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Day 5 - IFA International

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WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN Lanningers’ freshly stonebaked pizzas, while taking in the atmosphere and enjoying stunning views of the River Spree. Lanninger Bar Alt-Moabit 99 10559 Berlin Tel: +49 30 399 20 798 Metro: S Tiergarten S5 S7 S75 S9 Clubs Maxxim – techno, house, disco and cocktails Located in the center of Berlin, the Maxxim opened its doors in early 2007 and has since then served as quality venue for a wide range of special events and parties. It can host up to 1,400 people and offers space for individual groups of up to 500. The Club brings the international Jet-Set-Party style to the German capital, offering an exclusive location for partygoers looking for great music and a fun night out. Maxxim’s After Work Party and Black Label Night are just two of the six weekly highlights, which take place from Monday to Saturday. Joachimstaler Straße 15 10719 Berlin Tel.: +49 30 41 76 62 40 Metro: U Uhlandstraße U1 U Kurfürstendamm U9 Museums & Exhibitions The Brücke Museum – exhibition of Expressionism The Brücke Museum in Berlin, whose collection is entirely devoted to the works of the Brücke artists — Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Heckel, Karl Schmidt-Rottluff and Fritz Bleyl. The Brücke artists’ pictorial language and their critical attitude towards traditional academic painting fostered the movement that came to be known as Expressionism. The museum was opened to the public in 1967 and today owns around 400 paintings and sculptures as well as several thousand drawings, watercolours and prints from all the creative periods of the Brücke artists. The Museum is located at the end of a purpose-built lane at the edge of Berlin’s Grunewald forest, and the building reflects the simplicity and charm of the Bauhaus style. Brücke Museum Bussardsteig 9 14195 Berlin-Dahlem Tel: 030-831-2029 Metro: U Podbielskiallee U3 Cultural Entertainment Reederei Riedel – Berlin from a new perspective When visiting Berlin, you can see beautiful views of the Spree River from its charming hotels, restaurants and bars. But how about looking back at Berlin from the river? Reederei Riedel is the second largest passengershipping company in Berlin, and offers a diverse range of tours with its 14 ships and 38 landing stages. Reederei Riedel’s Inner City Tours take in some of the most striking ancient and modern architecture in Berlin; it’s Bridge Trips pass no fewer than 63 bridges — reputedly more than Venice; and the City Nights tour takes visitors through tranquil downtown Berlin as the sun sets and the evening light changes. Planufer 78 10967 Berlin Tel.: (+49 30) 61 65 79 – 30 Metro : U Schönleinstraße U8 U Kotbusser Straße U1 46

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