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Day 5 - IFA International

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CLEAN LIFESTYLE LAUNDRY CARE WASHING MACHINES IRONING ROBOT CLEANERS VACUUM CLEANERS SMALL APPLIANCES SMART APPLIANCES – THE FUTURE Home Appliances – The Clean Sweep Research by B/S/H shows that customers are looking for better ways to interact with their machines: “People are looking for convenience and for new appliances that can work intelligently and in a connected way. While energy efficiency is important, as is good design, our aim is to bring new and intelligent technologies that offer more convenience”. An online survey of 2,000 participants by the firm PSYMA Research in March 2013 in Germany confirmed that remote monitoring is high on the consumer’s priority list in terms of convenience and security, and digital user manuals are increasingly sought after. At IFA 2013, the word is, as you’ve probably guessed by now, “smart”. But other major advances continue to be made in energy and water efficiency. A+++ is becoming the norm in washing machines, with Haier even demonstrating a machine that is 40% more efficient than this. New efficiencies are even being found in vacuum engines, with Dyson announcing new machines that deliver unparalleled cleaning performance in their category. One thing is sure this year: there is more innovation than ever before. In our Clean Lifestyle section we spotlight anything that washes or cleans in the home – from dishwashers to washer-dryers through to vacuum cleaners. Overall the market for these products is holding up very well this year. According to GfK, energy efficiency, trading up and user-friendliness are driving the market, not just in the developed nations, but also increasingly in emerging markets. Products are also increasingly being purchased online. The global major domestic appliances market (excluding North America) is expected to grow by 4% in 2013 as a whole (based on USD sales). Growth is stronger in value terms, which can be explained amongst other things by the continuing trend towards high-value appliances worldwide. Consumers are increasingly concerned with protecting scarce resources in energy and water terms. In addition, government subsidy programs are boosting demand for high-efficiency appliances. “According to GfK, energy efficiency, trading up and userfriendliness are driving the market” IFA International • Tuesday 10 th September 2013 21

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