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Day 5 - IFA International

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Exclusive Interview Cool

Exclusive Interview Cool Ideas, Hot Products Liebherr is again at IFA with new features and designs MEETING THE CHALLENGES OF SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE NEW MOBILITY OF THE INTERNET THROUGH THE USE OF SMART PHONES AND TABLETS Smart Communication has long been a part of Liebherr’s activities, and the manufacturer offers numerous apps for iOS and Android. For example, a BioFresh App not only tells you the best refrigeration zone in which to store foods to maintain perfect freshness, it also tells you about the vitamins and minerals particular foods contain and how these contribute to a healthy life. There’s also a downloadable BioFresh magazine for iPad users. Liebherr also has an App for trade partners, simply called Media. This App makes all of the company’s current videos and brochures available off-line. There’s a Bordeaux Wine App for wine lovers, and for kitchen planners a Photo Designer App, which shows appliances in the kitchen environment. Design is firmly anchored in our strapline, “Quality, Design and Innovation” With a turnover of €909.4 m in the domestic appliances division Liebherr was once again able to achieve an increase in business in the financial year 2013 selling around 2.2 million appliances worldwide. We asked Günther Sproll, director of marketing for Liebherr what’s new this year. IFA 2014 sees us once again presenting new innovative ideas in cooling and freezing appliances in combination with top design. We are currently expanding the broadest and most energy efficient range, packed with many innovative features. The focus for our IFA 2014 showing is the presentation of our successful BioFresh appliances. Social cooking within the family or with friends, fitness and wellness – these are the big trends. High-value and ecologically friendly foods are not only fun to prepare, they also contribute to our well-being and fitness. Liebherr’s BioFresh technology delivers the very best conditions to maintain perfect freshness quality and preserve vitamins and minerals. At a temperature of just over 0° C and with the ideal air humidity, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and milk products retain their healthy vitamins, delicate flavour and their appetising appearance for up to 3 times longer than in typical cooling compartments. Two Liebherr refrigerators and freezers received the Red Dot Design Award this year. How important is the design factor as part of your overall selling process? In recent years, through the use of high-value materials combined with aesthetic product design, cooling appliances have increasingly become design highlights in modern kitchens and living spaces. In 2014 two Liebherr appliances once again received the accolade of being awarded the renowned and internationally recognised “Red Dot Award”. The prize-winners were the integrateable sideby-side combination SBS 7014 and the fridge freezer combination CBNPbs 3756 in Black Steel. What’s more, we also received numerous other awards and prizes. For example, from Plus X, IF Product Design award, Good Design, Interior Design award and the Initiative LifeCare award for our high quality products. Design is firmly anchored in our strapline, “Quality, Design and Innovation”. Since cooling appliances generally have a very long service life, we renounce short-lived fashions. Right at the design concept stage, our goal is that the use of high quality materials should in turn make the quality of the innovative but not directly viewable cooling technology, palpable and visible for the user. What are the key differentiation points of your appliances compared with those of other manufacturers? The development of new products and the ongoing development of existing ones is something we value highly at Liebherr. We demand it from ourselves to be the “Best-in-Class” in every respect. All of our products are developed in-house, and accordingly all of our production locations have modern well-equipped development centres staffed by highly qualified colleagues. Even at the development stage, appliances will undergo testing in modern, climate controllable rooms, simulating real-world operating conditions. Also at product conception, we have our focus firmly on highly efficient and therefore super-economic cooling and Günther Sproll Director of Marketing, Liebherr freezing appliances. We have already been offering the sector’s widest range of energy efficient appliances for decades now. To prove that ease-of-use and energy saving don’t have to be mutually exclusive, is for example, demonstrated by the Liebherr NoFrost freezer cabinets which conform to the highest energy efficiency class A+++. Also the BioFresh combinations CBP 4043 and CBPesf 4043, with energy consumption of 130 kWh are again both 20% more economical than the threshold value for class A+++. How important is IFA for you as a marketing platform? What are your key goals at the show? The IFA is a perfect platform for us to give our national and international trade partners an overview of our innovative products and to inform them about the benefits for users of our appliances. The large number of visitors demonstrates the high level of interest in our products and our sales and marketing activities. 16

KITCHEN LIFESTYLE COOLING OVENS COFFEE MACHINES MAJOR APPLIANCES – THE FIGURES The global market for major domestic appliances (excluding North America) again developed positively in the first half of 2014. Within Western Europe, year-on-year revenue growth was particularly strong in Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Germany’s positive economic development in conjunction with historically low interest rates continues to ensure a sound basis for further growth. In the first half of 2014, unit sales were 3% above the previous year's figure, representing an increase of 4% in value terms (euros). The trend towards particularly efficient, high-volume domestic appliances has continued. Convenience features, such as flexible induction technology for hobs, are gradually achieving a higher degree of market penetration. At the same time, more models are being sold online, which generated double-digit growth rates in both value and volume sales in the first half of the year. Not Just a Cooking Space – A New Way of Life Consumer enthusiasm for new kitchen lifestyle ideas continues to grow Changes to the way we use living spaces and conceive electrical devices are largely impacting the retail world today. As an ever-increasing number of people integrate their kitchens into the greater living area, the appetite for built-in equipment is growing, and as cooking becomes a passion for more and more people, the sector remains very buoyant. According to GfK, a real upswing has been evident in sales of kitchen appliances. In the first half of 2014, liquidisers were booming. The largest market for this segment is the UK, which significantly contributed to this growth by almost doubling sales. Germany and the Netherlands also registered double-digit sales growth. In addition to liquidisers, sales of other kinds of small kitchen appliances also improved. This was above all driven by double-digit growth rates in the major markets of France, Germany and Italy. The market for fridges is showing considerable growth rates across Europe. The development of frost-free two-door fridges is positive, with a growth of 16% in terms of sales units. More and more frost-free models are meeting the highest energy standards, as convenience and energy efficiency go hand in hand. Modern design is increasingly determining the trends. Stainless steel optics, fashionable colours and large displays allow the fridge to become a lifestyle product or even status symbol. Capacity is a topic of similar importance, with two-door fridges growing in height as well. Steam ovens are another big growth area, with Germany the biggest market in Europe for these devices. After a flat development in 2013, the market is picking up speed again. Considering consumers are ready to spend €1,650 on average for a steam oven, it seems to be an attractive niche market. More than half of steam ovens are sold through kitchen specialists. Induction is meanwhile driving the cooking market in Europe. After France, Germany is the second biggest induction hob market in Europe. Poland is leading the trend in Eastern Europe, growing on a doubledigit scale. Germany is outstanding with a relatively high and increasing average price. In the background is the increasing importance of flexible induction hobs, which allow several zones to be connected, forming one big cooking field. Induction hobs are a good example of continuous innovation creating additional demand and that consumers are prepared to spend for tangible benefits. Cooking is no longer just an integral part of daily life; it has become a leisure activity, or even better a “lifestyle” activity. SMALL APPLIANCES – THE FIGURES In the first half of 2014, global spending (excluding North America) on small domestic appliances rose by 12% following adjustment for currency effects. A real upswing was evident in sales of kitchen appliances. In the first half of 2014, stand mixers generated revenue growth of 43% in comparison with the same period of the previous year. The largest market for this segment is the UK, which significantly contributed to this growth by almost doubling revenues. Germany and the Netherlands also registered revenue growth of 49% and 70% respectively. In addition to stand mixers, sales of kitchen machines also improved by 18%. This was above all attributable to doubledigit growth rates in the major markets of France, Germany and Italy. The Western European market for coffee and espresso machines registered slight growth in terms of volume, but value sales for the first half of the year were below the previous year's level. Singleserve Espresso machines were the only segment, which registered an improvement, driven by doubledigit growth in Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. Sales of fully-automatic espresso machines declined by 2 % in Germany, which is the most important market for these appliances. IFA International • Tuesday 9 th September 2014 17

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