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Day 5 - IFA International

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KITCHEN LIFESTYLE Cooking Up a Storm IFA 2016 sees more innovation than ever in the kitchen Raise a toast to the wine cabinets category With consumers increasingly choosing to entertain guests at home and a wider variety of wine becoming more accessible, it comes as no surprise that wine cabinets have recorded double-digit year-on-year volume growth over the last two years. Consumers pay a premium for combination products, which provide multi temperature and storage; however, single temperature offerings are still gaining in volume, as they represent a more cost-effective alternative. BUILT-IN OVEN SALES ON THE RISE Europe’s built-in market showed very positive results in the first half of 2016 and the steam oven trend cemented its place as a clear market driver. GfK has reported that the high value steam segment increase by more than 34% since last year. The feature is especially important in Western European countries, where it already exceeds 10% of all oven sales. Steam appliances are really coming into their own, as more and more people become aware of the huge benefits this technology offers, and so the market is certainly growing healthily. SDA SALES STRENGTHEN Driven largely by consumer demand for healthy living, the total food preparation grew by 25% in 2015 – the blender category has almost doubled COOLING Europe Height above 2m Value share 18 23 over the last 12 months and the category has seen strong signs of growth across food processors too. The consumer appetite to “consume” cooking-related TV programmes and replicate their favourite dishes at home shows no sign of abating. The outlook for the SDA category in 2016 is strong and the category is well placed to benefit from the continued surge in healthy food preparation products, coffee machines and lifestyle accessories. ALL-IN-ONE MACHINES MARKET SET TO GROW All-in-one kitchen machines that can blend, boil, chop, fry, knead, steam and stir are set to grow further, with a number of manufacturers expected to enter this sector. Some models will be Wi-Fi connected, feature a touch screen and offer recipe COOLING Europe > 400

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