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Day 6 - IFA International

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NOMADIC LIFESTYLE PART 2 Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise… The maxim of fashion is also good for CE In Your Ear 85 million headphones are expected to be sold in Europe in 2016 as tech advancements shift the headphones category from being a predominantly home audio accessory to being a premium portable AV accessory. Developments in wireless products such as SKAA, Bluetooth 5, infrared and Wi-Fi have escalated demand. 64% of headphones sold are in-ear type. Owners of mobile devices (on average nearly 70% of all households in most Western countries) want more accessories, different accessories, and new accessories. And the best news? They want them now – because accessories best reflect fashion as well as changing tech trends. ABI Research expects global revenues for mobile accessories will grow from US.5 bn in 2015 to 1 bn in 2020 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3%. Protective carry cases make the biggest category, contributing the most to aftermarket mobile accessories shipments--followed by chargers, screen protectors and headsets. “The thinness and lightness of a smartphone makes a protective case a necessity, and new features with cases, such as wireless charging and digital payment, will likewise drive the protective cases market,” says Marina Lu, Research Analyst at ABI Research. The headset market will grow fastest among the categories (in revenue), and the shipment is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 5.7% from 2015 to 2020. Bluetooth headset shipments are increasing steadily, especially those with stereo headsets, despite continued strong unit shipments of wired headsets. The highest average sales price in mobile accessories is commanded by the headsets category since consumers feel more comfortable making large investments in headsets. Features like noise cancelling, a larger amount of storage on the devices, and ‘bling’ factor from premium brands help consumers to open their wallets. WINDOWS OS CLIMBING UP IN TABLETS While global tablet shipments fell 8% year-on-year in Q2 2016 to 46.7 million units, the average selling prices (ASPs) went the other way, climbing 9%, according to Strategy Analytics. The big news in tablets? Windows shipments grew 43% year-on-year at 6.7 m units in Q2 2016, from 4.6 m in Q2 2015, reaching 14% market share. Windows share continues to improve as more models are launched by traditional PC vendors and mobile-first vendors alike, Microsoft expands its Surface distribution and lineup -- and White Box vendors sell more Windows Tablets Source: Statistic Brain GLOBAL TABLET VENDOR SHIPMENTS (Millions of Units) AND MARKET SHARE Vendor Q2'16 Market Share (%) Q2'15 Market Share (%) Growth Y/Y White Box 13.6 29.1% 15.5 30.6% -12% Apple 10.0 21.3% 10.9 21.5% -9% Samsung 6.1 13.2% 8.0 15.8% -23% Lenevo 2.5 5.4% 2.5 4.8% 4% Huawei 2.3 4.8% 2.0 3.9% 15% Totals 46.7 100.0% 50.8 100.0% -8% Source: Strategy Analytics Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies service 16

NOMADIC LIFESTYLE Accessories & Cases PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT TWO-IN-ONE CHARGER KEEPS YOU CONNECTED The JWX001 from Guangdong, China-based Arun is a two-in-one power bank and wireless charging pad, which the company says offers users more function and more power. With 600mah capacity, the Arun power bank could save your mobile at any time any place when your device loses power, keeping you connected all the time. The power bank comes in white, pink, grey and black. » HALL 27 / Stand 225 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Multifunctional, through two-in-one 2 Wireless charger ith QI certification 3 Rechargeable polymer batteries KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Multifunctional, Back-up and charge with one single device 2 Easy data transfer to your new phone 3 Manage your data without a PC TOSHIBA PREVIEWS NEW BACK-UP CHARGER Toshiba Europe’s Storage Peripherals Division is previewing a new product that it is developing for backing up and charging Android phones at the same time. The company says the product will make data back-up at home as simple as charging a phone. The charger will also offer a special function for simplifying data transfer between devices. This will be particularly useful for users who want to migrate contacts, photos and videos from an old phone to a new phone. Working with an easy-to- use Android app, Toshiba’s new product can also facilitate the management of data without the need for a host PC. The product will be launched in 2017. » HALL 17 / Stand 105 SCRATCHSTOPPER CUSTOM DESIGNED FOR I-PHONE 6 TESTS SHOW IT’S THE TOUGHEST GLASS ON THE MARKET PanzerGlass claims that a number of tests have proven it to be the strongest protection glass on the market. This glass screen protector is only 0.4 mm thin and 7 gram in weight. Being made of glass, the edges of the screen protector are the most vulnerable to chipping. However, the rounded edges help to deflect shock from bumps and drops. Now available for the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch series, it is anti-fingerprint, easy to install, remove and to clean, and is 100% touch-and-feel. The company also offers privacy-enabled glass that features the same core benefits as its standard glass while protecting the contents of the display. » HALL 4.2 / Stand 218 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Available for virtually every device on the market 2 Full-frame and available in colours to match the device or to the user’s individual style 3 Privacy glass that is not transparent when viewed from the right or the left It was over 10 years ago that the love for the iPod prompted Artwizz to create its first screen protectors. Its iPhone 6 screen protector is specifically designed to fit with the stylish phone’s rounded edges. The protective film covers the vast majority of the display, but does not cover the curved edges. Artwizz’s design prevents the screen protector from lifting at the edges – stopping dirt from collecting and bubbles from forming so that the screen protector stays on longer. » HALL 15.1 / Stand 138 KEY SELLING POINTS 1 Discreet, secure display protector for the iPhone 6 2 Unique hard coating protects against scratches, dirt and signs of wear 3 Highly resistant and long-lasting IFA International • Wednesday 7 th September 2016 17

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