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Day 6 - IFA International

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NOMADIC LIFESTYLE SMARTPHONES TABLETS COVERS & CASES e890m EXPECTED SALES OF BLUETOOTH SPEAKERS IN WESTERN EUROPE IN 2015 UP FROM €708M IN 2014 (GfK) 275m NUMBER OF HEADPHONES AND MOBILE STEREO HEADSETS EXPECTED TO BE SOLD GLOBALLY IN 2015 UP 5% FROM 264M UNITS IN 2014 (GfK) 80% INCREASE IN RADIO BOOMBOX SALES FOR FIRST SIX MONTHS OF 2015 (GfK) Wireless and Bluetooth Innovations Key to Targeting Consumers on the Move Today’s consumer is constantly on the move. He or she eats breakfast on the way to work, grabs a sandwich to eat at one’s desk; and they even transform their cars in to mini kitchens and offices. Consumers expect to take their world with them, helped by advances in technology that mean it is now possible to be in touch, online and connected wherever they may be. The research organisation GfK says this consumer demand for universal connectivity will continue to increase, placing even more pressure on the sector to develop wireless and, in particular, Bluetooth functionality for their day-to-day products like smartphones, stereo headsets and digital radio devices. BLUETOOTH IS KEY In its market report on portable consumer electronics and navigation devices released for IFA, GfK claims it is Bluetooth functionality that is driving the market. Particularly in sales of headphones, mobile stereo headsets and docking speakers. In 2014 alone consumers spent €1.6bn on Bluetooth docking speakers. But as the market matures there will be growing demand for products that work across all streaming protocols, like AirPlay and DLNA. Whilst still only a niche part of the market sales of multi streaming devices grew by 51% in the first six months of 2015 compared to last year, but crucially outpaced Bluetooth speaker sales which grew by 40% by value sales, HEADPHONE AND MOBILE STEREO HEADSETS ON THE RISE In the burgeoning global market for headphones and mobile headsets it is the models that support signal transmission via Bluetooth that GfK sees as being key to driving growth. Particularly in the Western European market where the total sales value is set to increase by 8% to €1.8bn in 2015, with Bluetooth devices accounting for 14% of the market. The global market for headphones and mobile stereo headsets is expected to be worth €2.5bn by the end of the year, a worldwide sales value increase of 23%. Wired headband products still make up the largest part of the market, with a 39% overall sales share for the first six months of the year, despite the surge in demand for Bluetooth devices. INNOVATION IS KEY TO HELP GROW PORTABLE NAVIGATION MARKET The portable navigation device market remains under serious pressure from smartphone functionality. But there are signs it is starting to address a fall in worldwide sales by looking at new ideas and innovations. Larger sixinch screen formats, for example, are growing in popularity, with a growth in volume sales of 52% and value sales up 48% in the first six months of 2015. The global picture is less encouraging with total sale volumes in 2014 down by 21% to 22 million units and a 19% fall in value sales to €2.7 billion. The Western Europe market appears significantly better by comparison. Sales volumes fell by 8% to 7.3 million units and sales value by only 6% to €1.3 billion meaning there was a slight price increase in those markets. GfK expects this trend to continue in 2015. It predicts there will be 6.9m units sold in Western Europe, a fall of 6%, and a 5% decline in sales value to €984 million. GERMANY IS KEY TO DIGITAL RADIO SUCCESS Although the UK is currently the number one market for digital radio device sales, GFK identifies Germany as the key to future sales across Western Europe. In the first six months of 2015 there were 430,000 devices sold in Germany, a 60% year-on-year increase for the same period in 2014. Overall the European market saw sales of digital radio devices up 15% for the first six months of the year with 1.6m units sold. Portable radio accounts for 60% of the digital radio market, followed by clock radios and audio home systems. remains the largest. The Netherlands is also performing strongly. In June 2015 one in 12 new radio devices sold was fitted with a digital radio chip. 16

NOMADIC LIFESTYLE Where Apple Goes XtremeMac Is There Every Step of the Way Being first to market is key for XtremeMac Daniel Charbit President, XtremeMac As a leading developer of accessories for Apple products XtremeMac has grown in step with each Apple innovation. President Daniel Charbit explains how the business has developed and its plans for the future. The legacy of XtremeMac started with the first case for the iPod in 2001. With clean and original design, innovative features and functionalities, XtremeMac products are providing a perfect addition for Apple devices, enhancing and complimenting the entire experience for the user. What differentiates XtremeMac’s products in the market ? From the first product we introduced, XtremeMac has maintained its reputation as being first to market. Apple launches new devices every year and we make sure we are ready to present the best solution for each new product. XtremeMac products provide the best available solutions to our customers focusing on quality and innovation. What is your star product at IFA? The Incharge X-Plus! It allows you to charge your Apple Watch at the same time as your newest iPhone/ iPod/or iPad device. What are your main business goals at IFA? Our main target is to present our newest products solutions to our business partners. We are developing a lot of new products that we will share with our partners and develop a launch strategy for 2016. Some of which can also be presented to the press and consumers attending the show. IFA is also a great chance for new opportunities and to extend our business to new markets. Hall 13 Stand 110 Apple launches new devices every year and we make sure we are ready Trevi Kid Tab 7 C16 The Trevi Kid Tab 7 C16 is a special tablet designed for the entertainment and education of children, but also doubles as a device for adults thanks to the two operating systems, Android and Kidoz. Boasting a 7-inch LCD display with touch screen, the tablet features a protective shell (which can be removed when the tablet is to be used by an adult) that guards against shocks and accidents. The innovative Kidoz operating system allows children to learn, play and explore endless applications and games. It also importantly allows parents to control access to content on the internet. Hall 7.2b Stand 302 YEZZ Wins Consumers With Freedom, Choice And Competitive Prices Based in Miami, USA, YEZZ is a worldwide mobile brand that specialises in the creation of custom devices that are intended to provide the ultimate mobile communication experience. While freedom and choice are the brand's core values, Yezz also prides itself on offering consumers technological innovation at affordable prices. Highway Pure In just three years, trailblazing and affordable Wiko has become the second best-selling smartphone brand in France and are pushing for international expansion with a host of affordable, high performance smartphones including the Highway Pure, the world’s slimmest 4G phone. Ultra slim and extremely lightweight at just 98 grams, the Highway Pure offers smooth 4G navigation and a 4.8-inch HD screen illuminated by AMOLED display technology. Power, elegance and affordability unite in a u n i q u e 4.8-inch smartphone that could be a game changer. Hall 25 Stand 106 At IFA 2015, for example, YEZZ showcased new 4G devices in it Andy E-Series. The Andy 4EL2 4G LTE, priced at 89 Euros, seamlessly fuses speed and sleek design, offering a 4-inch capacitive touchscreen, a quad core processor, 5 MP rear camera, and features Android Lollipop. The Andy 4.5EL2 LTE, priced at 99 Euros, has similar specifications but with a 4.5-inch capacitive touch-screen. Top of the range at 109 Euros is the Andy 5EL2 LTE. With smooth curves and sharp design, this model boast a 5-inch capacitive touch-screen and the latest version of Android. Already successful in markets like Latin American, Africa and Southern, Yezz is now expanding in the major Northern European markets with different distribution strategies for internet, specialist retailers and supermarkets. The company's ambition is to be in 120 countries in the next six months and it is already well on the way to achieving that. Hall 4.2 Stand 210 IFA International • Wednesday 9 th September 2015 17

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