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Day 5 - IFA International

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Trade News Pro-Business

Trade News Pro-Business showcases Germany’s ‘national champions’ Heinz Werner Ochs, Member of the Board Pro Business Elektrohausgeräte The World Cup in South Africa may already have been consigned to the annals of football history but competition in the ‘world championship of consumer electronics’ is still heating up at IFA. ProBusiness, the marketing initiative promoting the premier brands in the German consumer electronics industry, is representing 16 national champions at the event, which include Beurer, Cloer, Dyson, Glen Dimplex, Laura Star, Petra-electric, Ritter, Rommelsbacher, Severin, By Joe Morgan Steba, Thomas, Fakir, Graef, Melitta and Solac. Visitors to IFA are able to view some of the innovative new products developed by Germany’s leading-edge consumer electrical and home appliance brands at the ProBusiness stands in halls 2.1, 4.1 and 6.1. This year has also witnessed ground-breaking new designs in the offering of small-and-medium-sized enterprises in Germany. “IFA is and will continue to be the highlight of the year for everybody eager to experience the world of consumer electronics and home appliances,” said a spokesman for Pro-Business. In an effort to make the 50 th IFA a truly fascinating experience for its thousands of visitors, the ProBusiness area features a comprehensive programme of shows and promotional activities. The Pixmania Group was created in 2000 and is one of the largest e-commerce businesses in Europe, with a turnover of 897m Euros in 2008/2009 and nearly 1,400 employees. Its B2C (, Webhallen. com) and B2B ( activities generate more than 30 million unique visitors a month. THE DEAL MAKERS Audrey Betz - Purchasing Manager, Home Appliances, Pixmania Group “Sustainability and eco-friendliness have become a consumer demand” What is the reason for coming to IFA? It's a great opportunity to meet the decision makers from our partners. We will both discuss the product listing and the strategy. We are also here to strengthen the link with our new suppliers and partners. And of course, we finish closing the deals for the end of the year . How long do you stay and how many appointments do you have ? I’ve got seven appointments on Monday and six on Tuesday. I’m leaving on Tuesday evening. We have nine buyers here at IFA. How has sustainable development been affecting your buying decisions? Sustainability and ecofriendliness have become a consumer demand. With our Pix expert online service launched at the end of 2008 on the French and English markets, we offer the ability for consumers to choose the product on energy-saving criteria. And as demand is getting stronger on eco-friendly products, most of our suppliers are proposing dedicated products to meet the consumer demand. What innovation in white goods do you expect at the show? Some manufacturers have waited for a long time and are launching their own Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. I also think ‘the silence’ will be a big trend in the very near future, in the home appliance world. How important is IFA for you? It’s crucial. As an e-tailer we still have to promote our services and advantages to the manufacturers, especially in the white goods. I used to work for one of the major retailers before ( PPR Group France ) and I see many differences, especially regarding home appliances. Manufacturers are still practicing selective distribution. 1959 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 FLASHBACK I first visited IFA in 1959. My job then was as editor of TV guides Funk und Fernseh Illustrierte, and Bildschirm. Back then IFA was still a touring exhibition and in 1959 the location was Frankfurt. It came to Berlin for the first time since the Second World War two years later, in 1961. I went to Frankfurt by train, in order to talk to various manufacturers at the fair. I had been warned that I wouldn’t see much new product there, but actually a few things I saw were quite new and very innovative. For instance the stereo table introduced in 1958 to play stereo records; the transistor technology in metric wave receivers; and the TV tube in 110-degree deflection technology. Also brand-new was the so-called ‘secondary TV receiver’, a portable TV set from Kaiser called Prinz. Everybody wanted this piece of technology right away, myself included. I adored it, but I couldn’t afford it.” Yours, Editor Klaus Nestele Prinz portable TV set from Kaiser IFA International • Tuesday, 7 th September 2010 41

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