detergent levels are low. Washing machines that can self-diagnose and resolve faults, will also become more mainstream, saving engineer callouts and consumers money in the process. INNOVATING @ IFA TRIPLE WASHER FROM HISENSE Hisense’s Triple Washer features three individual drums as well as the intelligent HiSmart control centre that allows users to manage their washing machine through their smartphones. The Triple Washer enables users to separate the laundry by placing clothes into three specialised drums. Hisense said that with individual cleaning cycles adjusted to the clothing types, the machine saves time, water, and energy. Hisense offers a 10- year warranty on the motor, while an autodosing feature means the machine chooses the correct amount of detergent for washing cycles. » HALL 6.2 / STAND 202 SIEMENS OFFERS 10KG CAPACITY FOR FIRST TIME Siemens has unveiled its avantgarde laundry care range, which includes its first 10kg capacity washing machine. The washing machine is operated via a five-inch colour TFT full-touch display, which sits on a bevelled fascia panel. The machine can also be controlled from any type of mobile device via the Home Connect App. Avantgarde customers have the choice between i-Dos and sensoFresh. The i-Dos appliance ensures the correct amount of detergent is dispensed; the alternative sensoFresh model allows odours to be removed without using chemical additives. » HALL 1.1/ STAND 101 26

CLEAN LIFESTYLE LAUNDRY CARE PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT KEY SELLING POINTS 1 All programmes last less than an hour 2 Controlled via simply-Fi system 3 An 11% inclination to prevent bending CANDY PRESENTS INTUITIVE WASHER Candy has launched Bianca, which it claims is the first washing machine with intuition and advanced features. The company says that Bianca listens, understands consumers’ needs, and performs the most effective and best suited washing programme to their specific needs. Through Bianca’s Smart Ring interface, a single touch-screen circle display, users can access more than 500 washing combinations, while all programmes last less than an hour, thanks to the Zoom function. Bianca, which can be interacted with through “simply-Fi”, the exclusive connectivity system, enables users to access useful functions including the energy reduction manager and auto maintenance. Smart Ring is specifically positioned with a 11-degree inclination to prevent customers from bending, is comfortable and ergonomic, Candy says. » HALL 9 / Stand 123 BOSCH UNVEILS QUIET MODELS Bosch claims its HomeProfessional washing machine and tumble dryer are the quietest on the market. In an announcement at IFA 2017, the company stated that its HomeProfessional washing machine (WAY287W5) has a noise level of 44 decibels on a normal wash and 68 decibels on the spin cycle. The HomeProfessional tumble dryer (WTY887W6) has a noise level of 59 decibels. The washing machine also boasts being the most economical of its kind: 50% more economical than the threshold value for the top energy efficiency class A+++. One reason for this performance, Bosch says, is the low-friction, Eco Silence Drive motor, for which Bosch provides a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee. Both appliances therefore feature a TFT display. » HALL 3.1 / Stand 101 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 16 anti-stain programmes 2 Maintenance-free self cleaning condenser on tumble dryer 3 EcoPerfect option for economy wash; SpeedPerfect for a fast wash HAIER SHOWS SLIM AND BIG CAPACITY WASHER Haier claims its Super Drum washing machine is a game-changing innovation for families who don’t want to choose between big capacity and space savings. This full touch-screen washer-dryer combo has a depth of 46cm and features a large capacity drum with a 601mm diameter for easy loading. The Super Drum has an excellent A+++ -50% energyefficiency rating, what it says is the widest drum access in its class of up to 44.5 cm, and features wi-fi connectivity. The washer-dryer combo offers a washing capacity of 10kg and 6kg for drying, however, it also offers a 6+6 kg wash and dry continuous cycle. Haier says the slimmer depth dimension allows for easier installation in homes making it practical for users who need to maximise their home space. » HALL 3.1 / Stand 109 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Technology - Features Haier’s lifetime warrantied Direct Motion Motor 2 Efficiency - Haier estimates Super Drum will reduce laundry cycle times by up to 30% 3 Convenience - Super Drum is especially convenient for large families LG UNVEILS NEW DRYERS LG Electronics says its dryer solutions are aimed at customers who prioritise energy efficiency and convenience. Equipped with LG’s Inverter Heatpump technology, the company says its new dryer minimises fabric damage by maintaining a low drying temperature while also providing more options, such as Eco Mode and Turbo Mode. The LG Styler delivers the final step in the clothing care process. KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Eco Mode – Saves energy and emits low noise 2 Turbo Mode – Ensures a quicker drying time 3 The Styler – Prevents fabric damage Designed to refresh and deodorise clothes, the Styler uses TrueSteam technology to gently sanitise clothes while reducing wrinkles and odours. A core feature of the Styler is its Moving Hanger, which gently shakes clothes to further reduce wrinkles formed during the steam process. And Easy Pants Crease forms a fine, crisp line down the centre of each leg. » HALL 18 / Stand 101 IFA International • Tuesday 5 th September 2017 27

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