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Day 5 - IFA International

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spotlight on JAPAN Region Rays of Sunshine Arrive Japan’s major manufacturers streamline and innovate to regain traction SMART TV GETS SMARTER Toshiba Europe has introduced the TL938/968 and RL938/958 series of smart TVs at IFA. Both series feature full HD,1920 x 1080p resolution, and 16:9 LCD panels with Edge LED backlighting. The TL938/968 TVs are 3D-ready with 3D functionality and can convert 2D content to 3D when viewers use Toshiba Active Shutter 3D glasses. An increased level of smart TV technology renders both series futureproof. Toshiba Places, the online portal from Toshiba, offers access to content through dedicated applications, which are added to Toshiba Places every month with no need for users to perform any TV update. Viewers can also browse through the MediaGuide — powered by Rovi — which provides detailed programme listings and information. “Adding these competitively priced series to our range of Smart TVs is a direct response to the growing number of viewers who want to enjoy internet content together by gathering around the biggest screen in the house,” said Andy Bass, Vice-president Sales and Marketing, Toshiba Europe. “We’re offering a gateway into the world of Smart TV without the need for add-ons. That means easy internet connectivity straight from the box, at a competitive price.” As well as the integrated WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) for quick and easy connection to the home network, the new TL and RL arrive WiDiequipped for the wireless display of content from any Intel WiDi capable laptop. Thanks to Intel WiDi, the full range of Internet entertainment is now available on the TV screen. And the open browser means users can navigate the web with the TV remote control or the Toshiba remote application for smartphones and tablets. One does not have to be an industry analyst to understand the issues with which Japan has been faced in the past couple of years. In typical Japanese fashion, Toshiba’s Quad Full HD(4K) TV is realized by a 8.2 million (3840 x 2160) pixel large screen 4K2K panel that offers four times the quality of Full HD, and Toshiba’s original “super resolution technology,” which delivers high quality images that combine sophistication naturalness and realism. There is a move towards 4K images in the movie industry. For example, motion pictures shot in 4K quality, 4K image editing and 4K screening. In addition, there are many 4K-mastered Full HD BD films (4K remastering, shot in 4K digital, film 4K digital scanning etc.) that are downconverted to Full HD when they come out in DVD format. the Japanese manufacturers will meet this challenge not only with the necessary rerestructuring but also with innovation. Here at IFA companies like Toshiba has developed the “CEVO ENGINE 4K” image engine, which up-converts 2K images contents into 4K high quality images offering crisper quality and express shining inside the images. Toshiba’s 4K TV does more than improve the TV viewing experience. It can be used for 4K gaming on a PC, slideshows of pictures taken with single-lens reflex cameras, and as a high resolution PC monitors. Here at IFA 2012, Toshiba displays its 84V type 4K TV for the first time, as a feature product and technology. What other new products are on your stand in Berlin this year? Together with the high resolution images world of 4K, Toshiba displays in a way users can touch and feel how the TV is different. Our product line-up includes recently introduced Windows 8 PCs and tablets and TVs, PC tablets, and other accessories (Camileo, soundbar, projectors) that we will introduce this autumnwinter season. What are your sales targets for the next 12 months for the 4K2K? Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp and others show the results of some of their newly-focused product roadmaps. In the next pages IFA International highlights In which territories will you be focusing your marketing efforts? We aim to roll-out 4K TV worldwide in 2013. We see the market for 4K TV reaching about 50% of 50V-type TVs in 2016 on a value basis and aim to win some of the developments from the Land of the Rising Sun. Toshiba Aims to Roll-out 4K TV Worldwide in 2013 At IFA 2012, Toshiba displays its 84V type 4K TV for the first time, as a feature product and technology Mr. Shigenori Tokumitsu is the Executive Officer, Senior Executive Officer and Vice President of Digital Products & Service Company of Toshiba Corporation. IFA International asked Tokumitsu-san to tell us what Toshiba is doing at IFA in order to promote and highlight 4K2K TV... “We position 4K TV as a growth engine to enhance global products” Shigenori Tokumitsu Executive Officer, Corporate Senior Vice President and Executive Vice President of Digital Products & Service Company, Toshiba Corporation the top share in that market (value basis). We position 4K TV as a growth engine to enhance global products and we plan a gradual launch in Japan, Europe, USA and the emerging economies. Hall 21 Stand 101 IFA International • Tuesday 4 th September 2012 19

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