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Day 5 - IFA International

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News ADVERTORIAL Seiki Grows Its European Share IFA International interviewed TH Lam, President of Tongfang Global (THTF), part of Tongfang, one of the World Top 500 Enterprises. With a TV factory in Wales, THTF comes to IFA with one point in mind: to find the best EMEA partners who match their “Simply Brilliant” philosophy. We asked Mr Lam about the philosophy and the company’s plans for this region. Simply Brilliant reflects our belief that consumers want simpler TVs with just the smart features they will actually use – and they want a brilliant TV at a brilliant price. We fight for the right for the average consumer to have decent technology at the right price. Under your brand Seiki, you shook up the US TV market last year by launching a 50-inch UHD TV priced at only 99 to establish yourself as the first brand to deliver UHD TVs to the US market. We call this our “mushroom strategy.” From a small base, we shot up quickly from all the attention. Not many TV companies can do this, but we own our own factory. We own all the metal stampers, plastic parts production, TV assembly, cable and packaging – almost the only thing we buy in are the display panels. What’s new at THTF for this year’s IFA? Seiki is demonstrating its Seiki Pro line of 4K UHD TVs, UHD 4K High Gamut, U-VISION 4K Up-conversion HDMI Cable and 4K Bluray player – as well as its entry into the 4K UHD desktop monitor. That we can provide this high level of innovation at affordable price points should turn a few heads at IFA – especially with Europe’s hypermarkets where we recommend they position Seiki as their second brand. From 4K TV, you announced entry into the 4K desktop monitor market? We have a factory in the UK and with that factory we can easily supply B2B as well as B2C. The new Seiki Ultra HD displays will be branded Seiki Pro, the company’s innovation brand for advanced products, and designed for today’s 4K early-adopters in desktop computing and gaming (for 4K PC-gaming at up to 60 fps). Seiki has three sizes including 28-inch, 32-inch and 40-inch models. We have a very different approach to monitors. For example, monitors normally come with either a TN panel or IPS panel. The TN panel is cheaper but offers a poorer viewing angle. The IPS is rock solid but more expensive. As a TV manufacturer, we use a VA panel as it offers the performance of an IPS for nearly the TN price. Only a TV manufacturer could work that out. You have a new cooperation with music industry legend Tony Bongiovi and Bongiovi Acoustics? Can you tell us more about that? Yes, Bongiovi Acoustics is one of the chief innovators in the music and motion picture recording industries. Seiki will now integrate Bongiovi Acoustics’ patented Digital Power Station (DPS) technology into to every upcoming HD and 4K Ultra HD TV models. The TV industry is also going through disruption, with OTT making inroads. How does this affect your product lines? Demonstrated for the first time at IFA, Seiki will offer the Muse Streaming service for its line of HD televisions, featuring simple and direct access to popular streaming media channels – including Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, Toon Googles, Pandora, and AccuWeather – so less complexity and without the cost of smart TV features or set-top boxes. The Muse service will be in upcoming Seiki 32-inch to 65-inch HD TV models in UK by Q4 2014, and additional screen sizes by Q2 2015. Do you offer more than just TVs and monitors? We are focused on TV and display. Yes, we also make some of the products that help make the most of the TV experience. For example, we also offer the U-VISION 4K Up-conversion HDMI Cable and the U-VISION 4K Blu-ray player. Two very clever products. The U-VISION 4K Upconversion Blu-ray player transforms HD video to a higher quality 4K experience using Technicolor 4K Image Certified 4K up-conversion video processing technology. The player also offers rich audio experience with Dolby TruHD. What goals are you setting for the company this year? We would like to extend into IT channels, into more B2B business. Our target is more young generation buyers and more consumeroriented. We are diversifying our product, going into OTT, 4K, and creating other combos of value-added, high-tech applications. We will further develop our Seiki Pro brand for more technical applications for IT resellers and VARs in high technology niches. Our new desktop monitors are just the first step. This includes education. You can see on our stand at IFA the 85-inch touch screen UHD that many European educational institutions want right now. What else should we know about THTF Global? We will extend our global strategy to include more localisation. In the end we would like to show China that we can truly globalise our business. We’d like to be the benchmark for global success for this industry and we do that by finding the right people that really understand their market. Hall 25 Stand 105 TH Lam President of Tongfang Global We fight for the right for the average consumer to have decent technology at the right price. IFA International • Tuesday 9 th September 2014 9

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