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Day 5 - IFA International

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NEWS Grundig Unveils

NEWS Grundig Unveils Cooling Oven World First At IFA, Grundig has previewed its pioneering Cooling Oven, which allows the user to cool and cook in the same oven Christian Struck, Nina Spender and Deniz Kaya The Grundig Cooling Oven is ideal for preparing a dish in the morning and keeping it cool (at 5°C) until commencing the cooking process remotely on your way home. So how will the product benefit consumers and how important are smart appliances to Grundig? We put the question to Christian Struck, Grundig’s Director of Brand Management. Consumers can be flexible with the Grundig Cooling Oven. If you are on the way home from work and running late, you can reset the timing and you don’t need to worry about it as it’s been taken care of. With the oven, you can delay starting the cooking process for up to 24 hours – it takes around one hour for the temperature of the oven to reach 5°C. This smart oven can be controlled by a mobile app and features a TFT LCD touchscreen display to demonstrate the current mode (blue illumination during cooling, red illumination during cooking). Consumers will not only be able to save time but the cooling will ensure that no bacteria is grown inside. That’s the critical point. How important is the smart/connected world to Grundig? It’s immensely important, that’s why we have placed the Smart Home at the centre of our stand at IFA, not only because it’s a good place to site it, but it’s also at the centre of our development; smart is the future direction. While others say this, for us it’s really essential. Connected major domestic appliances are also where our parent company Arçelik’s strengths are. How long was this product in development? It has been less than nine months in development; the cooling system is completely new and is the innovative part of the Grundig Cooling Oven. With this product, you can achieve 5°C in your oven. What has been the reaction about the product at IFA? There has been a strong reaction from buyers around the world – the warmer countries, with higher average temperatures, are probably more interested as it’s in their mind that food YOU CAN DELAY STARTING THE COOKING PROCESS FOR UP TO 24 HOURS storage and warmth do not go well together. As people walk on to the stand, we see how interested buyers are in the product. When will it be available? That depends on a number of parameters. We have stimulated interest at IFA. This is a working prototype and this is not just for show, we are working on the technology. It’s almost ready to go. There are so many exciting innovations coming to market. The product will launch under the Grundig brand, as well as the premium Arçelik brand in Turkey. As we see the market develop, we may offer it to other brands in the group. Hall 23 Stand 101 12

INTELLIGENT DATA CityCube Berlin 6 Sept. 2016 10:45 am - 12:00 am Big Data Requires Better Intelligence Next generation of computers must learn how to understand Today’s IFA+ Summit session, Intelligent Data, focuses on the role, responsibilities, and potential of big data. Will big data govern society in the future or will society govern big data? What ethical, moral and practical architecture is in place for big data to build upon? Dr Stefan Wrobel, professor of computer science at the University of Bonn and director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information, is speaking at the Summit. Dr Stefan Wrobel explained to IFA International why big data is the issue of the moment… Big Data is at the heart of the business models of some of the most successful players in the media industry. Yet, most big data applications today focus on the computerstructured metadata and their analytics, not on the media and their content themselves. This is where the future lies: the information contained in image, audio and video material will be the basis for the next generation of successful businesses. Therefore, we need computers that not only count and calculate, but that also understand such material. What do you see as being the biggest changes in your sector, and how should we be addressing them? Luckily, recent advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, growing computing power, and the increasing availability of big data, are now enabling intelligent software systems that can analyse and interpret media data as well as never before in history. Computers can now play information-based games, they can identify objects in complex scenes, they can even modify images or automatically generate captions for them. Thus, it is now time to start evaluating these technologies and to bring them into productive use in a company's value chain. What will people coming to your presentation walk away with? In the presentation, listeners will see what artificial intelligence technologies are capable of today and they will also see the concrete practical applications that we have been involved in recently. Dr Stefan Wrobel Professor of computer science at the University of Bonn and director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information COMPUTERS CAN NOW PLAY INFORMATION-BASED GAMES IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2016 13

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