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Day 5 - IFA International

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KITCHEN & BATHROOM LIFESTYLE In the wake of its acquisition earlier this year by WMF, Petra Electric is showcasing a completely revamped product range at IFA 2012, covering the five culinary categories of coffee, breakfast, kitchen gadgets, fun cooking, and fit and healthy cuisine. It has also entered the ‘experience world’, which includes hairstyling. To reflect its repositioning, Petra has a new logo and new packaging, as well as a new CEO for Germany, Austria and Switzerland in the form of Peter Kaluza. “Thanks to the redesign, I believe Petra will be able to build on its 30% brand awareness,” Kaluza said. “Of course, we also intend to expand and build on the company’s more than 40-year history. New Look, New Logo, New Leader Petra showcases totally new range at IFA 2012 And we hope to grow the Petra brand by offering our customers and business partners contemporary ideas that will also create new opportunities.” Kaluza added that Petra is currently focusing on expanding its existing commercial relationships. “And we are also driving hard to forge links to new customers,” he said. Hall 6.1 Stand 102 Petra Electric’s Peter Kaluza: “We hope to grow the Petra brand” Ladding Flavour to Home Appliances Food equipment maker builds business with cutting edge consumer food dehydrator Taiwanese food equipment maker Chang Yue is adding to its line-up of Hottop-branded coffee roasters, food steamers and rotisseries with a food dehydrator used for drying fresh fruits, meat or vegetables indoors. This handy kitchen device employs a speciallydesigned electric element and fan to uniformly distribute heated air, resulting in expertly dried food that preserves the maximum levels of proteins, sugars, fats and other solids. This latest Hottop product allows users to keep once perishable food items for weeks or m o n t h s without refrigeration. Dried foods stay fresher longer since the water in perishables is what creates the breeding ground for microorganisms. Consumers who love beef jerky or fruit leather can now create these long-lasting food items in their own home and it is less expensive than when purchased ready-made in the store. Users also have control over the sugar content, and can avoid artificial flavours and preservatives. The easy-toclean trays can be hand washed or placed in the top rack of a dishwasher. Hall 27 Stand 111 SMARTCOOL RUNNING ‘Thriftier than an energy-saving lamp’ is the claim that Bosch is making for the A+++ models in its new SmartCool line of built-in refrigerators. As one would expect from Bosch, SmartCool models are precision designed, with clear, clean lines and plenty of scope for customisation. HydroFresh technology keeps fruit and vegetables fresh up to twice as long as in conventional fridges, while FreshSense intelligent temperature control ensures a consistent and efficient climate for food preservation. SmartCool refrigerators and fridgefreezers will be available from early 2013. 32 Hall 6.1 Stand 102 Cool comfort: Bosch’s SmartCool build-in refrigerators

Special Feature Looking Ahead by Looking Abroad Gorenje’s growth strategy focuses on acquisition and R&D Gorenje President and CEO Franjo Bobinac tells IFA International how he intends to generate economies of scale… [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] Gorenje is far more international today than it was a couple of years ago. We have acquired two home appliance companies – Benelux home appliance company ATAG plus Scandinavian dishwasher, washing machine and tumble dryer manufacturer ASKO. The increasing importance of new markets like China and South America presents a challenge, and was the starting point for our strategic plan covering 2012- 2015. When developing it we took into account our key competencies, including R&D, design, and an international mindset, alongside competitive advantages against other brands in various price segments, our flexibility, economies of scale in manufacturing, and our success in niche segments. We plan to increase sales revenues in emerging markets like Asia and South America, where we are aiming mostly at well-to-do consumers in megacities like Sao Paulo and Shanghai. We are also focusing on increasing sales of our premium products to 25% of total sales by the end 2015. What proportion of your revenue goes back into R&D and design? Innovations and distinct design are essential in building brand awareness and a sense of added value, so we've been investing in R&D and design for decades. When companies are challenged by tough competition, innovation and design become even more important. So, despite some cost-cutting measures to optimise and streamline our business operations, we haven't reduced investment in R&D and design, and we invest approximately 2.5% of annual sales revenues in those areas. Hall 1.1 Stand 201 Franjo Bobinac Gorenje President and CEO IFA International • Tuesday 4 th September 2012 33

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