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Day 6 Edition - IFA International 2017

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NOMADIC LIFESTYLE OVER-EAR HEADPHONES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Natural sound Compact headphones deliver natural sound and quality bass 2 Slimline design Slimline design of the headband and metallic oval ear-shells create an iconic silky smooth form 3 Compact Flat and compact folding for easy portability PHILIPS ELITE OFFERS SURPRISINGLY BIG SOUND Philips Elite headphones – Everlite, Ultrlite and Hyprlite – are constructed with ultra-light materials and clean lines. They are designed to follow the natural contours of the head and ears for long-lasting comfort. These compact headphones deliver natural sound and quality bass despite their slimmer form. Equipped with highpowered 32mm drivers, the headphones have been tuned to ensure the kind of clarity and bass impact you would normally expect from much bigger headphones. The lightweight headband and soft ergonomic cushions create excellent sound isolation to remove ambient noise. Everlite allows users to take calls, chat via the integrated mic, or play and pause music. A flat cable keeps the headphones tangle-free, while added strain relief ensures cable durability. » HALL 22 / Stand 101 BESPOKE SOUND FROM BEYERDYNAMIC Beyerdynamic’s Aventho wireless headphones offer customised sound personalisation via an app, or as the company puts it: “a tailor-made suit for the ears”. Research suggests that the way people hear sound is as diverse as people themselves. With this in mind, the German company is working with Mimi Hearing Technologies, whose sound customisation technology helps create a personal listening profile, tailored to a set of Beyerdynamic headphones. This profile is based on KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Tailored to you Mimi’s in-headphone sound customisation turns music and sounds into a completely personal experience – with individual calibration that is especially determined for peoples’ hearing 2 Listening habits The Sound Watching app service provides an overview of individuals’ listening habits on request and shows whether their ears need a rest 3 Powerful battery The Aventho wireless has a powerful internal rechargeable battery that offers up to 20 hours of playing time the soundcheck in the “Make it yours” (MIY) app and then uploaded directly to the headphones. Beyerdynamic believes this development represents a new era for completely customised listening. The Aventho/Mimi sound customisation technology is showcased at IFA 2017. »HALL 1.2 Stand 206 KEY SELLING POINTS KEY SELLING POINTS 2 Bass response The deep bass response is impressive and does not distort, even when the level is pushed upwards 2 Comfort zone The earpads and the underside of the headband are luxuriously padded 3 Multi-function The multi-function button serves as the power/pairing control, as well as the play/pause and call management button NATURAL EVOLUTION US audio electronics company Altec Lansing is known for its innovative speaker designs. One of the company’s latest launches is the over-ear Evolution 2, aimed at those wanting a portable and relatively simple audio experience. The Evolution 2 is capable of operating up to 30 feet away from the smart device it is paired with and its battery lasts up to 12 hours. The headphones come equipped with large format 40mm neodymium drivers, an onboard microphone and song navigation / telephony buttons. Dual 3.5mm connectors make it easy to share your favourite tunes with friends. Smart controls are built into the ear cups for complete control over users’ music as well as providing the ability to answer calls. » HALL 25 / Stand 306 PUMP UP THE VOLUME ‘Sound. Above All Else’ is the mantra of Pump Audio, a rapidly emerging player in the earphone and headphone market that is focused specifically at the electronica and dance music sector. The UK brand’s determination to create the perfect ‘Smile Curve’ sound signature has won it a loyal global fanbase, with numerous users and reviewers writing rave reviews about their products. The Pump Decks over-ear headphones are premium wired on-ear headphones, an updated version of the Pump Pure. Comfortable and lightweight, the 1 Comfort Comfort lightweight onear headphones with well-designed sound isolation 2 Sound quality Neodymium drivers to ensure the best sound quality 3 Protection Clamshell-design hard case keeps headphones protected well-designed sound isolation ensures that users’ music remains private, while neodymium drivers ensure the best sound quality. The premium three-button microphone is integrated into the flat, tangle-free extra length 1.2m cord. The headphones include a clamshell design hard case to keep headphones safe and protected. » HALL 4.2 / Stand 125 18

NOMADIC LIFESTYLE PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT MYKRONOZ ZETIME HYBRID SMARTWATCH SENNHEISER’S FLEX 5000 ENHANCES THE TV EXPERIENCE Sennheiser has developed the Flex 5000 audio transmitter to allow individuals to tailor the volume, sound profile and even the speech intelligibility to their needs while using any wired headphone. The technology is particularly aimed at TV viewers who demand a dramatically enhanced TV sound experience. Moreover, individuals using the ultralight MX 475 wireless earphones included with the Flex 5000 can move freely in the room without compromising their superior programme sound – the device allows movement within a range of up to 30 metres, while the batteries provide up to 12 hours of playing time for extra-long TV sessions. The Flex 5000 also provides full compatibility with digital as well as analogue TV outputs. » HALL 1.2 Stand 202 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Adjusts volume, sound profile and speech intelligibility to individual needs 2 Includes ultralight MX 475 wireless earphones 3 Fully compatible with digital as well as analogue TV outputs Following a crowdfunding campaign raising more than m, Swiss wearable brand MyKronoz announced the debut of its ZeTime hybrid smartwatch at IFA. Claiming to be the world's first hybrid smartwatch with mechanical hands over a TFT color touch-screen, ZeTime blends the classic design of a traditional Swiss timepiece with the most advanced features of a smartwatch. MyKronoz’s Smart Movement technology also enables KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Hybrid smartwatch with mechanical hands over a TFT color touchscreen 2 Equipped with a threeaxis accelerometer and optical heart-rate sensor for health tracking 3 Smartphone functions can be controlled right from the wrist ZeTime’s ‘always-on’ hands to function for up to 30 days with a single charge. Meanwhile, smartphone functions can be controlled from the wrist, allowing users to view incoming calls, read social networking notifications, play music or take photos via their watch. The hybrid smartwatch is also equipped with a three-axis accelerometer and optical heartrate sensor. » HALL 15.1 / Stand 182 GLOBAL VIEW FOR TRAVEL BLUE The Twist & Slide World Travel Adaptor from Travel Blue is a practical addition for global travellers, consisting of four adaptors in one. Compatible with UK, US, European, Australian and Chinese plugs, the adaptor will work across a total of 150 countries. It includes two USB charging ports with maximum 2.1 amp power output, allowing users to power all their favourite USB devices. To use, simply twist the dial to the preferred destination, press the button and slide until it clicks into place. To close, press the button and push backwards. The Twist & Slide World Travel Adaptor provides a safe connection for all class-II non-earthed electronic devices. This product is available in blue, purple or teal. » Hall 4.2 / Stand 124 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Unique design: Unique Twist & Slide design for easy plug selection 2 Global use: Get connected in over 150 countries around the world – full list included 3 Dual USB: outputs 2.1 amp Dual USB outputs for charging all USB devices KEY SELLING POINTS 1 portal gives family remote access to the smartphone 2 Loud and clear sound as well as hearing aid compatibility 3 Simplified installation and administration DORO GETS SMARTER WITH THE 8040 Doro, a market leader in mobile communications products marketed for seniors, has launched the new Doro 8040 smartphone with a special highlight: the MyDoroManager. com portal that gives family and friends integrated remote access to the smartphone. If a function of the smartphone is unclear or settings have been accidentally changed, relatives can now access the mobile phone remotely to change settings. This innovation is designed to address documented anxiety among senior citizens that smartphone applications and configurations are too difficult. Doro has further addressed this issue with the new 8040 by simplifying the initial installation and administration, making it much easier and more intuitive than regular smartphones. The smartphone also allows users to switch to the popular Android user interface. » HALL 4.2 / Stand 112 IFA International • Wednesday 6 th September 2017 19

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