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Day 5 - IFA International

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News Panasonic Home

News Panasonic Home Appliance Portfolio “Explodes” in Europe Broad new ranges of kitchen appliances launched at IFA as part of global plan to increase out-of-Japan sales For the first time, Panasonic is exhibiting home appliances at IFA, and they’re doing so in a very uninhibited manner. At the booth, a broad range of products is on display, including refrigerators that offer one of the industry's best energysaving performance, washer/dryers, kitchen appliances, and beauty care and grooming products. In addition, the Design Corner features products designed under Panasonic's Future Craft design philosophy which include flat and thin-bezel TVs, drum-type washing machines, refrigerators, cooking appliances and LED light bulbs which have won prestigious awards such as the Gold iF Design award. This year Panasonic is also proposing a "Smart and Eco Lifestyle," and at the Concept Zone, located at the center of the Panasonic booth, the company is demonstrating the concept for such a lifestyle that can be achieved by linking together a wide range of products covering every aspect of everyday life, from audio-visual equipment to home appliances and energy related products. Panasonic Challenge Conventional Toaster, Kettle and Coffee Maker Designs with Launch of New Kitchen Appliances into European Market Induction Hobs, Extractor Hoods, Electric Ovens and Dishwashers Panasonic’s new induction hob entering the European market will utilise infrared temperature sensor technology, allowing users to control their cooking with 100% accuracy. No matter the size or thickness of the pan the same results will be achieved, for Induction hobs feature at the Panasonic stand example, whether making your first or tenth pancake, you will be able to easily achieve the same desired browning every time. The bold and ambitious design aesthetics of Panasonic’s new range of small domestic appliances: the Panasonic Kettle NC- ZK1/NC-DK, the Panasonic Toaster NT-ZP1/NT-DP1 and the Panasonic Coffee Maker NC-ZF1/NC-DF1 all confidently challenge convention; setting a new benchmark for idiosyncratic interior style. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Panasonic uses ultra thin, ultra high performance insulation material to make more efficient refrigerators with more space inside New toasters, kettles and coffee makers challenge conventional design Appliance demonstration at Panasonic stand The push by Panasonic white goods into Europe plays upon the company’s long and extremely successful background in home appliances in Japan. It is part of a plan by the company to increase overseas sales in general, with current sales in the domestic market accounting for around half of the company’s total turnover. 14

Exclusive Interview Advanced Energy Saving Panasonic’s EcoNavi is the function whereby a product detects energy wastage by using sensor technologies. Washing machines detect the volume, dirtiness and type of material in order to save electricity, water and time. The first EcoNavi product was launched in Japan in 2009 and now it is included in 23 product categories including airconditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. Panasonic is now marketing this energy saving life style idea in 90 countries with 280 models. Panasonic refrigerators use heat insulation panels in which special glass wool is vacuum-packed in a form of laminated film package. They are very thin but the insulation effect is approximately 45 times superior to glass wool and 24 times better than foam. Including the vacuum insulation panels in the refrigerators means more volume inside and prevent energy loss. European models such as the bottom freezer and the new side-by-side model to be launched this year include these technologies, and were awarded the industry’s top energy saving level of A+++. For the first time at IFA – Cooking demonstrations at the Panasonic stand The World Discovers Panasonic Appliances… at IFA Japanese giant brings a swathe of new household appliances to the global market This is the first year that Panasonic is presenting many of its home care products in Berlin. Kazunori Takami, Senior Managing Director of Panasonic Corporation and President of Appliances Company, tells IFA International about the company’s marketing plans… [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] In fact we have been selling microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners and airconditioners in Europe for some time. In 2009, we introduced refrigerators and washing machines equipped with energysaving technologies such as inverters and vacuum insulation panels. At IFA 2012, we are considerably expanding the current line up of refrigerators and washing machines on display, but also bringing other product categories like built-in kitchen equipment. We intend to take this opportunity to increase the presence of Panasonic white goods and to accelerate business in Europe. What kinds of products will be distributed in Europe for the first time? Mainly induction hobs, electric ovens and dish washers. We are also introducing electric kettles, toasters and coffee makers as part of a new Breakfast Series. Furthermore we are showing our uniquely designed steam irons. In the current refrigerators and washing machines categories, we are introducing an A+++ sideby-side model and a heat pump dryer. Many people in Europe are not aware of the fact that Panasonic is a huge home appliance brand in Japan. For their benefit, please tell us more about Panasonic's success in the domestic market. Panasonic first started making electric lamps in 1923, and now we produce a wide range of products like irons, refrigerators and washing machines. Customers appreciate Panasonic products for their environmentally-friendly core technologies such as inverters, heat pumps, heat insulation and sensors which are continuously being further developed. Could you tell us more about your plans to build a new factory in Europe? We already own a microwave oven factory in the UK, and in order to further expand business in Europe, we consider that a new factory is important, so we are currently studying various possibilities. As you branch out from your domestic market to the rest of the world, what is your ambition in terms of sales and market share? We set ourselves the target of being the No.1 Green Innovation Company in the appliance industry by 2018, which is also the 100th anniversary of the company. Our overall goal is to reach sales of more than 20 billion Euros and have the largest global market share. To do this we need to accelerate our overseas B to C business, both in Europe and in the emerging markets of India, Brazil, and Vietnam. Alongside that we will be focusing on expanding our B to B operations which covers products like large air-conditioners and the cold-chain business. We will also accelerate production and development of environmental and energysaving products such as fuel cell co-generation systems and smart gas meters. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 Kazunori Takami Senior Managing Director of Panasonic Corporation and President of Appliances Company “Customers appreciate Panasonic products for their environmentallyfriendly core technologies such as inverters, heat pumps, heat insulation and sensors” IFA International • Tuesday 4 th September 2012 15

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