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Day 5 - IFA International

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BUYERS' GUIDE KITCHEN LIFESTYLE COFFEE CAPSULE MACHINES MARKET The Western European market for coffee and espresso machines registered solid growth in terms of value, but volume sales for the rolling year (Jul 2015 - Jun 2016) were below the previous year's level. This development is driven by increasing sales of espresso full-automatic machines, which account already for 40% of the total hot beverage makers market in Western Europe. Single serve coffee and espresso machines show a stable development for the rolling year in terms of sales in units, however sales in value are decreasing due to declining average sales prices for this category. While Single serve coffee and espresso machines show an uplift in sales in France, the UK, Italy and Spain. However, Germany and the Netherlands are declining due to the increasing importance of espresso full-automatic machines. STATE OF PLAY For those of us who strive for good quality coffee but don’t want the mess or hassle, a coffee pod machine is the perfect solution. Pod machines use vacuum-sealed pods filled with delicious fresh coffee, with one pod making one cup. As well as a range of popular coffee drinks such as espresso, Americano and cappuccino, coffee pods or capsules come in an array of other flavours such as hot chocolate, chai latte and iced tea. The advantages of capsule coffee machines are that it’s an easy way to make coffee – and there are no messy filter holders to clean, no spillage of coffee granules – and the coffee tastes great! INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT IFA THE SMART CHOICE More connected coffee capsule machines are launched into the market at IFA, following the launch earlier this year of the first Bluetooth-connected machine. The convenience of app-controlled brewing is that consumers will get their favourite drink at a specified time. Connected machines bring additional benefits by interacting with the app to track capsule stock and enable simple capsule re-order. Users are alerted whenever attention is required, for instance when water is low or de-scaling is needed. INNOVATING @ IFA MACHINE DESIGN HIGH ON THE AGENDA Capsule coffee machines are compact and stylish and at IFA manufacturers present a number of new designs. A number of colourful retro products are on display. With retro products selling well in key markets, the prospect of brining colour and style into capsule coffee machines is ontrend. TAKING THE PRESSURE OFF When buying an espresso maker, remember good bar pressure is essential for making a good ‘crema’ (the foam on your espresso), and is one of the main indicators of a good cup – meaning the steam meets the coffee granules at the correct speed. To avoid a bitter taste, 15–19 bar is the optimum pressure. Nespresso machines, for example, are equipped with a 19-bar pressure pump – more than most coffee shops use – to guarantee a great espresso. CONTACT Susanne Seifert Small Domestic Appliances GfK Retail and Technology THE FUTURE The market for coffee capsule machines is holding its own in terms of value, while volumes have declined. We expect sales to be stable over the next 12 months, with more connected machines coming to market. The launch of retro style machines will attract more consumers into this market. That said, we expect connectivity to drive the market forward. The ability to remotely “order” one’s drink, whilst allowing the app to monitor capsule levels, will increasingly appeal to customers. A PREMIUM ECLIPSE BY NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO The launch of the Eclipse machine by NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto takes the coffee experience to a whole new level, with the finishing and textures designed to give a premium look. The touch interface makes cup personalisation simple, while the water tank is integrated into the unit. Eclipse also features a cold function, ideal for a refreshing cappuccino ice or a Nestea Lemon. » HALL 9 / STAND 103 NESPRESSO EXPERT - PERSONALISATION AND INNOVATIVE DESIGN COMBINED The new NESPRESSO EXPERT machine offers an opportunity to add a personal touch to favourite Grands Crus. Everything from the temperature through to the serving size can be easily altered according to personal tastes. The new machine offers 4 serving sizes (Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo and NEW Americano), 3 temperature settings, hot water function with a completely separate outlet, connectivity via Bluetooth Smart technology and automatic power-off. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 102 » HALL 1.1 / STAND 102 26

KITCHEN LIFESTYLE Coffee Machines PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT PERFECT COFFEE AT THE TOUCH OF YOUR MOBILE KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Perfect milk foam The unique Krups milk technology perfects foam 2 Patented compact Thermoblock system Quick-heating guarantees hot coffee from the first cup 3 Customised to individual taste Up to 16 different coffee recipes can be stored in the app THE COFFEE MACHINE AS MODERN ART DeLonghi’s design team took inspiration from modern sculptures when developing the futuristic look of the new Nescafé Dolce Gusto Stelia. The machine is available in three different styles: Piano Black, Glossy White and Dark Silver. There is a choice of around 50 different flavours including Italian coffee specialties including espresso, cappuccino, lungo or latte macchiato – and also tea and chocolate drinks, for example Chai Tea Latte or Chococino Caramel. And for hot days, the Nescafé Dolce Gusto Stelia also delivers cold drinks, for example Nestea Lemon Ice Cappuccino. » Hall 1.1 / Stand 202 KEY SELLING POINTS Krups is launching its first connected coffee machines at IFA. The One Touch Cappuccino Coffee Machine Latte Smart is controlled by Bluetooth via an app, allowing the user to prepare specialty coffees and quickly customise their personal preferences using the smartphone. Coffee type, milk quantity and coffee strength can all be set using the app. And the app also keeps users up-to-date with the latest news from the world of coffee, offers and new recipes. It also stores information on the user’s personal coffee consumption. Insert a Dolce Gusto capsule into the automatically closing holder, use the sensor-touch to provide the exact amount of water required and one of around 50 flavoured coffees will flow into the cup. » South Entrance / Stand 101 1 Flow-stop system Ensures that the machine stops automatically after preparation of the beverage 2 Sensor-touch mechanism Ensures the desired amount flows into the cup or glass 3 Height-adjustable Fits different sized cups and glasses 50 Years… 60 Countries BRITA has numerous reasons to celebrate at IFA 2016 ADVERTORIAL In 2016, BRITA celebrates its 50th anniversary. For five decades, the optimisation and individualisation of drinking water has been the focus of this incredible German family business. BRITA is currently active in more than 60 countries and is the strongest global player in its market segment. Millions of users worldwide trust BRITA to filter their mains water, thus improving the flavour, aroma and appearance of cold and hot drinks. Partners in the household appliance industry also leverage the longstanding knowledge of the water filtration experts based in Taunusstein, Hessen. As a multi-product business, BRITA offers a wide range of innovative solutions for drinking water optimisation: alongside the well-established tabletop water filters, pressurised systems and mobile products for use during sport, on-the-go or in the office, BRITA also promotes integrated filter systems. With this attractive 2-in-1 solution, filtering and preparing hot drinks can take place in highquality, space-saving domestic appliances from BRITA partners in a single step. The benefits include improved flavour, reduced energy consumption as well as protection from lime scale build-up in the appliances. Successful premium brands such as Bosch, Morphy Richards, Philips, Russell Hobbs, Saeco, Samsung and Siemens trust the experience and expertise of the drinking water specialists using BRITA filter systems in coffee machines, espresso machines, refrigerators and water dispensers. BRITA has an outstanding distribution network that has been cultivated over many years and offers targeted support for the marketing of new products. For further information visit: You can find these BRITA partners at the IFA here: Hall 3.1 / Stand 101 Hall 9 / Stand 114 Hall 22 Hall 3.1 / Stand 104 Hall 1.1 / Stand 101 IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2016 27

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