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Day 5 - IFA International

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Official Daily News

Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA PREVIEW EDITION Monday 29 th August 2011 Hall 23/102 Hall 3.2 / 134 Hall 3.1 / 103 Hall 25/162 Hall 21./101 Hall 6.2/211 This year’s vintage of IFA (the 51 st edition) appears, “Orders signed according to its organisers, to be heading for new on the floor highs in terms not only of exhibitors, but also are expected international trade visitors and media. Already in April, Messe Berlin Chief to exceed Operating Officer, Dr Christian Göke announced several billion that space for exhibitors had been totally sold out. euros” Plans are under way for new permanent halls to house “premium” brands, and while this will require journalists, it also is expected several years’ construction, that their numbers will in the meantime, temporary again grow this year. Orders “soft” halls have been signed “on the floor” are erected in open areas. again expected to amount Following increased demand to several billion euros. by trade professionals and Read page 4 A Festival of Innovations! IFA 2011 brings a mind-boggling choice of new products to market In this preview edition of seen for the first time in IFA International, we take the German capital. a look at the broad range See page 20 of new and innovative Get your first glance in the products “revealed” by top following pages! manufacturers in IFA’s preshow media events. From tablets to 3D TVs, new smartphones, cameras and home appliances… "The battle of the 3D TVs" there are countless new is on – at IFA 2011 designs and ideas to be See page 21 CONTENTS 04 > NEWS 13 > SPECIAL FEATURES PREVIEW 17 > CONFERENCE & EVENT PREVIEW 20 > EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS 23 > MARKET & TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 30 > HIGHLIGHTS FROM IFA PREVIEW 38 > SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVES 39 > TRADE NEWS 42 > THE DIARY OF MISS IFA 43 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN THE DEAL MAKERS Hannes Majdic CEO, HiFi Video Majdic "IFA is the most important exhibition of the consumer electronics industry at the moment." See page 41 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Jean Dufour CEO Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte GmbH "We simply can't get such extensive and direct feedback about our new and upcoming products anywhere else." Rob Clark Vice-President of Epson’s European Marketing Division "IFA is a big opportunity, because a lot of the people we sell to, both channel and end customers, visit the event." DAY 1 EDITIoN High-level keynotes at IFA this year include Masaaki Osumi – Executive Officer, Corporate Senior Vice President, President & CEO Digital Products & Services Company, Toshiba Corporation. S e his exclusive interview in this sue – page 16. Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Friday 2 nd September 2011 Hall 23/102 Hall 3.2 / 134 Hall 3.1 / 103 Hall 25/162 Hall 21./101 Hall 6.2/211 CoNTENTS 03 > NEWS 14 > MarkEt aNd tEchNical trENdS 15 > ViSioNary iNtErViEWS 19 > MadE iN EuropE 21 > thE yEar of thE tablEt IFA 2011 opens its gates with reports of unprecedented success amid 33 > elibrary “All the key 31 > NotEbookS & NEtbookS volatile local and global performance 35 > rEfrigEratioN tEchNologiES markets. In the official 39 > SuStaiNablE dEVElopMENt opening press conference indicators are iNitiatiVES by Dr Christian Göke, 41 > tradE NEWS Chief Operating Officer, Messe Berlin, Dr Reinhard higher than 43 > thE diary of MiSS ifa 44 > WhErE to go iN bErliN Zinkann, Chairman of the ZVEI Electrical Appliances last year.” trade news Product Division and Dr Rainer Hecker, Chairman of Hans the Supervisory Board of gfu key performance indicators Carpel all gave a similar message: are higher than last year.” President, IFA’s ever-increasing With a record number of Euronics success as the world’s 1441 exhibitors, media are most important Consumer swarming the event, with Lifestyle trade show is due pre-registered international "For each retailer who believes in his to the clear fact that it is a press numbers growing or her future, IFA is a must." solid key market driver for from 1,453 in 2010 to See page 41 global markets. 1,680 in 2011. “It’s the best IFA ever!”, exclaimed Dr Göke. “All the Read page 3 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS Keith McLoughlin CEO, Electrolux 2011 is the year that the for tablets, notebooks market for media tablets and e-readers and the "Consumers are in the driver’s seat for has really begun to boom. exciting new arrivals at growth" See page 15 According to various IFA. Read page 21 analysts, sales of these devices globally are set to Roland be upwards of 50-million Hagenbucher units this year, spurred on CEO, by the arrival of a number Siemensof new, innovative Electrogeräte GmbH devices in Q3 and Q4. In this issue, we take an indepth look at the market a major trend in our industry…" See "Energy efficiency is and will remain page 20 Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA DAY 2 WEEK-END EDITION Saturday 3 rd & Sunday 4 th September 2011 Hall 23/102 Hall 3.2 / 134 Hall 3.1 / 103 Hall 25/162 Hall 21./101 Hall 6.2/211 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 13 > MARKET & TECHNICAL TRENDS 16 > VISIONARY INTERVIEW 19 > MADE IN CHINA Smart here, smart there… 27 > LIFE IN 3D everywhere one looks at IFA 2011 will be 32 > IN-CAR TECHNOLOGIES this year, the same message 37 > NEW COOKING TECHNOLOGIES comes home: IFA 2011 is the the best IFA 40 > SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT “smart” place to be! IFA’s INITIATIVES official hook this year of “Get in history 42 > TRADE NEWS in Touch” thus makes even more sense, as Consumer its roadmap for the future. 44 > THE DIARY OF MISS IFA Electronics and Home And as the show officially 45 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN Appliance products become got under way yesterday, increasingly intelligent and thought leadership was the TRADE NEWS talk to each other. The order of the day with two Volker aim of IFA in educating spectacular keynotes – by Müller trade professionals and Masaaki Osumi, CEOs of the buying public about Toshiba Digital Products CEO , these new unique selling and Services Company – expert AG Deutschland points thus takes on new and Keith McLoughlin, CEO importance and meaning. of Electrolux. The world’s "Our aim here in Berlin is to The two pre-show press premier event of its kind reinforce our contacts with suppliers days posted “standingroom-only”, as media prediction of Messe Berlin order to maintain a correct and clear certainly is living up to the and gather market intelligence in overall strategy" See page 43 flocked to get new insight COO Dr Christian Göke that into the direction being it would be the “best IFA in taken by the industry and History”. Read page 4 VISIONARIES Masaaki Osumi Executive Officer, Corporate Senior Vice- President, President and CEO of Digital Products 3D is no longer a brand and content is arriving… & Services Company, Toshiba Corporation new technology, meaning the future is bright. "Toshiba is moving forwards by the manufacturers Read all about it from page 27. deepening its engagement in energy have had the time to management and smart communities" See page 3 develop product based on customer feedback. Li Dong Keith Trends are towards lighter, Sheng McLoughlin, cheaper glasses, or better still… no glasses at all! Chairman and Chief President Executive Officer, What works when it and CEO, TCL Corporation comes to convincing the Electrolux, buying public to reach into gives dynamic "For Chinese companies, espacially in their pockets? In short, Keynote at IFA the manufacturing business, going global technologies are evolving is an inevitable choice if you want a sustainable growth." See page 16 Hall 23/102 Hall 3.2 / 134 Hall 3.1 / 103 Official Daily News Source for International Visitors at IFA Hall 25/162 DAY 4 EDITION Monday 5 th September 2011 Hall 21./101 Hall 6.2/211 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 07 > ExcluSivE iNtErviEW 13 > MadE iN taiWaN 19 > thE SMart hoME With a number of major 23 > thE World of appS manufacturers restructuring “IFA has proven 27 > coNNEctEd tv and reorganising, IFA has been the perfect platform for yet again to be 37 > appliaNcE iNNovatioNS these companies to explain 41 > SuStaiNablE dEvElopMENt their new organisations and the world forum iNitiativES the new values they bring 43 > tradE NEWS to the market during these for thought 44 > thE diary of MiSS ifa turbulent times. A perfect case at hand 45 > WhErE to Go iN bErliN is LG Electronics Home leadership” Entertainment Company, trade news whose President and CEO, to plot their purchasing Bernd Havis Kwon (pictured left), roadmaps based on clear Horenkamp has been present at the and solid information. show to support his teams An example is the CEO, EK/Servicegroup and explain his strategy DisplaySearch Business in fine detail (see also Conference at IFA, getting interview page 7). under way today, which "IFA has become much more The 2011 edition of IFA gives attendees an in-depth significant to us since the integration has proven yet again to insight into Tablets, TVs and of the household sector in 2008." be the world forum for the Home Video Ecosystem. See page 43 thought leadership in the The event will be crucial for Consumer Electronics and trade visitors wanting to Home Appliance industries. understand the Tablet and EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS As the show where global TV supply chain, market Ebine leaders from all major dynamics and technologies Yasuhito manufacturers gather, key being shown at this year’s President, buying groups are able IFA exhibition. Funai Connected Life! "Funai President Ebine Yasuhito tells IFA International why the current With the catch-cry at market is loaded with opportunity IFA of “Get in Touch”, rather than uncertainty..." See page 31 a key trend for many of the exhibitors is “Getting Raimund SMART”. Devices and even Hosch Havis Kwon homes are getting smarter Chief Executive President & CEO, and more connected. In Officer this issue, we take a closer Messe Berlin GmbH LG Electronics Home Entertainment look at the smart home, Company smart TVs, and the world "Berlin: 20 million visItors can’t be of apps. Read page 29 wrong" See page 45 The iZone Invisible Shield Heal Thyself Best year yet for ZAGG at IFA After buying iFrogz in June of this year, ZAGG is continuing to have a busy year at IFA, according to Sales & Marketing Manager, Eastern Europe, Paul Lancaster, with around 30 dealers per day visiting the stand. “It looks like it’s shaping up to be our best year at IFA, and it’s clear that having a bigger stand has worked,” he said. ZAGG’s biggest selling product is the Invisible Shield with well over 60 million units sold and distribution in 200+ countries. “it’s made from a porous material that was developed to protect the rotor blades of Apache helicopters operating in the desert,” Lancaster said. “It’s a self-healing nano memory technology which means that if you scratch it, it heals itself. Plus it’s porous, so when you put it on the screen the bubbles disappear.” ZAGG’s latest hit product is the Folio iPad case and keyboard. “It was launched last month and the reviews have been amazing,” Lancaster said. “And the iFrogz range of products is also going very well. The reason behind the acquisition was that we make products for professionals, whereas “it’s clear that having a bigger stand has worked” iFrogz’ broad range is aimed firmly at the youth market. The Toxix headphones come in a wide range of colours and retail at a mere €20, and despite the very reasonable price, offer excellent sound quality. On top of that, the company makes a really comprehensive range of different kinds of cases and ear-buds in vibrant colours.” Hall 15.1 Stand 134 Paul Lancaster and Nadia Touhami of ZAGG IFA International Special Features Tomorrow's issue 6 will take a look at the dynamic and highly competitive digital camera market, the latest video recorders and what is new in digital photo frames. Consumer comfort and the latest products in the health and well-being segment are also featured, alongside My Beautiful Laundry looking at the latest washing machines. Finally, mounting solutions move out of the shadows to centre stage in our exhaustive look at new TV accessories and every kind of wallmounting solution. In case you missed it: Preview - Trends in Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances Day 1 – The Year of the Tablet / Notebooks and Netbooks / Refrigeration / Made in Europe Day2/3 – Life in 3D / In-Car Technologies / New cooking technologies / Made in China Day 4 – The World of Apps / Innovative home appliances / Smart Home / Made in Taiwan Day 5 – The iZone / Mobile Entertainment / Sound Ideas / Made in Korea / New Visual Technologies / Dishwashing Made Easy My Journey, My CHOIIX For the smart life, never be without power on the move. The Power Fort series eliminates the need for messy adapters and cords when travelling and provide a convenient emergency back-up power source for smartphones to tablets. All models come with a full first charge and are convenient to use. The Wave is an attractive and practical foldable universal tablet stand. Made in durable aluminum this stylish stand is set to become a design classic and is compatible with iPad, iPad2, Xoom, Flyer and most tablet PCs. It is slim and folds away for convenience and supports tablets in portrait and landscape orientations with an adjustable viewing angle. Advertorial Choiix, part of the Cooler Master Group email: Hall 16 Stand 208 international IFA 2011: Sold Out! Put on your 3D spex for the event of the year! IFA set to beat all records! international Right Show, Right Time! A solid platform in a challenging climate Year of the Tablet international Get in Touch! The world gets smarter – at IFA 2011 Life in 3D international New Challenge, New Organisation! IFA – the platform for major players to explain reorganisation and new strategies 26

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