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Day 5 - IFA International

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News Keep the Change! 50

News Keep the Change! 50 Cent reveals the motivation, ideas and difficulties in creating his SMS brand “cans” When a hugely famous music artist like Curtis “50 Cent” sets foot at IFA, the buzz is exceptional… But what’s sure is that there’s no buzz whatsoever in his SMS brand headphones! In this exclusive interview, we began by asking how the idea came to him. Acer’s New Premium Ultrabook S7 Series Acer is showing the new premium Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook series that take advantage of the new features of Window 8. The Aspire S7 Ultrabooks (in two sizes, 13.3 with sculpted Gorilla 2 glass cover and 11.6- inch) come with an aluminum unibody chassis (exceptionally slim and light). [ Interview by Richard Barnes ] I have no ability to function within “traditional” business without passion. My passion for music is what drew everything together, including the finances, to enable this to take place. This is why I use the word ‘passion’ instead of saying it was a good business idea. Of course, the category has grown 20 per cent this year and there is a market for it, but my personal interest in music and having people hear it the right way is what it’s about. Otherwise I would be in a lower tier, with not such high quality. You say you have been really involved in the development of these headphones. How involved were you really, and what does “being involved” mean? 50 Cent at IFA I met with and worked with Kleer, because the Kleer Technologies used in the headsets are also used inside the Mercedes Benz Maybach, and we had conversations about trying to create an over-ear headset. Kleer has been used in smaller in-ear “gadget” type headphones. So technology geeks would be aware that Kleer is around, but a lot of people didn’t know about it. So I had the design process done, and I acquired KonoAudio so I could leverage KonoAudio’s established channels to expand its brand worldwide. Brian Nohe, the founder of KonoAudio, is amazing, and he’s a big part of its success. I interviewed a lot of people before finding Brian. So you were setting yourself up as a businessman? Absolutely… And was that weird for you? Well, throughout my entire music career, I have been more involved than usual from an artist’s perspective, because a lot of times I have watched my peers pass responsibilities on to someone who would be the “knowledgeable component” away from the artist, such as the manager. So I kept myself involved and because of that I am able to make decisions on my own. How would you describe your working relationship with Brian Nohe? Brian was for a long period of time an executive at Gillette, and when a company has a brand that is already established, you can be “top heavy” with the launch. You can spend millions of dollars on the campaign before the product hits retail and it builds anticipation by the retailers themselves and they accept the product immediately as long as it’s a quality product. To read the rest of this interview, please go to Hall 15.1 Stand 133 Acer Aspire S7 Ultrabook Both sport a Full HD 10-point touch enhanced by the new Acer Ring (Acer’s signature touch interface), Acer Twin Air cooling, and a lightsensing keyboard. Hall 12 Stand 101 IFA International • Tuesday 4 th September 2012 9

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