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Day 6 - IFA International

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NEWS Sharp Outlines

NEWS Sharp Outlines Plans for Europe-wide Coverage Sharp set to stand out from the crowd with innovative screen technology SHARP is back – is the message from the Japanese TV manufacturer at IFA this year. Not that it ever went away, but the pioneer in bigscreen TV manufacturing has this year unveiled a new sales, marketing and production strategy designed to reposition the company in Europe – from a niche player to supplier of a full range of TV products. “Sharp already has a lineup of entry to upper-midrange TVs on the market,” said Sascha Lange, vicepresident, marketing and sales at UMC, Sharp’s sales, marketing and production partner in Europe. “The strategy now is to put more into the mid-range and then start to develop high-end products.” A key to its high-end strategy is its IGZO display technology, which features a new semi-conductor layer, made of indium, gallium, zinc and oxygen, which can replace common silicon transistors. With IGZO, future TV screens can be frameless, appearing as if they float in the room; circular screens also become a reality; and smartphone displays can cover the whole length and width of a device’s body. Even screens with rounded edges become possible, as demonstrated by a 5.2” prototype on the Sharp IFA booth. A simple explanation of the technology is that is enables pixels to become smaller and brighter – which means that it’s possible to create an 8K screen as small as 27”. Key to the effective relaunch of the company at IFA is differentiation from other brands. “This is where we can differentiate,” Lange said. So the company, which launched back in 1912 and named itself after one of its first inventions, the Ever- Sharp mechanical pencil, now has an “A-brand strategy,” according to Lang. “It’s important for us to show that Sharp is here to stay. The aim is for full coverage in Europe. In Europe consumers should be able to buy a Sharp TV anywhere.” Hall 11.2 Stand 105 Sascha Lange Vice-president, marketing and sales, UMC IT’S IMPORTANT FOR US TO SHOW THAT SHARP IS HERE TO STAY Consumers Need Help Connecting their Homes TV and home appliance manufacturer Vestel’s headline announcement at IFA is that it has entered into a brand license agreement with Toshiba Corporation. Matthew Lang, International managing director at Vestel UK, is tasked with setting up further offices in mainland Europe following the announcement. Away from that development it’s been business as usual at IFA. Lang said an important focus for the company this week is its smart TV platforms – Freeview Play and Android TV. “That’s the main thing we’re trying to get across in TV,” he said. Connectivity is the buzzword in Berlin this week and Vestel is active in this area. But Lang says a measured approach is required where the connected home is concerned. “If you bring it down to a very practical level, consumers will be looking for devices that can communicate easily with one another,” he said. “So we have to try to provide very simple smarthome experiences and encourage people to buy the same brand across the household.” For white goods, design is becoming very important to the consumer. “And higher-capacity washing machines,” he said. “People are asking for eight or even nine kilos now. Built-in home appliances are important for us too.” Matthew Lang International managing director Vestel UK Hall 8.2 Stand 101 8

TRADE TALK Euronics Winners ’’Set High Standards’’ Electrolux, Bosch, Samsung and HP are winners at Euronics Awards The winners of the annual Euronics International Trend Awards were unveiled this week at IFA. Seeing off tough competition from across a range of categories, the 2016 headliners were AEG Electrolux’s dishwasher FSE62800P, Bosch’s Autocook MUC88B68DE, Samsung’s SUHD TV UE88KS9890 and HP Spectre Notebook. Organised by Euronics, an international organisation of independent electrical retailers, the key criteria of these prestigious awards are innovation and market potential. Commenting on the rationale for choosing the 2016 winners, Hans Carpels, president of Euronics International, said: “As Europe’s leading consumer electronics group we know which products are preferred by the consumers. These four awarded products set a high standard and will succeed in the market.” Winning the Major Domestic Appliances category, the AEG FSE62800P dishwasher uses the innovative ComfortLift system, which makes it easier to unload dishes. Due to hit the market in late 2016 as part of the Range Mastery series, it employs a slide system so users are not forced to bend uncomfortably during unloading. In the Small Domestic Appliances category, the Bosch Autocook MUC88B68DE cooking machine triumphed because of a clever technology that allows quick and easy cooking with superb end results. Top in the Consumer Electronics/ TV category was the Samsung UE88KS9890, a beautifully-designed 88” SUHD curved TV set with 4K resolution. As for IT, HP stole the show with its beautifully-crafted Notebook, the HP Spectre. Ultrathin and super-light, a breakthrough in cooling technology means that size reduction doesn’t lead to loss in power AS EUROPE’S LEADING CONSUMER ELECTRONICS GROUP WE KNOW WHICH PRODUCTS ARE PREFERRED BY THE CONSUMERS From left to right: Alex Bindschedler (Consumer Sales Manager EMEA, HP), Adam Williams (Head of European Channel Group, Samsung), John Olsen (Managing Director, EURONICS International), Matthias Ginthum (Chief Markets Officer, BSH), Rudolf Klötscher (Executive Vice President, BSH), Norbert Behringer (Director Product Line Kitchen, Electrolux Germany), Gerd Holl (Managing Director, Electrolux Germany), Benedict Kober (Member of the Board, EURONICS International), Hans Carpels (President, EURONICS International), Paolo Galimberti (Vice President, EURONICS International), Susanne Schöne (Moderator) IFA International • Wednesday 7 th September 2016 9

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