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Day 5 - IFA International

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Special Feature Sound

Special Feature Sound Pix B&W’s classic 805 has been given a makeover with new tweeters, a revised crossover and an entirely new cabinet design. Available in three finishes, rich cherry wood, sweet rose nut and piano gloss black that confirm these cuties as a true luxury product. The B&W 805 Diamond offers a refined, rich and seductive sound that audiophiles everywhere are definitely going to appreciate. Hall 15.1 Stand 213/5 For movie lovers, the Harman Kardon HKTS 60BQ/230 5.1 home theatre speaker system is a good looking option, with each of the components packing a luxurious, gloss finish so shiny you can comb your hair in it. The five speakers offer a bright and realistic sound that ensures background detail comes through loud and clear. And for those of you who need plenty of bass, the subwoofer has adjustable volume and includes an 8-inch driver and 200W-rated amplifier, delivering mucho deep and rumbling bass. The HB45E from LG, one of EISA’s 2010 winners, offers amazing value for money, and versatility, combining BD Live 2.0, an iPod/iPhone docking station plus compatibility with USB, DLNA and CIFS. The system has multiple inputs, and can process DivX HD and MKV files. The speakers have a big, well-balanced sound and overall, this is a really great system made, probably with the gaming community in mind. Sound ideas... Former Scorpion Herman Rarebell gives us some cool sound ideas from IFA 2010 By Gary Smith The Continent’s most famous rock drummer, Herman Rarebell, of “Scorpions” fame, has just returned from a tour of mid-western states in the USA, where he did countless radio and TV interviews, and played with the Michael Schenker Group and the Scorpions at the Rock N America concert in Oklahoma. Again this year, Herman has taken some time to tour the sound products on show at IFA and give us some tips on “what’s hot”. The Pioneer XW-NAC3 comes with two docks that accommodate all types of iPods and iPhones, plus a shuffle function which allows the user to mix between the two, to DJ the night away. The portable unit also includes Bluetooth capability and a technology called Sound Retriever AIR which restores much of the audio quality that is lost through compression and transmission. As if that wasn’t enough already, there’s a USB input for playback of various formats including MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, FLAC and LPCM. And if you’re still not totally and utterly impressed, this beauty also lets you connect to thousands of Internet radio channels from all over the world. Hall 1.2 Stand 101 Pioneer's XW-NAC3 Hall 11.2 Stand 101 The Harman Kardon BDS family combines the functionality of a combined A/V receiver and Bluray player and, where supplied, loudspeakers in one easy-to-use, sleek unit that offers the high-end performance of separates without the clutter or Harman Kardon’s HKTS 60 complication. An evolution of the current range of HS systems, the elegant looks and compact design, are the perfect accompaniment to any flat-screen TV. The 2.1-channel BDS 2 and 5.1-channel BDS 5 are the two electronics-only systems in the range. These systems are sold as the combined A/V receiver and Blu-ray Disc player — again, perfect for consumers who already have speakers. The five integrated systems are all sold with speakers and include the BDS 300, BDS 400, BDS 600, BDS 700 and BDS 800. To meet consumer demand, these include 2.1, 3.1 sound bar and native 5.1 configuration options. Outdoor Exhib. Space 101 28

Special Feature Sound Pix at IFA Each year televisions get thinner and it doesn’t take a genius to imagine that this fact does not make life any easier for the guys in the design department who have to find a way to get the speakers in there. And that’s why we are seeing a real rise in the popularity of the Soundbar. Panasonic’s SC-HTB500 is aimed at owners of flat-panel TVs of 42-inches and above and is really easy to install because it only needs one ΗDMI cable. The ΗDMI input is 3D-compatible and includes an Audio Return Channel and Pass Thru feature. Panasonic’s speakers and a function called the Clear-Mode dialogue feature helps this unit to deliver a crisp but full sound. Add the wireless subwoofer and it goes BOOM BOOM BOOM. Hall 5.2 Stand 101 The Quincy Jones Signature Line includes three models: the Q701 reference-class premium over-ears; the Q460 high-performance portable on-ear mini headphones; and the Q350 in-ear headphones that boast distinctive AKG build quality and unrivaled audio engineering in an elegant, portable design, so music lovers everywhere can experience sound the way every artist intended for their music to be heard. So we have amazing microphones and headphones from AKG, and AKG is part of Harman International Industries, which unveiled its new range of Bluray Disc-enabled Harman Kardon home entertainment systems. The BDS range comprises five complete home cinema systems and two electronics-only systems for consumers who already have speakers. Another EISA favorite is the Philips MCi900, which won the award for Best European Compact system. The Streamium Wi-Fi unit comes with SoundSphere speakers, and it’s a clever little unit that will play DVD and DivX movie files, FLAC and WAV music files. You can also stream music direct from the PC thanks to the UPnP capability. An Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection also allows you to have access to Internet audio. Outdoor Exhib. Space 100 Hall 22 Stand 101 Sennheiser’s HD 2181 Sennheiser has just launched eight new sets of headphones for the iPhone, the iPad and other Apple products. These are headset versions of headphones from the Portable Entertainment series that combine topquality sound with a seriously useful hands-free system. We love the fact that the microphone and control unit are integrated into the cable and allow the Apple product to be controlled at the push of a button or by voice commands. Hall 3.2 Stand 124 The Lenco SB-100 is a revolutionary new 3D sound system developed in cooperation with the Swiss company Sonic Emotion. It offers a natural 3D sound experience throughout the entire room, rather than producing a sweet spot like many current two-channel and 5.1-channel systems. “The technology is based on wavefield synthesis, a spatial audio rendering technology that creates virtual acoustic environments,” says Lenco President and CEO, Nico Bravers. Every kind of input signal, including good old stereo, is reproduced in 3D, and as a result the sound seems to come from all around. “95% of all TV sound is still in stereo, the SB-100 converts it all into 3D,” Bravers said. “This means that the entire family can enjoy 3D sound from a single device. Whether it’s sports, live concerts, the sound from game consoles or an iPod/ iPhone connected to the TV set, the SB-100 offers a completely different experience.” Hall 25 Stand 126 IFA International • Tuesday, 7 th September 2010 29

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