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Day 5 - IFA International

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Siemens i-Dos. A

Siemens i-Dos. A world’s first. The first integrated precision dosing system from Siemens. Fully automatic and always perfect. Hall 1.1 Thanks to the innovative i-Dos system, the new iQ 700 washing machines make detergent dosing easier than ever before. The world’s first integrated automatic precision dosing system for up to 20 loads detects the exact amount of detergent needed for your laundry. Depending on factors like fabric type, load size, water hardness, and degree of soiling, it dispenses detergent efficiently and to the precise milliliter – for perfect washing performance. What’s more, it can save you up to 7,062 liters of water per year.* For more information, ask your dealer or visit The future moving in. * Potential annual savings with i-Dos compared to a standard household washing machine with manual dosing in a conventional easy-care program and based on an average of 220 loads per year. Source: wfk-Cleaning Technology Research Institute, Research Report WL 5132/10. Individual results may vary.

Special Feature Dishwashers Ever greener, ever faster and ever quieter Dishwashers of today are increasingly efficient The new generation of dishwashers are every bit as eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and efficient as their counterparts in other appliance categories. They are also increasingly quiet, which is not a bad thing now that openplan kitchens are growing in popularity. By Gary Smith The new generation of Gorenje’s dishwashers delivers numerous functional improvements, including an improved drying system called TotalDry, super silent operation, and optimal use of water and power. Gorenje’s new dishwashers also fully comply with the stringent European Guidelines on power savings. Low water consumption is another feature. Using up to 41% less water, these machines encourage the responsible use of natural resources. “Use of an eco-friendly machine reduces water consumption by four times compared to manual dishwashing,” said Gorenje Communications Director, Greta Kokot. “The best models even use as little as 10 litres of water. With lightly soiled dishes you can cut the dishwashing time in half by simply using The Siemens speedMatic Hall 1.1 Stand 101 the SpeedWash function. It automatically adjusts the temperature and water level, thereby ensuring optimal cleaning and drying in the shortest possible time.” The interior has also been entirely revamped. A third basket was added to expand the washing capacity to 14 standard place settings. Layout of holders and supports is highly flexible. The plate-rack, for example, can be laid down to obtain more space for pots and pans of various sizes. There is also the MultiClack system that allows double sided three-level adjustment of basket height, offering additional adaptability. Another novel feature is the improved drying system called TotalDry. This patented solution, unique in the market, is employed after the washing cycle, with the dishwasher door opening automatically, in two steps. At first, it opens just enough to release excess steam. Then, after 20 minutes, the door opens by another couple of centimetres. This function ensures that the dishes are cool enough to be handled. The new Siemens speedMatic is the first dishwasher silent enough to run in a library. With a noise level of only 38 decibels, it is below the noise threshold deemed to interfere with a person’s concentration during studying, reading or other mental activities. It is even below the noise level emitted by an average PC. According to the threshold in DIN EN ISO 11690-1, the noise directive drafted to protect employees in the workplace, the maximum noise level is limited to 55 decibels for routine office work and to 45 decibels for any activities requiring a special degree of concentration. In spite of its low-key sounds the speedMatic performs better than many comparable dishwashers. The new generation of Gorenje’s dishwashers Thanks to its varioSchublade drawer – which serves as a third loading tier for silverware and other small items – it has the capacity to wash as many as 14 standard tableware settings, instead wof the usual 12. For the standard programme, it uses 10 litres of water per load. Miele’s new G 5000 generation of dishwashers is setting standards in terms of innovation, performance, user convenience and design. Consumption is exemplary. Depending on the model and the programme, the G 5000 requires only 7 litres of water and 0.83 kWh per cycle. The completely redesigned 3D cutlery tray offers even greater flexibility combined with the largest possible capacity. The tray is heightadjustable and contains inserts which slide laterally to accommodate larger items such as soup ladles and whisks. Additional Hall 2.1 Stand 101 space is created by lowering the central section. “With the new 3D cutlery tray, our company is once again restating its claim as an innovation leader”, Dr Markus Miele, Managing Director and co-proprietor of Miele, said: “The timetested features of the cutlery tray, invented and patented “…our company is once again restating its claim as an innovation leader” Dr Markus Miele, Managing Director and co-proprietor of Miele To be continued p. 36 IFA International • Tuesday, 7 th September 2010 35

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