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Day 5 - IFA International

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Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA News IP Rights in the Spotlight Apple vs. Samsung spat highlights importance of patent management Thomas Hartmann CEO of Sisvel Germany Download the Consumer Lifestyle Technologies SMARTreport "Fostering and Protecting Intellectual Property" at Sisvel has deep roots in the CE industry, celebrating thirty years in the business of managing and licensing CE intellectual property (IP) rights and patents. With the IP battles between Apple and Samsung making headlines around the world, Thomas Hartmann, CEO of Sisvel Germany GmbH sheds light on this byzantine subject…. "With the recent battles of the CE giants over patents, It is more important than ever to understand the IP situation," Hartmann says. "Twenty years ago we saw a golden age of cross licensing agreements of patents and the sharing of technologies. Going back to the old business model seems not feasible in the current global market situation." Hartmann says that the effective management and licensing of IP rights can generate a significant additional revenue stream for CE manufacturers. "With the economy of scale in today's competitive market, and squeezed margins, it is harder than ever to make a profit. Companies have to decide whether to hang on to their IP rights or to share them. We feel that the state of the market favours a company like Sisvel, as a lot of companies are looking for the support and experience that we offer." Earlier this year Sisvel began managing over 450 patents from Nokia, covering technologies used in a wide range of mobile communications devices, and the company is now looking at how to market them. Currently on Sisvel's shopping list are wi-fi patents. "Everyone is integrating Internet services with Smart TVs and wi-fi is an important technology to achieve that." Founded in 1982, Sisvel was the brainchild of Founder Roberto Dini who encouraged Italian TV manufacturers to form an alliance to acquire and maximise the value of Indesit's portfolio of TV patents. They were so successful that major players in the CE industry, including Philips, turned to Sisvel to license their valuable IP, including patents relating to the MPEG audio standard. Sisvel Technology is the R&D arm innovating technology leading to commercially valuable patents and technologies. Its latest development is the 3D Tile Format, that delivers high quality 3D TV more efficiently and is backwards compatible with 2D HDTV sets. A major deal for a glasses-free 3D TV set using an enhanced version of Sisvel's 3D Tile I FA international Format is imminent. "The lack of content is one of the problems holding back the establishment of 3D TV. It took several years for HDTV to achieve mass adoption and I believe that 3D TV will break through in the next two to three years," says Hartmann. Hall 2.2 Stand 113 "Companies have to decide whether to hang on to their IP rights or to share them." 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News Dental Revolution Is at IFA A new ultrasound toothbrush could transform dental care An ultrasonic toothbrush that enables people to clean teeth without moving the brush is being showcased at IFA. The Emmi-dent, from Massachusetts-based company Emmi-tech, uses 100% ultrasound at 96 million oscillations per minute to clean the teeth and mouth. The new process also works between the teeth, all without friction and without applying abrasives contained within toothpaste, which can damage the enamel. To use the toothbrush, users squeeze two small dabs of Emmi-dent toothpaste on the brush, hold still over three teeth or the equivalent area of gums for five-toten seconds, then move the brush and hold it again over the next three teeth or gum area. Emmi-dent and its nanobubble toothpaste conduct ultrasonic waves into areas where even dental floss cannot reach. Billions of minuscule nano-bubbles penetrate even the smallest crevice, destroying plaque, tartar, food scraps and bacteria. It even cleans under braces, which are worn by 15 million Americans. According to Emmi-tech, the therapeutic effect is evident within a few days, even in advanced acute cases. Hall 9 Stand 101 The Emmi-dent ultrasonic toothbrush Playing the Game It’s game on at IFA 2012. This year’s show is playing host to Europe’s gaming elite, who are battling it out for both kudos and cash at the inaugural ESL Pro Series Berlin Open. The crowning event of the Gaming Bundesliga 2012 summer season, 10 teams and four individual players have qualified for the ESL Pro Series’ BenQ finals. They are fighting for the title in StarCraft II, Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Source and League Of Legends — and a total of euro 10,000 in prize money is at stake. After the BenQ finals of StarCraft II, the four best players will go on to play in a national showdown against Europe’s top names. The ESL Pro Series Berlin Open is being held the ESL XMG Arena in the ICC Berlin. Fitness at Your Fingertip Want to keep track of your health? Singapore company Zensorium has come up with an ingenious mobile product to help. The Tinke sensory device plugs into a smartphone to help users to manage their fitness and stress levels. All it takes is — literally — the touch of a finger to monitor your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels and heartrate variability. By placing a fingertip on the sensing platform, Tinke measures and quantifies all four parameters within seconds, producing an overall ‘fitness’ score. The result of three years of intensive R&D, Tinke responds to the growing interest in preventative healthcare and personal wellness. Hall 9 Stand 101 ERRATUM… Please excuse our error in Page 31 of the Friday edition. The correct number of Facebook likes for Haier from Europe is an impressive 230,000. IFA International • Tuesday 4 th September 2012 7

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