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Day 6 - IFA International

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NEWS IFA Welcomes “Silver Surfers” Digital Radio Mondiale Creates International Opportunities Participants of a twohour tour at IFA, entitled Ripe for IFA – the 60+ generation, discovered a very diverse range of expectations. The tour, which has taken place every day at IFA, included senior-friendly kitchen appliances and televisions, as well as fitness equipment. A Panasonic Blu-ray player was introduced in the VIP area, and the false notion that discs might lose their data after a few years even if you store them correctly was swiftly clarified. Participants also had the chance to try a hearing aid at the ReSound stand, which can be connected to a smartphone using Bluetooth and then used to make phone calls or play music. The Qardio blood pressure monitor with its own app attracted a lot of interest. The company plans to release an ECG unit next year, while Asina showed an Android interface designed to allow for the declining motor skills of older people. While nobody on the tour required a walker, everyone agreed on one thing: rear wheels that can be powered by two small electric motors to help with steep inclines, or steps, like the ello Rollator from eMovements, could be very helpful. This device makes a call to a predefined telephone number in the event of an emergency. The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) digital broadcasting standard, which allows up to three radio programmes and data services to be transmitted on one stream, is creating new opportunities. India is using the system to guarantee high-quality broadcasting across long distances, while the first field trial in South Africa is expected to start in October. Speaking at the TecWatch Forum at IFA Berlin 2016, Thembeka Khaka (pictured centre), from nonprofit community radio broadcasters WECODEC, said radio is the sole source of information for large sections of the South African population. The available FM frequency band around Johannesburg is so tight there is only space for DRM stations. Johannes von Weyssenhoff (WECODEC), Thembeka Khaka (WECODEC) and Olaf Korte This standard is also the only available option for the Northern Cape Region. It is hoped that the domestic industry can be convinced to manufacture DRM receivers, which could then also be exported to India. The German Navy is also using DRM to provide the ship crews with information from their homeland during foreign deployments, reports Olaf Korte from the Fraunhofer Institut for Integrated Circuits. Shortwave radio broadcasts have a global reach. A DRM receiver and an onboard server allow soldiers to listen to radio programmes, and also download pictures, images, and even short video clips to their smartphones and tablets. Hall 11.1 TecWatch Telefunken Unveils Agreement With Briloner Telefunken Licenses GmbH has signed a significant new license agreement with Briloner Leuchten at IFA 2016.Under the terms of the deal, LED lighting will now be marketed under the Telefunken brand. In a busy IFA for Telefunken, the latest range of e-bikes from licensing partner Karcher are on display at the show - 25 different models are expected to be launched in Germany by the end of the year. Another first at this year’s IFA is a cordless portable LED projector with two hours of battery life, while the television business has also been expanded through cooperation with Vestel. The Telefunken brand now has a ten percent share in Germany, according to CEO Christian Maye Hall 25 Stand 102 IFA International • Wednesday 7 th September 2016 7

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