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Day 5 - IFA International

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ADVERTORIAL STAND OF THE DAY PHILIPS TV HALL 22 / STAND 101 Picture-perfect: Explaining TV features visually 2 3 1 4 18 MARC HARMSEN Global Marketing Lead Product Manager Europe & Russia, TP Vision “It’s important to show customers the differences that our features bring to TV. For example, we needed to find a way to share our revolutionary Ambilight projection technology, the most significant development yet for our unique Ambilight system. We had built these twin custom rooms, creating a more intimate setting than typical in a stand. It’s a little mysterious-- just like our Ambilight innovation-- and it encourages people to enter to take a look.” 1 DEMO’ING THE DIFFERENCE This is a video wall with a message: Ambilight TVs are placed in a series, showcasing their picture quality features, scaling up from 24 to 50 to 100Hz. Add unique programming and the wall is an eye-catching display that’s selfexplanatory. 2 SEE BEAUTIFUL SOUND The Philips 8601 is a razor slim, 4-sided Ambilight TV with a unique 70W immersive sound system. The 18-speaker system features 16 micro-drivers and two in-built Neodymium subwoofers. The micro-drivers are mounted in two seamless, polished dark chrome speakers running the length of the left and right side of the set but can also be detached and placed on designed stands that fit perfectly with the TV. TP Vision put this Philips demo in a corner and hung special sound-absorbing paper on neighbouring walls to dampened random noise around the demo area. 3 ANDROID TV 80% of Philips' 2015 TV range is running on Android TV. Android TV gives access to all TV-oriented apps, services, and content in the Google Play Store. At the Philips stand, one can experience the effortless operation and fast navigation enabled by Hex Core processing and innovative remote control that even supports speech recognition. 4 SPECIAL-BUILT VIEWING ROOMS In the center of the stand, Philips created two rooms to create an intimate showing of AmbiLux the new Ambilight projection that moves Ambilight up to the next level thanks to nine rear-mounted pico projectors. Now you can see motion as well as colour...

HALL PLAN SHUTTLES Hall 23- Stand 102 Hall 21 - Stand 102 IFA International • Tuesday 8 th September 2015 19

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