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Day 5 - IFA International

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CAFÉ CORNER mARtEllO BREWs UP BUsiNEss CAsCO ANd QUAdRA sERvE UP 'GENUiNE itAliAN COFFEE' Martello has launched two new coffee machines: the Casco and the Quadra. The Casco's features include 20-bar pressure, a removable 1.3-litre tank, automatic cap ejection and a removable dripping-off bowl. The Quadra also features a removable two-litre water tank, a steam nozzle and a hot water nozzle. Both machines are available in a range of nine colours. IFA International spoke to Martello's Chairman, Hartwig Hammerle. Martello is at IFA for the first time. Tell us about the history of the company? The story goes back two years, when we decided to move into the coffee business. We had to find a very good Italian name and our agency proposed the name Martello. So that's where the name comes from. The production of the machines takes place in China, and the capsules are made in Italy, with eight lines and a capacity of 4.5 million capsules per day. It's real genuine Italian coffee. What has been the market's reaction to your machines? It's been very good. In some countries, such as Switzerland, Martello has already become quite a familiar brand and are already number two there. We are being distributed throughout 1,200 stores - and other retailers are noticing this and now want to work with us. What's your USP? Design and price. The retail price of our machines is €e79 for a 20-bar machine. The availability of the coffee is important, because it is sold through retailers. And the price of the coffee is also very important. Our coffee is very competitive, starting at 20 cents. In these difficult times, that's a very strong argument. Hall 6.1 / Stand 108a thE dUtCh tOUCh iNvENtUm PREPAREs tO lAUNCh mUlti-dRiNk mAChiNE Holland's Inventum has unveiled a range of innovations at IFA, including the HK20 coffeepad machine and an aluminous thermos coffeemaker with a 1300W water-heating system. CEO Henk Gigengack tells IFA International about the company's future plans. Could you tell us more about Inventum? I bought the company in 1994. I had been personally involved in the development of Senseo when it was a Douwe Egberts/Sarah Lee brand, before Philips took it over. Our system is made in such a way that the water cannot bypass the coffee on its way into the cup. There is a silicon part, which compresses the coffee first and gives it a great aroma. When did Inventum go international? Five years ago, my two sons joined me in the business and we decided to introduce Inventum's products to the global market. We have gone back to doing all the manufacturing steps ourselves. So we now have our own design and engineering teams, and we produce our machines in China. What's on the horizon? Next year, we plan to launch the most innovative product that the market has seen for 20 years. We will introduce a multi-drink machine in March, which will be capable of making both hot and cold drinks. It will serve up beer, wine, soup, coffee - anything you want. It will be a real market first. Hall 5.1 / Stand 102 IFA International • Tuesday, 8 th September 2009 25

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