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Day 5 - IFA International

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SWITCH ON START YOUR DAY WELL Philips Wake-up Light. Proven to help you wake-up refreshed. Visit the Philips stand at IFA in Hall 22. The Philips Wake-up Light demonstrates our commitment to EcoVision5, and our aim to bring better care to more people worldwide by 2015. EcoVision5 is a program we’ve developed around the three pillars of ‘care’, ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘recycling’. Contributing to the world and people’s lives through meaningful innovation.

Hans-Joachim Kamp n Vice President of ZVEI Nestor Coronado Palma n Director of Sustainability Philips Consumer Lifestyle Green Products @ IFA N°03 / September 2010 - March 2011 Sustainable Development Initiatives Jooree Cho Project Manager Sustainable Development Cleverdis / IFA International Best In Class Bosch strives further towards the ultimate in Water and Energy Savings Bosch is renowned for its development of energy and water efficient home appliances… so just how far can that go? We speak with Marketing VP, Helmut Sailer… Can you shed light for us on the new Bosch green products on display at IFA this year and what makes them especially green? At this year’s IFA, Bosch is focussing on green products, which involves a number of green world record holders. For dishwashers, we have the world champion for water conservation with Helmut Sailer Vice President of Marketing - Bosch 6.l for the standard cycle, and the world record holder in both water and energy consumption as well, called “ActiveWater Eco2”. Furthermore, we are introducing a new washerdryer that is one-of-a-kind in water saving. For cooking, we are presenting a milestone for built-in ovens that consumes around one third less energy than the previous best performance in energy efficiency class A. In addition, we are showcasing new fridges with best in class ratings. Can you tell us more in depth about the new energy and water saving technologies you are using now? Our new energy and water saving technologies are fueled by remarkable innovations. For example, the mineral zeolite in our dishwashers helps store water and heat and thus reduces consumption figures markedly. What’s more for dishwashers is our unique resource-conserving water management system that enables the virtually clean rinsing water from the final rinse cycle to be used for the first rinse cycle of the next load. Regarding our new washer-dryer I just mentioned before, the new condensation technology completely works without water; it needs nothing more than cool air. These are only few examples of our new innovative, energy and water saving technologies and I could go on endlessly. To help customers find these most efficient technologies easily, we’ve grouped them up under the label “Green Technology inside” that marks our most resourceconserving products. What do you see for the future? Companies that are investing heavily in new technologies and the manufacture of new products will force the market towards more green-oriented products. Consumers and public authorities will also compel us to reduce the use of water, energy and material again. Therefore we believe to think in green technology not as a time-restricted trend, but a must for everybody. SMART REPORT SuStainable Devel pment initiativeS The ReTaileR's ResponsibiliTes Dr Utho Creusen, Director - DSGi INDUSTRY SPOTLIGHT Xxxxxx x xx special edition Extract from the new issue of Sustainable Development Initiatives (SDI) SMARTreport IFA International • Tuesday, 7 th September 2010 39

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