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Day 5 - IFA International

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The iZone Up Close and

The iZone Up Close and iPersonal Ozaki expands range of creative peripherals for Apple If Apple iPods and iPads have created an ecosystem, then Taipei’s Ozaki is surely one of the most colourful creatures living within it. The Taiwanese company’s aim is to turn tools into toys. Entirely designed and masterminded by CEO Freeman Liu, Ozaki makes a range of creative peripherals for Apple devices. Its logo is designed to suggest creative potential and to express its philosophy of playful creativity, individuality and experimentation. “We are about high technology, but also about the good life,” said Myra Chiang, Vice General Manager of Ozaki’s Global Market Department. “The iPad is beautiful, but we make things personal. Different designs, different personalities — we make a difference.” The company’s stand-out product at IFA is the iCare, which represents its first foray into software. The app, for iPhone and iPad, controls a remote video camera, cutely housed in its own 360-degree surveillance tower. It is intended, as the name suggests, to help people keep an eye on precious things — a baby, an elderly relative, pets, plants or possessions. When activated, the iDevice becomes a remote screen, transmitting pictures through wireless or 3G networks. By swiping left, right, up or down, the viewer can control the camera’s angle. Also on display is the iPill, a pill-shaped microphone that activates the iPod Touch’s latent recording function. A set of Bluetooth iPad speakers attach magnetically to the back of the tablet, greatly improving the sound quality and acting as a stand. The company, which has won iF and Red Dot awards for its designs, has more than 20 distributors in Europe. Hall 15.1 Stand 114 Ozaki President and Apple fanatic Freeman Liu 20

ADVERTORIAL Touchscreen protection technology for iPhone and iPad takes a giant leap forward thanks to Pro-Mat Technology LLC John Hodges, Vice-President; C.K. To, President; Peter Huang, Regional Sales Manager Pro-Mat, which is part of American firm AEE Technology LLC of Boston USA, has introduced a new, technologically-advanced mirror film coating that is both decorative, and protective of touchscreens on smartphone and tablet devices. The ‘Sleek-Pro’ product series is made from this new film, and is designed with both aesthetic and technical qualities in mind. With ‘Sleek-Pro’, consumers can choose between three ‘Magic Colouring’ mirror film protectors, each of which changes hue depending on the distance and angle from which it is viewed. When the iPhone or iPad is switched off, the screen acts as a mirror – fun, and useful for checking makeup and other things. Yet when the iPhone is turned on, the coating has brilliant optical properties, displaying the screen perfectly. And with the ‘Sleek-Pro’, there is no loss of touchscreen sensitivity. It is scratchproof and also prevents smudges and fingerprints. What’s more, while many inferior products and previous generations of mirror film protectors inhibited electromagnetic waves, leading to up to a 40-decibel loss of sound, the ‘Sleek-Pro’ lets 99% of the radio waves through. It’s all thanks to the company’s new nano multilayering technology with optically engineered PET film coating, which provides anti-scratch, antifingerprint protection and self-gel application. When the screen is on it lets light through from the backlight of the device; when the screen is off it reflects the front light, giving the mirror effect. Unlike previous mirrored screen protectors, where metallisation problems affected performance, the ‘Sleek-Pro’ does not lose its mirroring effect. Pro-Mat also makes cases for iPhone protection using ‘Magic Coat’ technology, which have rigid decorative finishes that do not inhibit radio waves under any conditions. This is another example of form following function, proving the company’s slogan: ‘Beyond Protection’. The ‘Sleek-Pro’ is just the latest example of Pro- Mat harnessing AEE’s world-leading innovations in flexible material technologies by precision coating. The ‘Sleek-Pro’ film is manufactured at the company’s Taiwan facility, where all stages of the process are undertaken entirely under the company’s control, providing outstanding quality and reliability of supply. Pro-Mat is also at IFA to look for distributors that share its vision of driving the touchscreen-covering sector away from the low-quality products that predominate. It believes that by educating consumers about the benefits of hightech products, it will create an opportunity to lead in a new market – one of discerning consumers who want high-performance protection for their valuable devices. Crocfol Display, a ‘Sleek- Pro’ distributor for German-speaking territories in Europe, will start selling the ‘Sleek- Pro’ in October. “You can get cheaper products, but they’re not anti-scratch or anti-fingerprints,” said Kurt Weiss, Crocfol Display’s General Sales Director. Weiss added: “All the reviews we see say the products are excellent. This does come at a higher price, but consumers think the quality is worth it.” “We are ready to deliver our products and to work with high-quality distributors who see the opportunity to grow the market for technologically advanced screen protectors,” said C.K. To, President of Pro-Mat. “They must understand that we’re selling real technological advantages, and be ready to promote a quality product.” Pro-Mat is focusing on finding high-quality distributors for European and North American markets. John Hodges, Vice-President, Business Development at Pro-Mat said: “Users are realising that an expensive device deserves a high-quality screen protector.” Pro-Mat has its own warehousing and distribution networks in the EU and North America, and local operations to support distributors, and ensure that stock is readily available to meet their needs. Hall 15.1 Stand 115 IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011 21

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