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Day 6 - IFA International

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NOMADIC LIFESTYLE SMARTPHONES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 User Experience Multi Window feature enables easier multi-tasking. 2 Functionality New S Pen offers a more authentic pen experience. 3 Security/Health Improved fingerprint scanner and world’s first UV sensor in a mobile. UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Intuitive Keyboard Smart Keyboard intuitively adjusts to user typing patterns, reducing errors. 2 Preloads Preloaded programs and apps let users seamlessly switch between work and play. 3 Security Knock Code allows personalised knock pattern for convenient security. SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 4/GALAXY NOTE EDGE Blending an evolved S Pen with a superior viewing experience, the Galaxy Note 4 provides users with a unique and powerful mobile experience. Its 5.7-inch Quad HD (2560x1440) Super AMOLED display reproduces clear and vivid images with deep contrast, great viewing angles, and response times as fast as a millionth of a second. ​Also boasts multiple microphones, improved speaker phone, built-in Voice Recorder and advanced camera. Also debuting is the Galaxy Note Edge with its curved edge. » CITYCUBE BERLIN LEVEL 2 / STAND 101 LG G3 STYLUS The LG G3 Stylus is a pen-enabled smartphone with a large display. It comes with an expansive 5.5-inch HD display and boasts the same Floating Arc tapered edges, thin bezels and metallic skin design first introduced in the LG G3. The device is equipped with a 13MP camera, Dual Window technology and has a large capacity 3,000mAh removable battery. The Operating System is Android 4.4.2 KitKat. » HALL 11.2 / STAND 101 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS ALCATEL ONETOUCH HERO 2 The powerful Hero 2 is equipped with an LTE octa-core processor and a 3100 mAh battery. At just 175 g, it is one of the lightest 6-inch smartphones on the market. The camera is 13.1MP and the operating system is Android 4.4. The Hero 2 has multiple tools to help users express their creativity, including stylus, optimised handwriting recognition and a mini DJ mix panel. » HALL 21 / STAND 103 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Image Quality Photo and video stabilisation ensure shake-free, high-quality footage. 2 Extra Functionality Companion device the Sidekick 2 can remotely control TV, music and more. 3 Screen Size Large Full-HD screen with display that fills 90% of surface. SONY XPERIA Z3 AND XPERIA Z3 COMPACT The Xperia Z series flagship smartphones are available in either 5.2-inch or 4.6-inch (compact). They include the highest level of waterproofing, enhanced camera, up to two-day battery life, great audio quality and PS4 Remote Play. Elegant design is matched with powerful performance for 1 Sound Quality High-Resolution Audio, especially when using Sony’s new MDR-1A headphone range. 2 Phone Switching Xperia Transfer Mobile app makes it easy to switch from old Android, iOS or Windows. 3 Gaming Xperia Z3 can be used as a remote screen to connect to and control games on PS4. lightning-fast browsing, immersive multimedia experiences and stunning visuals. The camera has 25mm wide-angle Sony G Lens and ISO 12800 sensitivity for better detail. Also has an ultra-bright display. Android 4.4 KitKat. » HALL 20 / STAND 101 18

NOMADIC LIFESTYLE SMARTPHONE CASES PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT ARTWIZZ WALLET FOR IPHONE 5/5S Artwizz has expanded its collection of smartphone, tablet and computer accessories with its new Artwizz Wallet. Made of high-quality leather that only improves with age and with slots for credit cards and a built-in protective clip, the Wallet’s all-in-one design combines style and functionality to reliably protect against scratches, bumps and dirt. Designed for the mobile-centric consumer, users can make calls on iPhone 5/5s with the case closed. » HALL 15.1 / STAND 184 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 All-in-one design Integrated wallet features improve functionality for users on the go 2 Mobile use Calls can be made with case closed 3 Style High-quality leather protects and wears well VERUS DAMDA SLIDE IPHONE 6 CASE Designed for the new Apple iPhone 6 4.7-inch model, the Damda Slide Case features unique card storage that can hold up to two cards or IDs, and can easily be removed when installing or removing the case. With slim, ergonomic design, this is a phone case and wallet in one. Also features luxurious matt finish and contemporary styling. » HALL 14.1/ STAND 142 CELLULARLINE’S HAMMER CASE FOR EXTREME PROTECTION Only a few months after the launch of its first dedicated accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S4, Cellularline has launched the Hammer case for users who demand total protection. The double-layer construction includes an internal rubber sheath that encloses the phone perfectly, while a rigid external frame adds extra strength. » HALL 3.2 / STAND 108 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Covenient Card Storage to securely carry IDs and credit cards 2 Tough yet Slim Form fitting hard-shell construction with soft core 3 Scratch Resistant Coating Maximum drop and scratch protection XTREME MICROSHIELD FADE IPHONE CASE Specialised in device accessories, XtremeMac is an innovative lifestyle brand that is fully aligned with Apple’s approach to product design and utility. Boasting strong brand recognition within the Apple community, XtremeMac is promoting the latest iPhone accessories at IFA, including the Microshield Fade case. With various eye-catching colours ‘fading’ gradually across the case, the product offers stylish iPhone protection. » HALL 13 / STAND 110 UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Latest iPhone compatible a version to fit the new iPhone will be released this week 2 For Apple Lovers developed by passionate Apple enthusiasts, for Apple enthusiasts 3 Contemporary Style features the latest gradient colour trends UNIQUE SELLING POINTS 1 Total Screen Protected The ultra-secure Ok Display Protector is included in the package 2 Reinforced Corner Protection Protects the phone from the strongest impacts 3 Special Front Edges Designed to take any hit, ensuring the smartphone is always safe and sound IFA International • Wednesday 10 th September 2014 19

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