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Day 5 - IFA International

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Sanus Systems

Sanus Systems strengthens european team and increases focus on large european markets AdvertoriAl in-store demonstration key to sell high margin Super Slim, tilting and full motion wall mounts Cathrin Wegner Director of Sales & Marketing EMEA - Consumer Division Sanus Systems ® , a division of Milestone AV Technologies, the largest manufacturer of flat panel TV mounts worldwide, is significantly investing in the European sales & marketing team. Since the start of May, Cathrin Wegner has joined the company as Sales & Marketing Director EMEA and is responsible for creating awareness in the retail channel of key European territories as well as building a strong European sales team to support partners. “Sanus is well positioned to increase their market share in Europe. Our retail partners are very enthusiastic about our product line and its competitive pricing. Our products are easy to mount and the company has many years of experience in selling flat-panel TV mounts to consumers worldwide”, says Cathrin Wegner. Mounts from Sanus Systems typically come with a 10 year warranty. Product packaging is in all main European languages and all products come pre-assembled in the box. Products are packed with installation features so that the TV can be mounted by one person. “We integrate many features so that customers can easily adjust the position of the TV to enhance the TV watching experience and to enable them to benefit best from the HD picture quality and brightness. In some instances the TV has been mounted correctly, but either the ceiling or floor of the room are not perfectly straight. As a consequence the TV does not look level. With our features ProSet and Lateral Shift the height of each corner can be adjusted and the TV can be shifted horizontally.”, Wegner adds. CoNtACt: Sanus Systems Rick van Bommel Visit Sanus @ IFA: Hall25 / Stand 125

TRADE TRENDS HOME IS WHERE THE CUSTOMER IS STRESSED CONSUMERS SEEK SHELTER BEHIND CLOSED DOORS By Gary Smith As the world becomes ever more cluttered, threatening and stressful, consumers are increasingly seeking refuge within their own homes. This phenomenon has come to be referred to as cocooning by the consumer electronics (CE) industry - and it is inspiring a range of products designed to reduce the stress of modern life and de-complicate leisure pursuits. "People are increasingly withdrawing into their homes, especially in these times of great stress," said Dr Reinhard Zinkann, Managing Director and Co-Proprietor of Miele. "We have recently seen this behaviour triggered by the economic crisis and the looming threat of a possible environmental meltdown. The home is now regarded as the hub of an emotional social network, where device performance and ease-of-use are absolutely paramount. The trend towards strippeddown products with fewer features is an obvious and very current manifestation of this trend." Activities as fundamental as cooking and consuming food have taken on a vastly more important role in people's lives. While time spent in the kitchen is increasingly regarded as precious and relaxing, the consumer's performance demands on utensils have grown immensely. Meanwhile, a whole new industry in preprepared meals is also being driven by the cocooning trend, providing meal ideas for busy but exacting consumers. Time spent in the garden has also been changing, with demand for jacuzzis, hot tubs and barbecue sets growing significantly. The robust sales of flatscreen TVs and video games are not only down to falling prices, but also because consumers are actively seeking out ways to lose themselves in immersive experiences, such as Guitar Hero. Gadgets are also appearing more frequently in the home-entertainment category. Cocooning first became recognised as a bona fide social movement after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US. Families started to regard entertaining at home as a way of reinforcing emotional bonds and saving money. In the past year, economic and environmental worries have helped to make 'pupating and withdrawing' a major global trend. Whether the cocooning trend will remain with us is impossible to say. Media saturation and the battle to put right irresponsible industrial behaviour towards the environment point to it continuing, at least in the short term. But right here, right now, cocooning is undeniably the most significant trend driving the CE industry. Cleverdis:Ê YourÊB usinessÊNet workingÊCat alyst SPECIAL REPORT TheÊ ÒW ayÊ ItÊ IsÓ! TellÊ yourÊ storyÊ theÊ rightÊ way... Today, your company can benefit from the know-how & experience in high tech publishing of Cleverdis - the makers of IFA International! More than ever in the current market climate, it is important to ensure that your customers and partners fully understand your “story”. When you launch a new product or service, it is vital to augment your message with all the support information that helps people understand “where you’re coming from”. Every year, we help countless major (and sometimes minor) companies to tell their product, technology or company story in a structured, credible and easy-to-understand manner... thanks to Cleverdis SPECIALreports. The SPECIALreport underpins your marketing & sales strategy throughout the year, or can be a punctual support for your communication at trade shows or product launches. We believe that no one can better help you tell your story. Let us show you how. For more information on Cleverdis SPECIALreports: CONTACT:Ê BettinaÊ BadonÊ -Ê Tel:Ê +33Ê (0)4Ê 42Ê 77Ê 46Ê 07Ê -Ê Ê IFA International • Tuesday, 8 th September 2009 35

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