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Day 5 - IFA International

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Trade Talk Newegg Seeks Strategic Alliances and Partnerships at IFA Online retailer sets out blueprint for growth in the US market IFA is a key event in the calendar for Newegg, says the company's Head of Global Marketplace Sophia Tsao. Explaining how the company fits into the international business landscape, Tsao says: "Newegg is the largest pure-play online retailer for electronics and tech products in the US. We have a first party fulfillment business, which handles purchasing and reselling of products similar to a traditional retail channel." In addition, says Tsao, "we have a separate business unit comprised of our marketplace platforms, which invites manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, distributors, resellers and exporting companies to list products on our site by creating a virtual storefront and selling directly to consumers in the US, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. Newegg’s Global Seller Programme, also referred to as our “First from Europe” programme, is a turnkey solution for European brands and companies with limited shipping, customer service capabilities, and/or local knowledge or presence to quickly gain entry into the US market and put their products and brand in front of millions of loyal Newegg customers. It operates on a commission-only basis; there is no integration, start-up costs or listing fees. It is our goal to grow with our European sellers." In terms of being successful in selling consumer technical goods online, Tsao advises companies to: "provide a comprehensive product assortment, offering a total solution for customers to shop for all tech products they need, supported also by rich product content. Trustworthy and helpful Our goal is to meet trade associations to develop strategic alliances and partnerships, to meet with tech manufacturers, brands, and retailers who are interested in joining new marketplace platforms reviews and buying tips are vital, as well as ensuring that the quality of pre-sale and post-sale support provided to customers exceeds their expectations. Also critical, of course, is supporting the companies that sign up to the Newegg platform, says Tsao: "Newegg is an invite-only platform, so when a seller is approved to become a part of our marketplace, they are introduced to a dedicated team of category managers familiar with the relevant product assortment, and who can also provide recommendations for bestpractices for selling on Newegg and growing in the US. Sellers also have access to Newegg’s Marketing and Merchandising managers who can work with each individual seller, on a campaign or individualproduct basis, to provide marketing vehicles to give sellers’ products or brand added exposure. Newegg is known for its strong promotional vehicles such as our email blasts that go out up to 12M email subscribers, onsite promotions that not only drive traffic, but push out deals on top-rated products at best-on-web price points. For example, Newegg’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales from Q4 of 2014 saw a near-40% year-over-year growth." In addition, says Tsao, "Newegg also offers order fulfillment logistics services, called Shipped by Newegg (SBN). International sellers can utilise SBN for all US order fulfillment, even orders received outside of Newegg, as well as receive 6-months free storage of inventory in our facilities. Finally, when a European company joins Newegg, our dedicated managers take pride in growing the seller’s business as well. Whether it’s improving content, SEO, or understanding market trends, the Newegg team looks to assist you comprehensively." Regarding doing business in the US, Tsao says: "Brand awareness and building up a strong perceived value for a brand is essential to business success. Newegg has the experience, expertise and proven track record for helping international companies and brands launch successfully and capture market share. Optimising and converting sales through the use of social media, affiliate networks and search engine tools are also keys to breaking into the US market. Newegg can help in these areas as well." At IFA 2015, Tsao says: "Our goal is to meet trade associations to develop Sophia Tsao Head of Global Marketplace, Newegg strategic alliances and partnerships, to meet with tech manufacturers, brands, and retailers who are interested in joining new marketplace platforms as well as increase Cross- Border Trade volume, and to introduce our “First from Europe” Global Seller Programme. Interested companies can get in touch with our team visiting IFA or connect us via marketplaceseller@newegg. com or visit our global seller application page: sellers/international/." IFA International • Tuesday 8 th September 2015 13

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