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Day 5 - IFA International

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News GRILLER THRILLER IFA 2014 sees the launch of the Tefal OptiGrill, a fat-reducing grill that the company claims will cook steak to restaurant quality. Designed with six dedicated cooking programs – burger, sausage, bacon, chicken, red meat and fish – the OptiGrill features an automated sensor that measures the thickness of food to ensure it is fully cooked. The product also features an LED cooking level indicator, which changes colour as meat cooks – yellow for rare, orange for medium and red for well done. The OptiGrill is a healthy option for grilling because excess fat drains off the angled plate into the extra-large drip tray. » SOUTH ENTRANCE / 101 INTERACTIVE HOB Stuttgart-based manufacturer Bauknecht is presenting a prototype of its Interactive Cooktop at IFA 2014. Described by the company as “a nerve centre for the home”, the hob combines a keypad, two hotplates, a monitor for social and other networks, an app for telephoning and a display for operating other home appliances such as the music system and washing machine. » HALL 7.1A / STAND 101 CHEF COLLECTION Samsung has launched its premium range Chef Collection at IFA 2014. The collection was inspired by the Chef Club, an initiative created by Samsung to involve international chefs in the development of new appliances. The collection includes a refrigerator that maintains its contents precisely at the required temperature, and an oven and cooker that use steam technology to ensure roasts are crispy on the outside and juicy inside. » CITYCUBE BERLIN LEVEL 2 /101 WOOX Woos the Spotify Faithful Maker of Philips’ Spotify multi-room speakers set pace in explosive audio market The Philips Spotify multi-room speakers are a dedicated audio solution for Spotify users. Incorporating Spotify Connect, the speakers stream music from any smartphone, tablet or PC. Meanwhile, a unique ‘one-press play’ button on the speaker picks up from the last song the Spotify user enjoyed. With Spotify now boasting well over 10 million subscribers, the battle is on to secure home audio sales from users of the world’s biggest subscription streaming music service. We spoke with Benjamin Ngo, Audio Business Line Leader at WOOX Innovations, the makers of the Philips Spotify multi-room speakers, about how WOOX have built a close collaboration with Spotify. We have collaborated closely with Spotify to design speakers that allow the premium Spotify user to really enjoy their music. We have built this range single-mindedly for the Spotify premium user. That is why the one-press play button is, at the present time, unique to this product. How long have WOOX and Philips been collaborating with Spotify? Our relationship with Spotify actually started a few years ago. We released the first Spotify Connect single speakers in 2013, which were announced at IFA. We wanted to build on this with multiroom speakers that incorporate our latest one-press play button innovation. How quickly is this market growing? It’s growing at a tremendous rate, especially in Europe. This segment of multiroom Wi-Fi home This segment of multi-room Wi-Fi home speakers has grown by over 80% in the last year Hall speakers has grown by over 80% in the last year. This is where the audio market is going, so we at WOOX are focusing on connected entertainment, and bringing the best experience to the user. What else differentiates this product? A lot of multi-room systems today have access to music services but it’s via their own app. But Benjamin Ngo Audio Business Line Leader, WOOX Innovations a Spotify user wants to come home and continue listening to music through the app they’re familiar with, which is why we use the native Spotify app. That is what we’re doing in collaboration with Spotify Connect, bringing a seamless user experience to the home. 22 Stand 101 6

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