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Day 5 - IFA International

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By Simon King BUYERS'

By Simon King BUYERS' GUIDE STATE OF PLAY Consumers are increasingly aware of reducing their energy consumption to lower their energy bills and so this is a continuing area for development in refrigeration and freezing. Refrigerators and freezers are essentially the hardest working appliances in the kitchen. They’re always on, are accessed typically every day and throughout the day, so a great saving is to be made by investing in an energy efficient model. Over the years, cooling products have undergone a great deal of technological advancement. Innovation has revolved around creating quieter, more energy efficient products, and this is something that continues to drive the future of cooling technology. MARKET by Inverter motors are increasingly promoted and sold in the refrigerator market. Energy efficiency and longevity are core benefits with positive effects on energy label, noise levels and warranties. The penetration of inverter models varies considerably depending upon the market. 2 DOOR FRIDGES IN EUROPE (2014/15 LAUNCHES) 14C WE 11C EE CIS Jan-Jun 14 Jan-Jun 15 Jan-Jun 14 Jan-Jun 15 Jan-Jun 14 Jan-Jun 15 7 12 7 10 93 88 93 90 93 87 7 13 FRIDGES KEY INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT IFA FOOD WASTAGE AWARENESS Food wastage is a hot topic because consumers have become much more aware of how much money they’re losing by wasting so much food each year, plus the negative implications this has for the environment. This provides a great opportunity for the refrigeration market, as new technology can genuinely help people to cut down on their wastage, by providing high-tech solutions that make food last longer. For instance, Liebherr’s BioFresh drawers provide the right humidity for specific types of food such as fish, exotic fruits and meat and dairy. The extra days it can add are impressive: cheese 100+ days, carrots 30+ days and lettuce 8+ days, for example. Using advanced technology, it’s possible to accurately keep the temperature at just above 0°C and each drawer can be used individually to provide the ideal humidity. LARGE CAPACITIES STEAL A MARCH Capacity is a big selling point and manufacturers are developing appliances in a number of sizes and capacities to meet varying consumer demands. Capacity is very important, but the perfect fridge to freezer ratio is different for everyone and is dependent on individual’s lifestyles. For example, a large family may want a fridge freezer that offers a 50:50 ratio to accommodate for big food shops, whereas a health conscious individual who enjoys cooking may prefer a large fridge to store fresh ingredients. A large side-by-side fridgefreezer can be a great option if you’re looking for lots of capacity. Ice and water dispensers are a great added feature. They can help encourage kids to drink fresh water rather than fizzy and sugary drinks. INNOVATING @ IFA INTELLIGENT REFRIGERATION APPLIANCES Manufacturers have invested heavily in the latest technology advancements that have the ability to sense and respond to daily use in an intelligent way. Temperature sensors, smart electronics and variable speed fans create a more controlled environment and optimal temperature for better food care. The fridge door is the most opened door in the house, which means the temperature around your food increases every time the door is opened. Sensors “know” when you open your fridge, and are able to lower the temperature 30 minutes before you open it. For instance, Whirlpool’s Supreme NoFrost refrigerator has two separate no-frost systems, one for the fridge and one for the freezer, unlike the traditional Total NoFrost refrigerator, which has just one evaporator for both cavities. INVERTER MOTER:YES INVERTER MOTER:NO THE FUTURE Sales Value % Connected fridges will offer a number of benefits. The next generation has grown up in the digital age and expects everything to be instant. The home of the future will give consumers complete control 24/7, even when they’re out of the house. We expect to see refrigerators that help to build and order the weekly shopping and notify the homeowner when food is nearing its best before date. » HALL 2.1 / STAND 201 4D S100 BY HAIER The 685 L net storage capacity of the Haier 4D S100 is 35% higher than that of a typical 4-door American refrigerator, making it the perfect premium product for large families. The 4D S100 uses Total No Frost technology. A++ energy efficiency rating guarantees a minimal impact on the environment. Boasting 2 MyZones, you can customise your fridge to suit your needs with a simple touch of a button. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 109 BLUPERFORMANCE CBNPES 4858 FRIDGE-FREEZER BY LIEBHERR Premium quality materials, perfect workmanship down to the finest details, ease-of-use and precision touch electronics define the new BluPerformance appliance range. All Blu Performance appliances belong to the A+++ energy efficiency class, or are A+++/-20%. The CBNPes 4858 has a 7 inch, high-resolution touchscreen display integrated in the door. A wide-range of preset programs, offer maximum daily convenience. Information, energy-saving tips and storage advice for all sorts of different foods can be accessed with ease. » HALL 2.1 / STAND 201 IFA International • Tuesday 8 th September 2015 27

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