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Day 5 - IFA International

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News The Boogie Board

News The Boogie Board Comes of Age Next-generation Jot e-writer aimed at professional users Building on last year’s successful IFA launch of its kid-skewed Boogie Board LCD writing tablet, Improv Electronics is back in Berlin with a “sleeker, sexier” model designed to appeal to older consumers. “The Jot is aimed at business professionals,” said Kevin Oswald, Improv Electronics’ communications director, describing Boogie Boards as “the modern, eco-friendly replacement to the memo pad or the sticky note”. Among the Jot’s new features are a tapered stylus that doubles as a stand for horizontal viewing (“Great for leaving messages on the kitchen counter…”), a soft-touch back for added grip and stability, integrated magnets for mounting the device to refrigerators or file cabinets, and a slide lock to prevent accidental erasure. The Jot also comes with a Improv Electronics’ Boogie Board Jot: the tree-friendly alternative to paper replaceable coin-cell battery — a feature that Oswald said was prompted by feedback from the original Boogie Board, which does not allow for battery replacement. “A lot of our European customers were concerned about recycling,” he added. Overall, however, all the Boogie Board models are super eco-friendly, using no paper or power to create writing and images. “The only power used is to erase messages,” Oswald said. “And our batteries last for over 50,000 erasures. To put that into context, that’s approximately 20 erasures a day for seven years.” The Jot e-writer, which will begin shipping to European retailers later this month, comes in a metallic-look casing and is available with red, blue and graphite accents. It is set to retail at around euro 39. Improv Electronics is also unveiling an upgrade of the Virtual Desktop Companion software for the Boogie Board Rip. The 2.0 software features Evernote integration and a virtual whiteboard mode. Saved files are also now compatible with MyScript OCR software. Hall 15.1 Stand 154 Second that Emotion Swiss Audio company Sonic Emotion has announced that its Absolute 3D technology will be featured in Toshiba’s new Toshiba 3D Sound Bar SB1 – SBK1, a classic sound bar that boosts the TV’s sound while screening movies or a concert. In contrast to other surround systems that require multiple loudspeakers surrounding the listening area, Sonic Emotion Absolute 3D creates surround sound in a single device. Onkyo has also teamed up with Sonic Emotion to release a music system with Absolute 3D Sound Technology to create the iLunar, a 6.1 channel dock music system that produces a convincing 3D sound field from stereo sources. “We are delighted to release the new iLunar, which was jointly developed with Sonic Emotion,” said Mr. Nobuaki Okuda, CTO of Onkyo Corporation. “We believe we can continue to provide a dynamic listening experience to customers with our iLunar, which features Absolute 3D sound technology.” Hall 1.2 Stand 107 The iLunar, a 6.1 channel dock music system IFA International • Tuesday 4 th September 2012 11

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