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Day 6 - IFA International

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DAY 6 Hall 21 B / 102 Wednesday 7 th September 2016 Hall 3.1 / 109 Hall 6.2 / 204 CONTENTS 03 > NEWS 09 > TRADE TALK 10 > PRESS CORNER 15 > IFA+ SUMMIT 16 > NOMADIC LIFESTYLE - PART 2 20 > REGIONAL SPOTLIGHT 21 > WHERE TO GO IN BERLIN TRADE TALK Lutz Burneleit Divisional Manager Household Appliances, EK Service Group With our Kiosk System, it’s possible to bring more information and more emotion to the point of sale. See page 10 THOUGHT LEADERS Jens Heithecker Senior Vice President Messe Berlin Group & IFA Executive Director In terms of international attendance, IFA is now by far the world’s largest meeting point for this industry. See page 3 Taking A Higher View IFA+ Summit 2016 raises the bar Axelle Lemaire France’s Minister of State for Digital Affairs Read page 15 IFA+ Summit, in its third edition, has been another perfect example of the excellence of the IFA 2016 edition that has enthralled us this year. Just hours before the end of the show, it is already evident that attendees and exhibitors alike have been delighted with the quality of this year’s big event, whether it be with regard to technology announcements, product announcements, high level conferences… with top level speakers, such as keynoters – Dr Karsten Ottenberg, CEO of BSH Home Appliance company, Dr Dieter Zetsche – Chairman of the Board of Managers at Daimler AG, Mark Papermaster, CTO of AMD and Harriett Green, ATTENDEES AND EXHIBITORS ALIKE HAVE BEEN DELIGHTED WITH THE QUALITY OF THIS YEAR’S BIG EVENT (…) General Manager, IBM Watson IoT, Commerce & Education. The presence and the vibrant opening speech at the IFA+ Summit by Axelle Lemaire, France’s Minister of State for Digital Affairs, calling for a greater harmony in Europe's digital economy, again underlines this formidable rise in quality of the conference sessions. NOMADIC LIFESTYLE PART 2 Sascha Lange Vice-president, marketing and sales, UMC It’s important for us to show that Sharp is here to stay. See page 8 In this final edition, we come full turn and take another look at the plethora of “nomadic” products at the show – in particular looking at the lucrative market for tablet and smartphone cases, and the still fast growing segment of in-ear headphones, including a buyers’ guide on the key USPs to look out for at IFA 2016. Read page 16

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