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Day 5 - IFA International

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BUYERS' GUIDE STEAM OVENS STATE OF PLAY KEY SELLING POINTS Steam cooking is fantastic for preparing moist, succulent meals, including seafood, poultry, red meat, vegetables, asian dishes and desserts. The technology is available by itself or in combination with an oven or a microwave. MARKET After stabilisation in 2013, the first half of 2014 shows a market growth of about 8% in sales value. The average spending for a steam oven increased continuously TECHNOLOGY Ovens that combine traditional hot-air cooking with injections of steam have exploded in popularity as customers are drawn to the health, taste and texture benefits these luxury appliances provide. Combining steam with traditional roasting means the oven is essentially a 2-in-1 cooker. For customers not looking to add a new oven to their integrated kitchen, steam microwaves are benchtop solutions that can also offer grilling and roasting. FEATURES Hundreds of automatic programs make steam cooking easy, even for novices. Choose the meal you want to cook from the on-board computer, make sure the water reservoir is full, and then the oven will take care of the rest, injecting steam at precisely the right moment to create amazing meals. Steaming allows for food regeneration in which leftovers, for example, are slowly brought back to freshness via steam heating. It’s very hard to overcook or burn food while steaming so it is a great way for new chefs to learn while creating delicious meals. Steamed food is also very healthy, as more nutrients are retained than if the food were boiled. DESIGN Steam-only ovens can be manufactured in compact sizes - 45 cm high - so they can fit into smaller cavities in the wall or be built under the primary oven. Convenience technology like touch-screen controls, push-to-open doors and telescopic rails are all available in steam ovens. Plumbed steam cookers take convenience to the next level: the user never need replace or refill the reservoir and the steam never runs out. STEAM OVENS GERMANY Development of Sales Value and Average Price Jan 2012 Jun 2012 Jan 2013 Jun 2013 Jan 2014 Jun 2014 INNOVATING @ IFA 1.602 Sales Value, m EUR Price, EUR 1.608 1.646 46 46 49 GORENJE HOMEMADE The HomeMade combined steam ovens are the latest additions to Gorenje’s oven range and come in the compact 45cm-high and regular 60cm-high versions. In the new HomeMade generation the water tank is integrated into the front panel allowing for greater capacity. Gorenje HomeMade steam ovens employ the principle of pure steam, made possible by patented cyclone technology. This technology creates a mist of pure steam that is evenly distributed around via the MultiSteam360° system. » HALL 1.1 STAND 201 Gorenje HomeMade CONTACT Martina Sedlmaier Key Account Manager Major Domestic Appliances GfK Retail and Technology THE FUTURE Across the appliance spectrum steam is being used to greatly enhance the user experience. Steam ovens will continue to grow in popularity as the technology becomes easier to understand and the functionality filters down to the more affordable brands. Expect to see more bench-top steam ovens and free-standing cookers adding steam as a key function. MIELE DGC 6600XL STEAM OVEN The new DGC XL is a fully fledged steam and conventional oven for discerning connoisseurs. The oven features the powerful MultiSteam technology, which ensures consistent heat throughout the cavity. Steam is created outside the food chamber until it reaches the required temperature where it is injected into the chamber, surrounding the food on all sides. » HALL 2.1 / STAND 101 Miele DGC 6600XL » HALL 1.1 / STAND 201 IFA International • Tuesday 9 th September 2014 29

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