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Day 5 - IFA International

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News A world-beating

News A world-beating formula Taiwan positions itself as one-stop CE shop By Joe Morgan Taiwan is fast becoming a major player in the CE industry, after establishing itself as a force in the global IT industry. The east Asian country has become a one-stop shop for the world’s electronic industry. Frieda C Hung, Director of Taiwan Trade Center (TAITRA) in Munich, said the country’s computing expertise is now enabling it to compete in a myriad of world markets. Hung said that Taiwanese companies now make nearly three quarters of the world’s personal computers and half of the world’s liquid crystal displays. “Taiwan has a reputation as a world-class producer in lowcost, high-quality electronic goods,” she added. “Already a major player in the global IT industry, it now supplies a growing portion of the global CE market.” Building on its place as an A-list supplier of components such as semiconductors and LCDs, the island has emerged as a powerful manufacturer of finished CE items, such as game consoles, mobile phones, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), computers and televisions. Notably, Taiwan is now manufacturing most of the world’s e-reader screens and supplying a wide range of end-user devices. BenQ, for example, has built an e-reader product that features a six-inch touch screen, built-in WLAN and 2GB memory. Taiwan also makes many of the world’s pocket-sized projectors, now among the fastest growing CE products. “Taiwan companies are among the world’s leaders in offering products that save energy, reduce pollution and help keep people fit. It is home to some of the world’s largest companies making green products such as bicycles, energy-saving lights and solar cells,” Hung said. Hannspree is showcasing some of its Full-HD LCD TVs — all equipped with video upgraded to 1080p HD — at this year's IFA. The ST25D has been recognised in Hannspree’s homeland for its eco-friendly qualities. The Taiwanese CE manufacturer has also launched a range of energy-efficient TVs featuring LED technology. Optoma, which became the world’s first IT company to unveil a pocket-sized projector, has impressed IFA delegates with its latest PK301 Pico projector. Aiptek, meanwhile, has been demonstrating its 3D HD Camcorder i2, which allows easy upload to YouTube 3D. KYE is introducing an innovative 2.4GHz all-in-one remote Ring Mouse, while MSI has launched the AE2420 3D All-in-One PC equipped with a 24-inch Full-HD 3D multitouch display, the latest Core i-series CPU and an ATI Mobility Radeon HD discrete graphics card. Hall 27 Stand 141 4

News Where the future happens first Fraunhofer Institute unveils new dimensions in 3D By Joanna Stephens Glasses-free 3D viewing for more than one person, the first 3D film of the Berlin Philarmonic in full cry, control by gesture, a more userfriendly 3D TV experience — these are some of the innovations brought to Berlin by the Fraunhofer society's Heinrich Hertz Institute. The next frontier in 3D TV is widely held to be auto-stereoscopic displays, which will negate the need for shutters or colour-filter 3D without glasses from the Fraunhofer Institute glasses. Frauhofer has pioneered a technology that enables not just one but several viewers to watch full 3D content, no matter what angle they look at the screen. The solution lies in head-tracking technology in association with hard- and software that automatically adapts the screen projection to the number of viewers. Fraunhofer, which specialises in the development of mobile and fixed-broadband communication networks and multimedia systems, is no stranger to game-changing innovation — this is the organisation, after all, that developed MP3 technology. One of its key areas of research is gesture-controlled human-machine interaction, as exemplified by the iPoint Control. Using a repertoire of familiar hand movements, the intuitive system allows people to control anything from their PC to the bedside lamp — without needing to touch a button of any description. Another Fraunhofer first is a 3D film of the legendary Berlin Philharmonic, which shows a rehearsal for Stravinsky’s Petruschka conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. The film forms part of the TiME Lab initiative, which aims to leverage new media to win over new audiences to classical music. Moving from 3D content to 3D technology, Fraunhofer is also A 3D first: the Berlin Philharmonic working with luxury TV brand Loewe to enhance the 3D TV viewing experience. The Institute is showcasing a range of new 3D functionalities that automatically monitor the quality of received material, alert the user to specific content and correct annoying distortions. Hall 8.1 Stand 3 Protect your world! IFA International • Tuesday, 7 th September 2010 5

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