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Day 5 - IFA International

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Sound Ideas ADVERTORIAL PERFECT IN-CAR SOUND Harman International Industries has just announced the availability of the JBL MS Series of component speakers and subwoofers — a collection of audio upgrades that will make even trips to the grocery store a memorable music experience. The JBL MS Series is designed to provide various configuration options, creating a car audio sound system that can be tailored to fit the acoustic needs of any vehicle. MS Series subwoofers Pro-audio and European music distribution specialist Sound Service present two new products for the European market at IFA. The H2n from Japanese manufacturer Zoom is an innovative new generation portable handy recorder. Designed for film, broadcast, journalism and musicians, the unit contains five microphone capsules with four recording modes. In addition to channel surround, 4 channel surround and X/Y stings, this is the first portable to incorporate a Mid-Side recording mode used for enhanced ambiance in film and broad. Harman’s Dinesh Paliwal: “excellence of sound quality” feature peak power ratings of 320W to 1,800W, multiple wiring options, dual voicecoil designs and dual 2-ohm or 4-ohm models. “The JBL MS Series component speakers offer the same excellence of sound quality in the car that we bring to movie theatres and living PRO AUDIO RECORDING ON THE MOVE WITH MOBILE AMBIENT STEREO Hall 15.1 Stand 129 “By adjusting the levels on the two side microphones you can change the width of the stereo field,” said Simon Gussek, Sound Service Product and Sales Manager for Keyboards and Recording. “The H2n records in WAV and MP3 formats and has an onboard editing facility and a data recovery function with a new large display and dedicated function buttons.” Samson’s Meteor Mic is another new product launched in Europe by Sound Service for location recording. Designed especially for computer recording it has a 25mm diaphragm condenser with a smooth flat frequency response (20Hz- 20kHz) and practical foldback legs. H2n Sound Service Meteor Mic Sound Service rooms,” said Dinesh Paliwall, CEO of Harman. MS component speakers feature lightweight fibreglass-laminate woofer cones for smooth frequency response, titanium inverteddome tweeters for distinct high-frequency (HF) sound, and outboard crossovers to maximise system power handling. The outboard crossovers also include Danish company Libratone has added distinctive colour and Scandinavian design to the growing ranks of speakers that connect wirelessly with iTunes through Apple’s AirPlay protocol. The logical next step after Apple’s AirPlay base unit, which allows streaming from computer to hi-fi via a wireless network, AirPlay speakers stream music from any iDevice or iTunesequipped computer (Mac or PC), without the need for extraneous wires. Libratone Live, the company’s new one-piece speaker unit, can also be controlled through an iPhone app. This wireless capability is married to five amplifiers, digital signal processing tweeter level adjustments to fine-tune system response. The MS subwoofers feature rigid polypropylene cones with stitched tri-laminate surrounds and vented polepieces, and are optimised for sealed and vented enclosures. Both the speakers and the subs are built with vented, cast-aluminium baskets that dissipate heat to play louder and longer without power compression. At IFA, Harman has also announced a new advertising and marketing campaign for its JBL brand, which will run under the strapline ‘Hear the Truth’. The campaign features international artists, including Maroon 5, listening to their own music with JBL equipment. Outdoor Exhibition Space LIBRATONE LIBERATES MUSIC and a 150W output. FullRoom technology means the tweeters and mid-range drivers disperse the sound in a 360-degree arc, bouncing the sound off the walls to create a spacious ‘live’ sound and eliminating dead spots. “Our relationship to music has changed,” said Jens Mosgaard, Libratone’s Chief Technical Officer. “With Libratone Live, we want to provide the listener with an easy way of soundtracking his or her life without compromising on the quality of sound.” Complementing the audio properties are the speakers’ unconventional look. Available in five colours, the units are finished off with chrome and cashmere. Hall 15.1 Stand 127 Libratone Live: Scandinavian design meets quality sound MONSTER'S CLARITY-HD The Clarity-HD Model One HD multimedia speaker monitor comes with a built-in high-powered digital amplifier and iPod dock. Specifically designed for high-resolution playback in the digital realm, it includes advanced 6.5- inch bass drivers with four-layer voice coils for a deep, extended, low-end response and proprietary soft-dome tweeters for “smooth articulate highs with superior inner detail". The Clarity-HD Model One began shipping worldwide in mid July with all the advanced connectivity options needed to satisfy today's ahead-of-the-curve digital-audio consumer. Available in several colours, it can be set up easily in just seconds and provides room-filling sound right out of the box. Head Monster Noel Lee said: "We named our new Clarity-HD speaker system the Model One for the simple reason that it's the first of its kind to combine such a powerful audiophilegrade performance with total user simplicity and all the connectivity features demanded by today's consumer. The way we listen to music has changed. We no longer build our family rooms around a stack of gear in the centre of the room, and we don't want the intrusion of huge speakers and other components. And thanks to portable, digital music players like the iPod, we now keep vast music collections in our pocket.” He added: “The Model One delivers the kind of big sound you wouldn't expect from a bookshelf speaker and, with the iPod at the heart of the system, you can listen to all your favourite music in higher definition." Hall 3.2 Stand 133 36

Sound Ideas DiNesh C.Paliwal is Chairman, President and Chief executive Officer of harman international – a leading provider of premium audio and infotainment systems for the automotive, consumer and professional markets. Before joining harman, Dinesh was President of global power and automation technology leader aBB Group. During his 22 years with aBB, he was instrumental in the company’s dramatic turnaround from 2002– 2007. in addition to the harman board, Dinesh serves as a member of the Trilateral Commission, which fosters closer co-operation among the Us, europe and Japan. in 2010, Paliwal was named Metro New York entrepreneur of the Year by ernst and Young, and received the indian american achiever award by the Global Organisation of People of indian Origin (GOPiO). The DiGiTal ReVOlUTiON harman is well known as an innovative company with new products and concepts being introduced constantly. This year at iFa will see yet more of the company’s forward thinking on display, said harman CeO Dinesh Paliwal: “The digital revolution is clearly creating convergence between consumer devices in the office, at home, and in the car. Consumers no longer view their living room, workplace, and personal devices as separate domains, but as one, seamless content ecosystem. They want simplicity, seamless portability and sound integration that fits their busy lifestyle. and they want it from a trusted provider with brand equity. This is fast becoming a fundamental expectation of modern consumers everywhere, and is fuelling a demand for integrated lifestyle solutions. with our proprietary knowledge of the car’s electronic infrastructure and our powerful brands, harman is one of the few companies that finds itself in the sweet spot of this trend. at iFa this year, we are introducing new products such as the new JBl OnBeat Xtreme docking station which can wirelessly connect to your iPad via Bluetooth and deliver astonishing sound to movies, music, gaming — even video calls — from an iPad.” Doers, Not Dreamers Interview by Gary Smith Last year, Dinesh Paliwal, CEO of Harman International, was named as the Entrepreneur Of The Year by Ernst and Young. He explains his business philosophy to IFA International ... A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. You have to move quickly and decisively, and be quick to react to the market and to your customers. I also think that entrepreneurship and innovation go handin-hand. At Harman, we are constantly searching for and nurturing small but innovative ideas, and we move quickly to seize market opportunities. Dinesh Paliwal Chairman, President and Chief Executive But we also balance this approach with a healthy dose of stubbornness about our bigger vision and view for the long term. Your last quarterly report showed good results, with a rise of 122% in operating income. What is behind this? Our business is divided into three main areas: consumer and lifestyle audio products; professional audio products; and automotive infotainment products. This last one is our major revenue generator, generating over bn in business. An increasing amount of our wins are coming from the new scalable infotainment platform that we’ve introduced to automakers, which allows them to choose from a number of pre-integrated options, like navigation, internet connectivity, and multimedia support, for their specific offering. This saves automakers money and time in the development stage, and lets them get to market faster. VW Group and Chrysler Fiat Group are among the first customers using the platform. Of course, we also continue to supply premium highend infotainment systems for customers like Audi, Daimler, BMW, and many others. Tell us more about your involvement with Toyota, and the growing market for in-car infotainment. The new Entune system compliments Harman’s long-standing relationship in providing premium audio systems from our JBL brand to Toyota. The Entune system blends advanced automotive navigation with the connectivity and entertainment features of the latest-generation smart mobile phones. Drivers can make hands-free phone calls, control music from a variety of sources, and interact with the navigation system — all by using simple voice commands. An advanced text-to-speech function can also read incoming SMS text messages verbally to the driver. Harman has lodged 200 new patents in the past year. How important is R&D in giving you a competitive advantage? I often describe myself as being paranoid about innovation, and am constantly thinking about ways to speed new product introduction, improve product lifecycle management, and feed the innovation pipeline. Our current focus is on identifying differentiating technologies in three core areas: connectivity, green technologies, and safety. We have over 2500 active patents, and over 1000 patents pending, and we actively encourage our engineers to bring forward ideas. How important is IFA as part of your overall marketing plan? We are proud to be part of the IFA environment and believe it’s a perfect launch pad for many of our product initiatives and market announcements. This year, we are unveiling the premiere of the biggest marketing and advertising campaign we’ve done for the JBL brand in more than a decade. Our television commercial got its first press screening here on our stand at IFA, so we are very excited. Officer of Harman International Indoor Ground 100 Stand Funktum IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011 37

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