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Day 6 - IFA International

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News Toshiba Targets the

News Toshiba Targets the Action-cam Market New Camileo X Sports works for pro and amateur thrill-seekers Raf Kuppens, Head of DLP & Services at Toshiba Europe, talks to IFA international about their new action-cam, the Camileo X Sports. Raf Kuppens Head of DLP & Services, Toshiba Europe Why is Toshiba launching into this segment and how does your offer differ? We’re taking our Camileo range to the next step. It’s a natural extension of our camcorder business where we already have successful products in a range of form factors. Compared to what’s in the market, Toshiba is launching a very comprehensive sportscam solution. We’ve embedded a twoinch LCD display so users can appreciate when they view or configure. We’ve added all video and photo modes. This camera is available with a water proof casing effective up to 60m. We’ve given it an on-thewrist remote control with big buttons in case gloves are in use during sport. You can see if you are recording or taking photos with the remote. We are also aware that customers require different mounting solutions so we’ve included a comprehensive mounting solution as standard in the pack with some important generic accessories. It's wifi enabled and there's a great wi-fi app. I could go on but the important value added for the consumer is that Toshiba has used its experience to provide the first comprehension solution for an action-cam. What audience will Toshiba reach with Camileo X Sports? We’ve made a camera that can meet the requirements of extreme sports. That’s an audience we want but we also want to address the wider audience of people who want to capture their free time without being an extreme sports enthusiast. These are the people who want the same thrill but are rafting or waterskiing only on their vacation time. We have existing sales channels and these channels are looking for new products. We think the channels will be very eager for the Camileo X Sports. Hall 21A Camileo X Sports 12

News Ford Shifts its Focus The motoring giant offers a richer mix of technology features to entice its customers Ford is in the midst of a restructuring effort in Europe. Alan Mulally, President and CEO of Ford Motor Company, told IFA International that the company is shifting its focus towards selling more vehicles to individual customers, rather than rental fleets, and offering a richer mix of technology features to entice customers to spend more. Ford followed a similar strategy in the US, said Mulally, with impressive results. Our One Ford plan transformed Ford in North America into an exciting, viable business serving customers with great vehicles and delivering profitable growth for all of our stakeholders. We reported record second quarter and first half pre-tax profits for North America in 2013, driven by our strong product line-up. We are following the same One Ford plan in Europe – with a focus on accelerating new product development, strengthening our brand and improving our cost efficiency. How important is IFA as part of your global marketing plan? IFA and other consumer technology events are very important. Technology is absolutely a reason to buy a Ford, and we are committed to serving customers with best-in-class smart technology in every new Ford vehicle. Can you tell us more about "connected driving" and how it leverages technology to deliver a better driving experience? We introduced the SYNC technology platform to the European markets a few years ago, enabling drivers to stay connected to their friends and family and access their favourite music with simple voice commands. We added the emergency assistance feature, which automatically connects drivers to emergency services across Europe for free. We are now bringing the SYNC AppLink to our European customers with the new Ford EcoSport. Drivers will be able to access their favourite mobile apps and access this content while on the road, safely with voice command. “we are committed to serving customers with best-in-class smart technology in every new Ford vehicle.” Alan Mulally President and CEO Ford Motor Company Sisvel Takes TV into a New Dimension How the company’s tile-format technology will drive the delivery of 3D TV content Sisvel Technology, the technical arm of Sisvel, has the role of technology scouting and development in several hot areas including entertainment and television, indoor and outdoor localisation, wireless systems and green technologies. What are the key reasons for your presence at IFA this year? What are you most heavily promoting? In the case of IFA we are promoting a technology for the efficient representation and delivery of 3D content – in particular for autostereoscopic (glassfree) displays – that goes under the name of ‘tile format’. We have developed the echo-system around it, with the collaboration of important partners. At IFA we are showing the delivery systems of tile-formatted 3D content to the set-tops that support it. In recent years you have been promoting your tile format 3D system. What point is this currently at and where do you see 3D TV going? The tile format has made important steps in several areas that range from standardisation to implementation and early adoption. 3D is regaining some momentum, thanks to the evolution of technologies including 4K- 8K and autostereoscopic displays. The 3DTV will follow this trend. Hall 2.2 Stand 104 Andrea Basso Managing Director, Sisvel Technology IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013 13

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