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Day 5 - IFA International

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NEWS Thomas Klüsener

NEWS Thomas Klüsener General Manager for Austria, Germany and Switzerland, Russell Hobbs WMF EXTENDS KÜCHENminis RANGE The Professional Kitchen Russell Hobbs responds to rising demand for premium small domestic appliances Consumers are not only spending more on small kitchen appliances (SDA), but are demanding more professional products. The Russell Hobbs Performance Pro Jug Blender, for example, rotates at 27,000 revolutions per minute, the same speed as professional machines. Thomas Klüsener, General Manager for Austria, Germany and Switzerland at Russell Hobbs, explains why consumers are willing to pay up to €1,000 for premium SDAs. Consumers are demanding high-end, professional products they can buy at the right price points. If you want to sell professional features, you need to be premium. No one believes that you can make a professional product for €29. By offering these premium products, are you looking to raise your average selling price? We have a “good, better, best” approach to the market and we are building up the whole range of price points. Yes, you can buy a Russell Hobbs kettle for €24, but it’s an entryrange, basic kettle. The target is to sell more professional products at a higher price. There are a number of innovative products in the SDA market being launched at IFA. What trends are you noticing? In addition to the demand for high-end professional products, we are also seeing that people like retro products and we have therefore launched the Russell Hobbs Retro range of breakfast appliances. How successful has IFA been for Russell Hobbs? IFA has been great. We are showing all new products and there are more and more international visitors every year. We have had buyers on the stand from as far away as Azerbaijan, China and Vietnam. The stand, with live demonstrations, is always busy – we want to show buyers and consumers what we are all about. Over the six days of IFA, we are doing many deals – IFA is our most important fair in Europe Hall 3.1 Stand 104 WMF has added a number of new products to its KÜCHENminis range, which is specially developed for smaller households. The expanded range includes a yoghurt maker, a smoothie-to-go blender, a glass mini-kettle with an integrated tea strainer, a tabletop grill for two, and an ice cream maker to make ice creams, sorbet, and frozen yoghurt. WMF has also launched more products ahead of winter. The WMF LONO Milk & Choc is the first milk frother for drinking chocolate. Just put pieces of chocolate in with the milk and enjoy delicious hot chocolate milk within four minutes. Another addition is the WMF LONO fondue set, with a handy fork mount, making the usual mess a thing of the past. A new tea maker and kettle was also introduced at IFA, the WMF LONO 2in1. This makes it possible to prepare teas that need to be brewed at different temperatures thanks to precise water temperature controls. A closed tea strainer means it is also possible to put the tea directly in the water to be strained out in the kettle itself Hall 6.1 Stand 102 IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2016 9

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