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Day 5 - IFA International

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Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview RICHARD BULLWINKLE Richard Bullwinkle is the Chief Evangelist for Rovi Corporation, a creator of entertainment recommendation and discovery technologies like TotalGuide, and producers of massive amounts of metadata for movies, television and music. Before that he worked on bleeding-edge technologies at TiVo, Rio Audio and Mediabolic. CHALLENGE Delivering content globally is a major challenge according to Richard Bullwinkle: “The borders and boundaries of digital content are mystifying and not a single content owner has granted a global license. This is the environment that made Americans yearn for access to the Spotify music service (which they eventually got) and, similarly, for Europeans to crave Netflix (which they’ll likely get), but neither service is available globally today. And for a device manufacturer looking to deliver a consistently good entertainment experience globally is a bit intimidating. For this reason, the digital ecosystem is showing an interesting trend. Though many start-ups offer very compelling services for connected devices, almost none can deliver them on a global basis. Big-name CE manufacturers are now seeking global service providers that can deliver multi-regional software and services for their devices. This provides an interesting consolidation effect. The global companies who provide content and services to the CE manufacturers have to partner with, or purchase, smaller companies to cover every geography. You might call this the aggregation of aggregators.” Entertainment Enabler Delivering a consistently good entertainment experience on an international basis A year ago Rovi Corporation announced that it was buying Sonic Solutions. Chief Evangelist Richard Bullwinkle tells IFA International about the thinking behind the acquisition and its benefits... Interview by Richard Barnes Our aim is to be a leading enabler of the entire entertainment ecosystem — from content creation, through discovery, delivery, and enjoyment. We saw Sonic Solutions as giving us several new capabilities. For example,with the acquisition of Sonic Solutions we gained the RoxioNow digital supply chain (now known as the Rovi Entertainment Store), a white-label store which powers digital entertainment services such as Best Buy's CinemaNow, the Warner Entertainment store, and MediaMarkt in Germany. The Rovi Entertainment Store gives Rovi a strong solution for content delivery that helps our customers continue to participate in the digital entertainment value chain and extend their brand and services into consumers' homes. Rovi just introduced DivX Plus Streaming. Could you tell us more about this? DivX technology is prolific today, having shipped on half a billion consumer electronics devices. Consumers, especially in Europe, are very familiar with DivX technology as something that enables them to easily download, transfer, and enjoy high quality movies across an extensive, multimanufacturer ecosystem of devices. In the case of DivX Plus Streaming, we are delivering all the great things consumers loved about a DivX download - high visual quality, viewing flexibility, and content features - with over-the-top entertainment. However DivX Plus Streaming moves forward to offer consumers an experience similar to entertainment on Blu-ray Disc with resolutions up to 1080p, sub-titles, multiaudio tracks, and trickplay features like smooth fast forward and rewind all streamed instantly to a connected device. What trends do you see in the year ahead? Right now we see connected TVs really taking off in the US thanks, in part, to excellent work by retailers who have trained their staff well. People come in to the store thinking they’re going to buy a TV, then they get a demonstration of a set that can instantly stream Netflix or CinemaNow or Blockbuster, and consumers get it right away. The idea of ordering content with the remote is very attractive and we expect that trend to continue next in Europe, especially in the UK where consumers are very clued into smart TVs, so when the retail sector there gets sophisticated about selling this to their customers, we expect to see rapid expansion. Hall 25 Stand 146 “Our aim is to be a leading enabler of the entire entertainment ecosystem — from content creation, through discovery, delivery, and enjoyment” Richard Bullwinkle Chief Evangelist IFA International • Tuesday 6 th September 2011 9

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