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Day 5 - IFA International

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KITCHEN LIFESTYLE OVENS PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Perfect Bake The PerfectBake sensor constantly measures moisture levels inside the oven and will adjust the baking process to ensure the best quality 2 Perfect Roast The PerfectRoast meat probe measures the core temperature at three different places within the selected food. 3 More than hot air All Series 8 ovens are fitted with newly developed 4D hot air system which distributes air evenly throughout the oven. WHIRLPOOL MAX CHOCOLATE MICROWAVE Whirlpool’s new Max Chocolate microwave is designed specifically for the preparation of chocolate dishes. Special algorithms have been applied to create five pre-set chocolate recipes: tempering, melting, hot chocolate, chocolate cream pastry and chocolate shortbread cookies. Whirlpool’s 6 TH Sense and Crisp technologies combine to create cakes that are firm on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. The Max Chocolate is just 39cm wide but with a 13-litre interior capacity, it can take plates up to 28cm in diameter. The microwaves come in Vanilla, Cacao and Noir. » HALL 9 / STAND 101 BOSCH’S SERIES 8 MAKES PERFECT SENSE It may not be able to completely replace the skills of a qualified chef, but Bosch has introduced a new range of highly sophisticated ovens that hope to complement their eyes, nose, mouth and even fingertips with in-built hi-tech sensors. The Series 8 ovens include a number of new innovative features including smart technology that allows users to control them via their smartphones and tablets. In-built electronic feelers automatically set and calculate the right cooking environment without supervision making them practical and easy to use. It also has an integrated microwave that can help reduce cooking time of dishes by up to 50%. » HALL 3.1 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 The Max Chocolate microwave comes with a set of accessories specially designed for the pre-set chocolate recipes 2 An attractive user interface provides cooking feedback and features an intuitive touch-control panel system 3 Its attractive rounded casing, compact on the outside and spacious inside, is designed to sit anywhere in the kitchen PANASONIC’S COMBI MICROWAVE FOR CONFINED SPACES Panasonic has slimmed down its combi microwave to create the ideal solution for those looking to cook and create adventurous dishes in the most confined spaces. The combi brings together the efficiency of a microwave with the traditional browning and roasting qualities of a conventional oven. Seen as an ideal solution for the increasing number of customers with smaller living and kitchen spaces, the new models take up 20% less space than a standard Panasonic combination oven. By moving the fan to the roof it has also cut the oven’s depth by 20%, but still offers a large 27 litre capacity. » HALL 5.2 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Versatile and convenient It might be slimmer but it still allows users to cook a wide range of foods in different styles including grilling, baking and roasting. 2 Oven ready With 21 different auto programs to choose from users do not even have to calculate how long to cook their favourite dishes as the oven will work it out for you 3 Constant power The microwave is fitted with Inverter Technology which delivers a seamless streak of cooking power to help create an even cooking process. 30

BUYERS' GUIDE CAPSULE COFFEE MACHINES STATE OF PLAY For most of us, coffee plays an important role in our day-to-day lives, whether you rely on a full-bodied shot of espresso to get you going in the morning, or regularly catch up with friends over a warming cappuccino. For those who strive for good quality coffee but don’t want the mess or hassle, a coffee pod machine is the perfect solution. Pod machines use vacuum-sealed pods filled with delicious fresh coffee, with one pod making one cup. While all machines offer a range of popular coffee drinks such as espresso, Americano and cappuccino, some machines enable users to purchase coffee pods or capsules in an array of other flavours such as hot chocolate, chai latte and iced tea. The advantages of capsule coffee machines are that it’s an easy way to make coffee – and there are no messy filter holders to clean, no spillage of coffee granules – and the coffee tastes great! MARKET by The Western European market for Single Serve Espresso machines registered some diverse developments. While France and Spain decreased in sales value, Italy and Great Britain grew in double-digits in the last rolling year compared to the previous year. KEY INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT IFA LET COFFEE COLOUR YOUR LIFE Gone are the days when you had two choices for the colour of a coffee machine: black or metallic. Today’s manufacturers are increasing the colour gamut, in order for users to be able to match the machine to their interior décors, taking into account that the kitchen is increasingly a part of the “living area” of one’s home. Bright colours are therefore hitting the scene in order to mix and match with the glass and gloss finishes of modern kitchens. More elegant solutions can be found with different metallic finishes as well, and for the art deco crowd, watch out for the odd machine with pastel finish. The Lattissima Touch is available in a number of different colours – Glam Red, Glam White, Glam Black, Black Titanium and Palladium Silver. INNOVATING @ IFA TOUCH INTERFACE Touch interfaces are increasingly important on high-end coffee machines where choice can be a question. In these cases, a large, clear LCD display should offer self explanatory and intuitive operation. An automatic specialty coffee machine should guide users through menus and programming with text and images. Interactive navigation should make operation — whether customising a latte macchiato or checking out a maintenance programme — as quick and easy as possible. THE NEW RETRO Retro – or “classic” design is definitely the in thing this year at IFA. With designers inspired by the beautiful, art deco forms of yesteryear, one might imagine being on Miami Beach sipping a coffee with one’s yellow Buick Riviera parked in the street outside. The combination of new tech with retro design is what makes it all very different. For example, the new Nescafé Dolce Gusto Stelia has an unconventional design, but includes intuitive touch screen interface and automatic closing head (replacing the “clamp handle”). +34% SALES UNITS OF SINGLE SERVE COFFEE MACHINES PER COUNTRY IN EU6 FOR MAT 2014 AND 2015 Thousands 3000 -6% +1% 2500 2000 1000 -5% 1500 +34% 500 +4% 0 DE FR ES IT NL GB MAT 14 MAT 15 LATTISSIMA TOUCH BY NESPRESSO The Lattissima Touch has been redesigned to offer even more features for coffee connoisseurs who enjoy coffee with milk. The brand new integrated technology offers two new features of milk froth and the pre-heating times for the coffee is now at 25 second and additional 15 second for milk. Automatic pre-programmed coffee buttons ensure the perfect coffee serving size each time, and an automatic power off mode after 9 minutes allowing for it to be categorized in the A Energy Efficiency Class. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 102 CONTACT Udo Jansen Global Director Small Domestic Appliances GfK Retail and Technology THE FUTURE Capsule coffee machines are increasingly popular and as models come to market with innovative features and sleek designs, its future looks assured. More colour options are expected, while future technologies may include Bluetooth and Wi- Fi functionality, but how popular this would be with consumers remains to be seen. We expect that more capsule machines will have the ability to froth and steam milk, with this technology currently only provided on only expensive models. STELIA BY NESCAFÉ DOLCE GUSTO The brand new Nescafé Dolce Gusto Stelia shines with its unconventional design including intuitive touch screen interface and automatic closing head (replacing the “clamp handle”). Maximum 15 bar pump pressure combined with intelligent capsule technology guarantees high quality drinks – such as Espresso, Café Au Lait, Latte Macchiato and Chai Tea Latte. » HALL 9 / STAND 102 » HALL 1.1 / STAND 102 » HALL 9 / STAND 102 IFA International • Tuesday 8 th September 2015 31

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