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Day 5 - IFA International

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News German Court Bans

News German Court Bans sales of samsunG Galaxy taB 7.7 samsung electronics has stopped promoting its new media tablet at Ifa after a court in Dusseldorf ordered the company to halt sales of the Galaxy tab 7.7 last friday. the Galaxy 7.7 was premiered at this year’s show, along with 5.3-inch Galaxy note, with which samsung hopes to create a new product category positioned between smartphones and tablets. samsung and apple have been disputing a range of patents relevant to smartphones and tablets since april. Court decisions have twice forced samsung to delay the launch of its tablet in australia. the Korean manufacturer initially stated that the lawsuit was not legally problematic, but apple is now also mounting legal battles in the us as well as europe, south Korea and australia. samsung has counter-sued, arguing that apple infringed several wireless patents held by samsung. one Demo at a time the Head monster’s formula for growing an accessories business noel lee "Head Monster" While many companies search for ways to add value, Monster consistently turns adding value into a lucrative art. But how? “One demo at a time,” said Noel Lee, known as the Head Monster. In other words, it’s not enough to add valuable features: you have to show the benefits to the public. When Lee started in the audio cable business, there was no Internet, no blogging, no YouTube: “You had to stand in front of buyers and demo and demo and demo…” He added: “If you want to sell high performance to the public, you still have to show high performance.” Lee is the man who’s a retail legend for convincing the public to pay more than twice as much for their audio cables. That led to the creation of the value-added accessory industry. More recently, the Head Monster took the cheap ‘ear bud’ and created a market for 0 fashion headphones using celebrity involvement. Monster now owns 52% of the over-0 headphone market in the US and 26% of the over-e130 market in Europe. Lee still believes strongly in demoing — and proved it by taking an IFA press audience through a demo to illustrate each and every Monster product launching at IFA. Monster also used the press conference to announce a partnership — the Diesel Noise Division — with the Italian fashion house Diesel. Diesel’s Worldwide Licensing Director, Andrea Giacomelli, said: “We watched as fashion and technology came together — for example, in categories like spectacles. We wanted to do something different with technology and then we met Monster. Our two companies both have a passionate founder who started a company in the same year, 1978. Diesel founder Renzo Rosso, like Noel Lee in cables, took “(…) it’s not enough to add valuable features: you have to show the benefits to the public.” denim fabric, added value and started selling it at twice the price.” Having finished his explanation to the electronics press and Monster staff, Giacomelli brought on stage the first product — the Diesel Vektr, an edgy, fashionable pair of headphones. Then the Head Monster, of course, convinced Giacomelli to adorn himself with the Vektr headphones — and once more Noel Lee had his demo. Hall 3.2 Stand 133 one-stop Household Brand shop Tefal Actifry fryer Heritage household brands including Tefal, Moulinex, Rowenta and Krups are exhibiting together under the Groupe SEB banner in a dealers’ lounge at IFA’s South Entrance. “We are presenting the latest innovations from these core brands,” said SEB Trade Marketing Manager Udo van Bergen. “Included among the exhibits are the AE 9000 series of Krups coffee machines. On these appliances, the jet that froths the milk is cleaned with water at 70 degrees every time it is used — and every tenth time, the action is repeated but with a rinsing agent.” After an interval of eight years, Moulinex is once again available on the German market, and the popular Moulinette chopper is now back in the stores. Also being showcased on the Groupe SEB stand is Tefal’s new and economical ActiFry fryer, which uses just one spoonful of oil to prepare fresh French fries from 1.5 kilograms of potatoes. In the vacuum-cleaner sector, appliances such as Rowenta’s Silence Force Extreme, with a noise level of only 63 dB, are expected to prove popular in Germany and Austria. “They are among the quietest vacuum cleaners available in the Germanspeaking countries”, Van Bergen said. Entrance South, Outdoor Space 101 4

News The Power Behind Portability Philips is launching a new range of batteries, chargers and flashlights In Hall 22 in private display rooms, Philips is showing its dealers a total refresh of its battery and charger range, and a new range of LED flashlights. Both ranges will become available in October 2011. In a world where devices are king, the battery is literally the power behind the throne. Along with a range of primary and rechargeable battery products to fit all the different devices in use today, Philips adds chargers for mobile phones, MP3 players, laptops and cameras. The proliferation of devices, with each category reflecting different power requirements and different usages, makes shopping for batteries more than a question of whether the battery size is a fit. Based on research that shows customers find the typical display of batteries confusing, Philips designed both packaging and the displays to make it easy for the shopper to find the right product, to match the battery to the type of device. The Philips approach in these accessories echoes the corporate theme of ‘sense and simplicity’ that the company has made famous. The clear and constructive consumer advice on Philips products and displays solves that eternal problem: “Which battery should I buy?” Philips also shines some light to help the consumer buy flashlights. As the world’s number one lighting company, Philips built its latest LED technology into an extensive range of flashlights. That packaging and display, as in batteries and chargers, also shows the major benefits and performance indicators for quick-comparison shopping. Philips is one of the world’s top brands and it carefully leverages its brand in providing a full complement of retail displays and POP merchandising to help store sell-out by converting puzzled shoppers into happy buyers. Hall 22 Stand 101 “The Philips approach in these accessories echoes the corporate theme of ‘sense and simplicity’” Philips brings its instore support, with shopper navigation and effective shelf communications, to the batteries, chargers & fl ashlights category IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011 5

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