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Day 6 - IFA International

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200 150 100 50 0 -50 179% SPORTS BAND BUYERS' GUIDE MARKET by GERMAN TRENDS SUGGEST CONSUMERS MOVING TOWARDS HIGHER QUALITY SMARTPHONE CASES. FLIP CASES GROW IN GERMANY AT THE EXPENSE OF SLEEVES. The smartphone case market is showing strong growth in markets around the world. GfK’s research into the bellweather German market, one of the largest smartphone case markets in Europe, shows a slight increase in average sales price. This could be seen as an indicator that consumers are buying more expensive (higher quality) cases that last longer. FORM FACTOR VOLUME SHARES (%) FOR SMARTPHONE CASES IN GERMANY CLIP ON 19% CLIP ON 19% OTHER 9% SLEEVE SPORTS BAND 2% SKIN FLIP 12% CASE 40% 46% FLIP CASE 40% Jan 14-Jun 14 46% Jan 15-Jun 15 Jan 14-Jun 14 Jan 15-Jun 15 FLIP CASE OTHER 9% SPORTS BAND 1% SLEEVE 20% SKIN 11% VOLUME GROWTH YOY BY FORM FACTOR FOR SMARTPHONE CASES IN GERMANY JAN 15 -‐ JUN 15 200 150 179% CLIP ON 19% FLIP CASE OTHER 9% 100 16% 50 14% 1% 16% 14% 1% 0 -7% -36% FLIP -50CASE SKIN CLIP ON OTHER SLEEVE -7% -36% SPORTS FLIP CASE SKIN CLIP ON OTHER SLEEVE BAND 14 - JUN 14 JAN JUN 15 JAN 15 - Average Sales Price 16 € 17 € JAN 14 - JUN 14 JAN 15 - JUN 15 Attachment rate on sold smartphones Average Sales 65% Price 62% 16 € 17 € Attachment rate on sold smartphones 65% 62% CONTACT Arndt Polifke Global Director Telecom GfK Retail and Technology SPORTS BAND 1% 20% SKIN 11% CLIP ON 19% SLEEVE 12% OTHER 9% STATE OF PLAY Accessories markets are always entrepreneurial and smartphone cases is no exception. As GfK’s data shows there is a subtle trend towards higher prices and higher quality. Higher quality was certainly a visible theme at IFA 2015 as SMARTPHONE CASES companies focused on product differentiation as their key competitive advantage. Enhanced functionality, better protection and unique design all allow companies to command higher price points for their products. KEY INNOVATIONS TO LOOK FOR AT IFA PERSONALISATION The trend towards case personalisation continues to show great dynamism and SPORTS BAND entrepreneurship. 2% Cases made from fabric and wood represent SLEEVE one trend, an 12% example being the beautifully-crafted cases from Korea's Mann & Wood. There is SKIN also a continued 12% move towards brand licensing in the case space. Ferrari, Harris Tweed, Adidas and Caterpillar are among the licensed brands offering consumers different options based on the lifestyle they want to reflect (luxury/fashionable, outdoor/rugged etc) via their cases. INNOVATING @ IFA RUBBER CLIP FOR SMARTPHONES BY ARTWIZZ PROTECTION The ability to protect phones that have been dropped from great heights or attacked with sharp objects is a key USP in the case business, with companies like MOLS and UAG (Urban Armor Gear) among those leading the way with military-grade shock protection. But protection is also evident in areas like waterproofing and the control of radiation emissions. Protecting the screen is also a key consideration, being addressed by products like Diamond HybridGlass, a transparent, flexible, ultraslim protective glass with high scratch resistance. Made of ultra-strong, rubberised polycarbonate and featuring a unique, minimalist design, the Artwizz Rubber Clip is the perfect accessory for smartphones. Offering exceptional protection against scratches, dirt and other signs of wear, this Artwizz case is highly damage resistant, while the super soft touch coating promises a secure grip. » HALL 15.1 / STAND 184 FUNCTIONALITY Cases with 'added value' functionality were evident at IFA 2015. Cases with lights to aid selfie shots, cases that can float for use by sailors, cases that enable users to stick their devices to doors and walls, cases that can be uploaded with digital images and cases that deflect radiation were just some of the examples on show at the market. Alongside advances in personalisation and protection, these were ways to take cases to the next level. Dr Rudolf Aunkofer Global Director Information Technology GfK Retail and Technology THE FUTURE In terms of product trends, GfK says “sports bands for smartphones have seen strong growth against last year’s period, while Flip Cases and soft Skins have also reached higher volumes at the expense of sleeves (universal cases) and other form factors.” Flip Cases remain the most important case type in Germany and can further increase their popularity. ANTI-RADIATION CASES BY VEST Vest is a global provider of antiradiation products that dramatically reduce EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields). In the context of smartphones, there are anti-radiation cases for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. These cases reduce radiation levels by between 86% and 89.4% using hightech polymers infused with radiationdeflecting elements. » HALL 15.1 / STAND 189 18

NOMADIC LIFESTYLE COVERS AND CASES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Contemporary Colours - Neoprene Sleeve available in red, black, mint, purple, green and navy. 2 Perfect Match - fine stitching and tasteful metal zipper make the Neoprene Sleeve the ideal match for any MacBook 3 Lightweight - the thin Rubber Clip promises complete lightweight protection ADVERTORIAL ARTWIZZ MACBOOK ACCESSORIES ENERGIZER’S PROTECTIVE SCREENS French group Avenir Telecom is set to release Energizer’s first range of protective screens that fit all major units including its own set of new Energizer Hard Case phones. The screens come in three ranges: the standard screen protector range; its glass protector screens using Asahi Japanese technology which offer anti-blue ray and privacy options; and its premium range using glass technology from Corning, the US mobile screen glass specialists. » HALL 4.2 / STAND 210 Artwizz Rubber Clip and Neoprene Sleeve provide reliable Macbook protection in a stylish, mobile design. Expanding from its traditional focus on smartphone accessories, Artwizz has created covers in translucent colors that maintain and compliment the original design of all MacBooks. The thin, two-piece Artwizz Rubber Clip promises complete lightweight protection against scratches and wear, while the rubber feet and integrated ventilation cutouts ensure unobstructed air circulation. Made of robust, water-resistant neoprene and lined with soft faux-fur, the Artwizz Neoprene Sleeve offers MacBooks long-lasting, shockproof protection. Protective padding around the zipper offers additional protection against scratches. » HALL 15.1 / STAND 184 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Multi-use The screen protector range covers all the bases for users including screens for privacy, anti-blue ray protection, ultra clear and anti-shock. 2 Super protection The Corning glass range of premium screens offer six times the protection of standard screens. 3 Tempered glass Energizer’s premium models also feature added value tempered glass screen protection using Corning technology. Artwizz Rubber Clip for MacBook Pro FRONT FACING LED LIGHT WITH OLITOP LELIGHT Lelight is a smartphone case brand that contains a front-facing LED light. The beauty of this is that it makes it possible to take good selfies after dark. However the Lelight is also useful as a torch, for looking inside bags or hunting for objects in dim light. The case comes in seven colours, suitable for male or female consumers, and has a slimline design. The case uses a USB rechargeable battery, but the light is long-lasting which means it doesn't need to be recharged very often. The case has an on/off button and there is also a dimmer option. UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Front-Facing Light The front-facing LED light is perfect for selfies after dark 2 Broad Colour Range There are seven colours from midnight black via candy pink to warm white 3 Long-lasting Battery The USB rechargable battery lasts a long time, ensuring consistent performance protection doesn't intefere with reception » HALL 13 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS STICK YOUR DEVICE TO ANY SURFACE WITH REBOON If you have ever had trouble trying to follow a recipe on your iPad whilst cooking, or struggled to position your phone on your car dashboard then Reboon could have the answer. Simply position a small black vacuum strip, known as a boon, on whatever surface you want, be it vertical, horizontal or upside down. Your smartphone or tablet will then stick to it like glue when fitted to an additional Palmtree velcro-technology strip, called the booncover, attached to smartphone or tablet covers. 1 Complete versatility The ultra secure vacuum seal created by the boon strip gives users complete versatility to stick their device to any surface from glass, plastic to fabric 2 Hands free usability The Reboon system gives users easy hands free access to their phone or tablet as it can be positioned, via the Palmtree velcro strip, and then moved to suit any difficult surface 3 Long term use Vacuum strip can be cleaned with a microfibre cloth and lasts up to two or three years » HALL 13 / STAND 107 IFA International • Wednesday 9 th September 2015 19

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