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Day 5 - IFA International

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News World’s First

News World’s First Smartphone Breathaliser Winner of an iF Design award, the A-Scan smartphone alcohol breathaliser enables users to enjoy sensible drinking by keeping a check on their blood/ alcohol level at any time, simply through their smartphone. The A-Scan – marketed by ACEN - is on show at the Korean Pavilion – Hall 26. Homes Are Better if they’re Smart The Branchenforum identifies its national and European strategy for smart homes. Stefan Schnorr, the ministerial director of BMWi, set out the problems and potential of smart homes in his opening words at the Branchenforum, a meeting of German CE industry heads held at IFA. Schnorr described it as a “great chance for Germany,” but a “politically sensitive situation” too. He alluded to the recent NSA data surveillance expose, and how difficult it is to attract customers in the “dark corners of the smart world” when the media and politics are rife with privacy concerns. Schnorr spoke of the great opportunity for the Made in Germany mark to attach itself to smart home technology. He ended his talk saying: “We can live without the smart home but life is better with it.” A New Addition to the Family: Famibot One of the early pioneers in domestic robotics, notably autonomous vacuum cleaners, Ecovacs continues to sweep a path to the future of the home. Since 1998 its motto has been “live smart, enjoy life” and it continues to invent new ways to do so. IFA 2013 sees the arrival of Famibot – a combined mobile entertainment unit, home security appliance and air-purifier, which can connect via smartphones to play music and interact with other home devices. It works alongside Winbot, a window-cleaning robot which operates by suction - automatically washing, wiping and drying windows. It has been hailed as “the Spider- Man of self-scrubbing automatons” With smaller and flatter robots like Mini CR100 and Slimbot CR110 being launched at IFA 2013, the company is keen to stress that safety and German CE industry heads gather at the Branchenforum environmental issues are not compromised in the drive for a robotic future. “Ecovacs places extremely high importance on quality, reliability and attention to detail,” said Mr Qian Dongqi, CEO, Ecovacs. “Environmental protection and social responsibility are mainstays of Ecovacs' business ethics”. Hall 8.1 Stand 120 IFA International • Tuesday 10 th September 2013 9

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