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Day 5 - IFA International

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BUYERS' GUIDE TWO-DOOR FRIDGES STATE OF PLAY KEY SELLING POINTS The ideal refrigeration option for consumers looking for large capacity compartments for the fridge and the freezer, side-by-side models are experiencing a renaissance as new features are added to this traditional appliance. MARKET Convenient frost-free models grew by 16% in sales units to the previous year in Europe. In CIS already 60% of the models sold are frost-free. TWO-DOOR FRIDGES IN EUROPE 2 Door, Freezer Bottom: Sales Share of Frostfree Functionality in Jan-Jun 2014 TECHNOLOGY Capacities are increasing significantly as cooling technology enhancements result in less insulation in the walls, meaning more space inside both the fridge and freezer. Digital controls are giving users the power to set compartments to precise temperatures, which is great for gourmets to store fresh fruit and vegetables, cheeses, meats and even alcoholic beverages. LED lights are much more energy efficient than light bulbs and can be installed throughout both cavities to provide pleasant and longer-lasting illumination. FEATURES Drinks hatches, transparent windows and doors within doors are giving customers quick and easy access to snacks, drinks and other regularly accessed items, saving energy and adding convenience in the kitchen. Opening alarms alert the user when the door has been open for too long, meaning cooling isn’t wasted on a door accidently left open. Softtouch seals mean doors can be shut with force without causing the contents to reverberate. The inner walls of side-byside compartments should be frost-free and airflow innovations circulate cool air evenly throughout refrigerators for reliability and consistency. DESIGN By building the ice maker and chilled water zone into the door, space is freed in the refrigerator so there is more room for food and drinks. At the high-end of the category, manufacturers are introducing sparkling water dispensers, adding an extra dimension to this popular feature. Integrating side-by-side refrigerators into cabinetry, customers can achieve a seamless kitchen design. Manufacturers are also styling their refrigerators with the same aesthetic as their cooking appliances, creating matches made in design heaven. On-trend themes at the moment include country house wood veneers, sandstone fascias, earthy browns and black and white ‘chessboard’ styles. 49% 50% 65% 35% INNOVATING @ IFA WEU CEE HAIER’S 4D SERIES 100 REFRIGERATOR 40% CIS 60% Frostfree NonFrostfree Haier’s 4D Series 100 refrigerator has a huge 685 litres of storage which makes it perfect for family use. It has been designed to be wide and thin so that it integrates seamlessly into most kitchens. No-frost technology ensures that compartments remain frost free and provides better cool air distribution throughout the fridge. The fridge is also very economic, offering a 20% energy saving compared to A+ rated fridges. » HALL 3.1 STAND 103 CONTACT Martina Sedlmaier Key Account Manager Major Domestic Appliances GfK Retail and Technology THE FUTURE Side-by-side fridge and freezers will remain a trusted appliance as they offer all the major features families look for in a refrigerator: capacity, efficiency and ease-of-use. French Door models are capturing the lion’s share of attention but a lot of consumers don’t want a freezer drawer, meaning they will continually go back to the upright, shelf-style form factor that side-by-side provides. BAUKNECHT FRESHNESS CENTER Bauknecht's FreshnessCenter offers professional refrigeration in a domestic setting, using ProFresh and ShockFreeze technology. ProFresh technology permanently maintains ideal temperature and humidity levels, ensuring that food remains fresh up to four times longer. The freezer’s powerful ShockFreeze ventilation system freezes food three times quicker than a standard freezer, retaining 20% more vitamins than with conventional freezing methods. » HALL 7.1 A / STAND 101 » HALL 1.1 / STAND 201 » HALL 3.1 / STAND 103 » HALL 2.1 / STAND 201 IFA International • Tuesday 9 th September 2014 25

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