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Day 5 - IFA International

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Trade Talk 11,000 Stores and 50,000 Staff – Information Flow is Vital Hans Carpels – President of Euronics International – explains how his group optimises IFA With 11,000 stores in 31 nations across the continent, Euronics International is the biggest electronics buying group present at IFA, as well as being a key partner of the show. We asked group President Hans Carpels how sales have been in the past quarter, and what sweet spots he’s noted in terms of product categories. Generally speaking, we benefited from better sales in TV, thanks to innovation in UHD and the curved format, as well as World Cup enthusiasm. Major Domestic Appliance sales were slow more due to a drop in average sales price, because quantities remained stable. The strongholds of past years, such as tablets and smartphones have taken a blow mainly in lesser quantity sales. What are you seeing as being the general sentiment among your members with regard to the coming months? We are quite optimistic; thanks to the innovations we can show to the consumer. The new Curved TV format is really attracting consumers, but also in more specific areas such as connected home devices, we see great chances for our network to prevail. It is quite important to present It is quite important to present all possible solutions to the consumers in a way that they immediately understand the advantage of the product/solution all possible solutions to the consumers in a way that they immediately understand the advantage of the product/solution. Moreover we organise at IFA a strategic board meeting in order to address new product/service areas which we could integrate into our stores. IFA is the ideal spot to see and test all the solutions that are on the market. Indeed, IFA should be proud of how it organises this fair. I have experienced other fairs where the service is really far below the level in Berlin, both for consumers and for the trade. Of course, as a veteran in this industry, I know that sometimes it can become hectic, but all depends on organisation. Our international head office books all key meeting slots with suppliers already before the beginning of July. What sets Euronics apart as a group? Many things: why do you think that Euronics, which is the youngest ‘retail group’ has become the biggest? Others were there before us, but we have grown and continue to do so. The difference is that we do what we say and we say what we do, which is not always so easy, but it is the best way to stick to your strategy. Euronics is a very close partner of IFA, why is this so important? IFA is well organised from a consumer’s perspective, but also for suppliers and for the trade. That’s very valuable. We bring our retailers to this fair for them to discover the new technologies in 2-3 days. It’s a major advantage and it saves precious time. From my home country, Belgium, we now for the third year in a row charter a flight and 150 retailers are coming to Berlin for IFA. My colleague from the Netherlands has done the same since last year. We all know that retailers are very busy, but IFA for them is a must. We organise guided tours, headed by members of my staff, and slots are reserved at suppliers with local representatives. The retailers are well received and are given prepared information that’s very valuable. But apart from this, IFA has created a very tight network between trade and industry where both can interact in order to move our business forward. Hans Carpels President of Euronics International IFA International • Tuesday 9 th September 2014 13

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