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Day 5 - IFA International

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DAY 5 Hall 21 B / 102 Tuesday 6 th September 2016 Hall 3.1 / 109 Hall 6.2 / 204 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 13 > IFA+ SUMMIT 15 > TRADE TALK 15 > PRESS CORNER 16 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 19 > KITCHEN LIFESTYLE 28 > SPOTLIGHT ON NORTH AMERICA 29 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN TRADE TALK Sergio Klaus Peter Voigt Chief Purchasing Officer, Media- Saturn-Holding As well as being sorted by product category, devices at many stores are also displayed in special Smart Home areas See page 15 THOUGHT LEADERS Dr Stefan Wrobel Professor of computer science - University of Bonn … The information contained in image, audio and video material will be the basis for the next generation of successful businesses. See page 13 Design: The New Driving Force IFA 2016: Where look & feel again become major differentiation points for appliances Franjo Bobinac President and CEO, Gorenje See exclusive interview page 16 As home appliances get smarter and increasingly connected, a key differentiator coming back to the fore is that of highly creative design. Indeed, the term “white” goods went out the window a few years ago, but this year, colour, taste and originality are really coming into play – especially in the kitchen. Indeed, kitchen appliances may well become “connected” via wi-fi, but they are also connected to the rest of the living area in VISUAL terms, as the two spaces and their design increasingly become as one. European manufacturer Gorenje is a perfect example of this strong movement towards global excellence in design, as outlined by Franjo Bobinac, President and CEO of the company IT’S A QUESTION OF STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD in his exclusive interview (see page 16). It’s a question of standing out from the crowd, and as one walks the show floor this year, it quickly becomes apparent that clever, innovative and trendy design ideas are present on a number of stands. Yet again, IFA is the forum where all the main players in the global appliance industry show their worth, and more than ever, they are pioneering and innovating! KITCHEN LIFESTYLE Dr. Reinhard Zinkann Chairman Household Appliances Divisions, ZVEI Managing Partner, Miele Digitalisation is changing all our lives, it’s changing industry and everyday life.…” See page 17 They’re cookin’ up a storm at IFA 2016, with more innovation than ever in the kitchen! Today we take you on a tour of one of the places we increasingly love to spend time, as food preparation becomes more and more fun. Both major and small appliance sales in the kitchen sector are on the rise, and at IFA, the manufacturers are launching a swathe of new products this year – a selection of which you’ll find in our special feature on “kitchen lifestyle” – from page 19.

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