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Day 5 - IFA International

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News Total Immersion

News Total Immersion Sonic Emotion takes 3D audio to the next level Sonic Emotion, an industry leader in 3D audioenhancement technologies, has used IFA to announce new software that makes its proprietary audio technology available on digital signal processor (DSP) platforms. The software implementation makes it easy for brands in Europe and worldwide to implement and license Sonic Emotion’s Absolute 3D sound software technology, designed to significantly enhance the listening experience. The technology promises an immersive surround sound from any PC speaker configuration — laptop, desktop, tablet speakers, TV or headphones — plus deeper and richer bass Sonic Emotion demonstrates the new world of 3D sound for enhanced low-frequency response. “The new software enables us to provide our partners and their customer with highquality audio that dramatically improves the audio playback capabilities on their device,” said Sonic Emotion CEO, Rajeev Kapur. “Given the accelerating demand, we made it a priority to port our latest audio technologies to a software-based solution, offering our clients higher quality sound.” Hall 1.2 Stand 119 Mobile Devices For Medical Diagnosis iHealth put your Health front and center iHealth has opened a new EU subsidiary in Paris and is launching a line of Bluetooth wireless medical devices for Apple and Android. The Silicon Valley company, which was founded in 2009, specialises in the field of medical diagnosis, measuring body signals intuitively to better manage, track and share vital health information of a patient. iHealth devices enable users to turn their smartphones or tablets into powerful, affordable and easy-touse platforms for medical diagnosis and health management. iHealth’s wireless diagnostic devices, such as glucometers, blood pressure monitors and scales, are used to diagnose the three diseases that cost health services the most money – diabetes, hypertension and overweight. The devices are connected to an app called iHealth MyVitals, which is available from the Apple Store and Google Play. These devices measure different health parameters via a single, easy-to-use platform. According to Uwe Diegel of iHealthLabs Europe, the creation of the new generation of iHealth devices is a natural evolution in the world of medical diagnostics, and helps empower users to optimise the management of their own health. “Regular monitoring of vital signs in a relaxed and consistent atmosphere gives users more reliable information on the state of their health than ad hoc measurements taken at the doctor,” he said. “More importantly, iHealth provides – and this is a first in a medical device – trends and fluctuations in results, giving the user the ability to easily share data with their doctor.” Uwe Diegel of iHealthLabs Europe “(…) a natural evolution in the world of medical diagnostics.” Hall 15.1 Stand 202 Your Fridge Is Watching You Gorenje gets intuitive with ION Generation fridge-freezers Gorenje believes its new ION Generation range of fridgefreezers will convince even the most demanding of users thanks to three pioneering technological innovations: AdaptCool, IonAir and MultiFlow 360. AdaptCool is a sensor that keeps track of its owners’ habits. It then automatically adjusts the refrigerator’s operation in accordance with the intuited lifestyle. For example, when the fridge ‘knows’ the door is being opened more frequently, it automatically boots cooling to maintain a constant temperature. The IonAir and MultiFlow 360 technologies, meanwhile, combine to create an innerfridge climate conducive to food preservation and foodhumidity maintenance. As a result, 95% of all bacteria is eliminated. In practical terms, the new technology makes using ION Generation fridges a more pleasant and interactive experience, while guaranteeing a 60% improvement on conventional refrigerators in terms of freshness and longevity. Gorenje’s ION Generation range has an energy efficiency rating of A+++. Hall 1.1 Stand 201 Gorenje next-generation fridge-freezers v 10

News ADVERTORIAL Fresh Growth for Tongfang Global After achieving colossal success with its Seiki and Element brands in the US, Tongfang Global Ltd is starting to emulate this success in Europe At IFA 2012, TongFang Global told IFA International that it was in Berlin to “sign orders”. Twelve months on, we asked TH Lam, President of Tongfang Global Ltd, whether the company has acquired any major new customers? Since IFA last year, we have been trying to develop the Seiki brand in European countries and specifically in three regions – the UK, France and Germany. In the UK, we have been successful in going into three big retail stores – Tesco, Argos and Asda. So you can now find the Seiki brand selling in these three stores. Last year, you talked about establishing a Poland office. Are there any other new developments in your organisation for Europe? Eventually, we decided not to move into Poland. Instead, we are going to build a factory in Port Talbot in Wales, opposite our existing Orion factory. We have also just built a new sales office in Germany this year. How familiar are UK consumers with the Seiki brand and what is your marketing strategy there? The Tongfang Global Ltd stand at IFA I believe we will benefit from some of the ‘halo’ effect from the US, where we’ve been so successful with Seiki 4K. I hope that all the recognition we received in the US will translate in the initial phase in the UK. As we grow the brand, we will do a lot more pro-active marketing. As we understand it, you have the Element brand for larger retails outlets and the Seiki brand for smaller outlets. Is that still the case? Both brands are very successful in the US but they address similar markets, in big-box stores. What separates the two brands currently is that with the Seiki brand, we have a lot more focus on the new 4K technology. That obviously calls for a different type of audience buying the Seiki brand, which is a little more online. So we increasingly sell through channels such as Amazon, where a lot of the early adopters look to buy. Will you stick to the twobrand strategy or do you see a need for perhaps even more? No, we want more brands. So, for instance, this year will implement the Orion brand into the German market. Your goal was to be one of the-top five suppliers of TVs in Europe in five years. What growth have you experienced? Every year, our growth is more than 100%. Last year, the Seiki brand in the European market only contributed 5% to our sales. But this year, we are expecting that figure to rise to 20% of our European sales. How do you aim to raise awareness of Seiki in the European market? The Seiki brand is taking such a leap in the US and we’ve really got a lot of attention in a very short period of time, because of our 4K TV launch. We’re now going to launch a new brand called the Seiki Pro brand, which will encompass all the 4K models and that will involve a lot more product development. That will address vertical markets as well. Why do you think the large incumbent TV brands have been having such a difficult time in the market? We believe the big brands are placing too much emphasis on features and applications. People don’t actually use a lot of these features so we made the natural choice to offer something less complicated in consumer electronics. The response has been awesome. People are looking for a simple, straightforward product that makes life less complicated. How important has IFA been to your European business development? IFA is really important for us. Only at IFA do we keep expanding our exposure TH Lam President of TongFang Global Ltd and activities, and we have a large booth here. We see real value in our presence at IFA, more so from a business standpoint than we do in the US. In terms of floor space, IFA is our Nº1 choice. It really helps to have a presence here. “People are looking for a simple straightforward product that makes life less complicated.” Hall 25 Stand 131 IFA International • Tuesday 10 th September 2013 11

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