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Day 6 - IFA International

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A Word of Thanks

A Word of Thanks IFA International gives special thanks to all those who have helped us in making the official show daily a true decision-making tool for the trade – and an information source for the media The entire team of IFA International is mobilised throughout the year, and of course at IFA, to ensure its readers are provided with information that facilitates their decisionmaking process.Visit to access all six editions of IFA International 2013. What makes the exceptional richness of a daily is the face to face interviews and we are particularly thankful to the top executives of the companies present at IFA who, despite being very busy, accepted to meet with us to share their vision and thought leadership. Some prime examples include: 1. Wiebo Vaartjes General Manager, Lifestyle Entertainment and Executive Vice-president, Philips Consumer Lifestyle 2. Ki-Wan Kim EVP and GMO, LG Electronics 3. Li Dong Sheng Chairman and CEO, TCL 4. Laurent Abadie, Chairman and CEO, Panasonic Europe Ltd. 1. 2. 3. 4. Gerard Lefebvre – Publisher The IFA International team celebrating another year of producing the official English-language publication of IFA. Front row from left to right: Patrice Bosch, Helene Beunat, Viktoria Pelles, back row from left to right: Neil Cole, Uta Morawietz, Veronika Meier, Calypso Barnes, Jean-Guy Bienfait, Anja Kühner, Stuart Braun, Gerard Lefebvre, Guillaume Kaercher, Miss IFA, Richard Barnes, Jean-Francois Pieri, Joanna Stephens, Bob Snyder, Julian Newby, Bianca Newby, Bettina Badon, Guillaume Vinrich 28

HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM 46 Just in time for the arrival of Worldwide Executives of the CE One of Berlin’s & HA in most Berlin original for the IFA and press conferences from September tasteful hotels 4 th , the and Waldorf nightspots Astoria is announces that the legendary the very “jazzy” chef Ellington. Pierre Gagnaire We asked will be there in person during this the establishment’s director Tina exceptional time to run "Les Solistes by Pierre Gagnaire", Brack what to her mind makes the a Michelin-starred restaurant offering a peerless culinary Ellington different to other hotels in this category. experience in the German capital. Among Waldorf Astoria Berlin's impressive range of dining Our hotel is a and listed drinking historic experiences, structure. It the restaurant run by worldrenowned office building French at chef, the end Pierre Gagnaire, is the hotel's was built as an of the 20’s and flagship the building attraction. alone Gagnaire shows owns and directs highly the glamour successful of the past. restaurants It’s not just throughout a the world, including the hotel… we sell legendary feeling and Pierre atmosphere Gagnaire in as Paris' Rue Balzac – consistently well. In the 50’s awarded we had three a very Michelin famous jazz stars, the highly acclaimed Sketch club in the house, in London where and musicians Pierre in like Hong Kong. Together, Gagnaire's Ella Fitzgerald, restaurants Louis Armstrong boast and 12 Michelin Duke stars, and it is no surprise Ellington played – which is of course where that tables at the opulent Les Solistes by Pierre Gagnaire are our name comes from. among the most sought after in the Berlin restaurant scene. Food and beverage are becoming more important, and “The at Waldorf the Ellington Astoria this introduces a great and peerless is particularly name the to case. Berlin, Please and tell it gives us me great pleasure to bring a more. sophisticated and unique culinary experience to the people The Duke restaurant of Berlin is famous and international not only for guests”, says Pierre Gagnaire hotel guests but of the also restaurant for Berlin that residents. will continue his culinary credo of Our chef, Florian "facing Glauert, tomorrow is well but known respectful in of yesterday". Berlin for his “classic French cuisine with a modern touch”. “It is a Last great year honour we scored for us to 14 have won a chef as distinguished points in the Gault and legendary et Milau – as and Pierre hope Gagnaire to for the Waldorf Astoria get more this year! Berlin”, affirms Friedrich W. Niemann, General Manager of Berlin's newest luxury high rise hotel. “Pierre Gagnaire is What about business meetings? not just the ultimate synonym for excellence in the culinary Tina Brack We have light, open spaces that are very inviting for private arts, but meetings also, with in three a very Michelin stars, an asset Ellington for the Hotel Director stylish and relaxed whole atmosphere. of Berlin. Waldorf For more Astoria and Pierre Gagnaire are “secretive” meetings, associated there’s with a our luxury wine and elegance which does justice safe. It’s a real to 30M the 2 prestigious safe that legacy was used of the legendary flagship on Park in former times Avenue, by the Manhattan, state financial and also sets new standards”. authorities. When Berlin was reunified, the 48 IN HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS CLUBS HOSPITALITY / EVENTS / RESTAURANTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE / BARS CLUBS HOSPITALITY / EVENTS / RESTAURANTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE / BARS CLUBS HOSPITALITY / EVENTS / RESTAURANTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE / BARS CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM Your initiative to grow Berlin’s electronic is the This prime year contact marks the point 50th for anniversary entrepreneurs of one of and the key sector is working. What are the latest results provides events unique that shaped services Berlin for investors. City. President It informs Kennedy in terms of job creation and new companies about visited financial the possibilities summer of (EU, 1963 state and funding) delivered his moving 70-million to the city, DM or that local was start-ups? to be distributed and famous accompanies speech the containing whole process. those The famous BLC four More than among 900 those new jobs of the were former created eastern in the Berlin first also words provides expressing individualised his allegiance information to about Berlin. IFA half of as 2013 a welcome in the electronic/ICT gift was stored creative here. sector. We Berlin International and its advantages asked Klaus both Wowereit, online and the in governing our This tendency now store shows wines the in the significant safe and economic are able showroom Mayor of and this finally illustrious gives city exclusive, how this customised event has been factor to and host is reinforced intimate by secret the dinners fact that there with – information commemorated. about real estate, commercial sites approximately with no risk 5,400 of being companies interrupted! and 62,000 and the city’s technical, social and building employees involved in the digital sector, Berlin Many different events were held in Berlin this regulation infrastructure. Berlin Partner also can be The named history as the of leading this hotel location oozes for from digital year to commemorate the historic speech given every brick. Please tell us more. assists with fiscal topics and negotiations with industries in Germany. In 2012, 469 companies by US President John F. Kennedy to hundreds of The building was famous for the “Femina governmental institutions. were founded, which means a 44% increase. The thousands of people on 26 June 1963. Two of the Hall” – a 2,000 M 2 ballroom with a sliding internet roof industry – where generates up to 2,000 even more people revenue highlights were the ceremony held at the original could How does Berlin Partner leverage the huge than the dance building under sector. the stars. Earlier It this was year, destroyed Microsoft in amount site of of his business speech, Schöneberg talent attracted Town Hall, to the to mark opened the its war, Center and in we Berlin have rebuilt Mitte. a The conference capital’s city by this events 50th anniversary, like IFA? and the visit of the current flourishing room start-up there. On scene the generated ground floor more in than the Berlin American Partner President, supports Barack enterprises Obama, through a few days €200m 1970’s in investments and 80’s, during the Jungle the first Club six was months very several before business that. promotion packages. The and investors famous, include and very Bill regular Gates. guests included company helps to find suitable locations and David Bowie, who lived just around the human The resources. enthusiasm The Business of Berliners Location Center that time What is corner. the cluster Barbara scheme, Streisand and was what another. is the As connects moved entrepreneurs President with Kennedy. key contacts His arrival like in next phase I mentioned, of this plan? jazz clubs here have been Berlin and the speech he made changed the government authorities, banks, chambers, The cluster famous scheme here over is the the implementation years, and this of world in a number of ways. What remains of associations and company networks and the innovation history can strategy truly be defined felt when by you Berlin visit the this today? and financial aspects. The BLC also runs its own hotel. His message still resonates today with all those Brandenburg in order to lead the capital towards online jobs service at www.talent-in-berlin. whose lives, safety, and freedom are threatened. a successful future. The scheme is divided into five The breakfast room here is very com, with up-to-date job ads for experts and In that sense, his speech is timeless and, even clusters: interesting Health Industry, as well… ICT/Media and Creative management. The Business Immigration Service fifty years later, still very relevant in many places Industries, Yes. It Mobility, was designed Energy by a Technologies team of architects and is a collaboration of the relevant players from around the world. Photonics. from The Berlin next and step Italy. is to They create decided even more to business and administration that answers all efficiency include terms long of tables economic with benches. and technological At first, visa-related questions for foreign companies, development the idea through seemed the strange, fusion of but Berlin it Partner really Melanie Bähr How important is business tourism, such as managers and highly-skilled specialists. generated by IFA, to the economy of Berlin and the works. TSB Innovation People like Agency. it, because they get Managing Director of Berlin and how is the tourism sector expanding to talk to other guests and the breakfast Partner here? Do you buffet offer is tax excellent. breaks It’s or very other convivial. economic In 2011 our tourist industry registered more than incentives? 20 million overnight stays, up from only 7 million Berlin Partner as an economic development and twenty years ago. We’ve asked ourselves what marketing corporation offers a wide range of makes Berlin so attractive internationally, and the assistance. The Business Location Center (BLC) For more information, see answer is that it’s being embraced in its entirety 60IFA International • Friday 6 th September 2013 59 Klaus Wowereit There are still a lot of new things happening in our city. because For visitors of its diversity. to IFA, taking As a result, home we the expect right gift our can be booming a major tourist task. industry But classic to continue French department to grow. At store the same Galeries time, Lafayette, business among travellers the are best-known something names that for every luxury city shopping welcomes, in Europe, which has is why all your we shopping are working needs to draw covered. more Vincent and more Senecat, trade Director shows of and congresses Galeries Lafayette to Berlin. Berlin, takes us on a tour. If anyone Berlin can has a say highly what diverse it is that population makes and Berlin Galeries so special, Lafayette you Berlin can. What offers a do wide you range think of it is? products I think to it’s accommodate the unique combination this demand. of Our a cultural variety of capital exclusive, and a congress international, venue, French of and economic youth brands centre are and combined a creative with hub, extraordinary of old and events, new, fashion of history shows, and the tastings, future. readings There are and still much a lot more. of new things happening in our city. It is young people and Please creative describe professionals; the diverse designers, brands artists, on offer. and internet Galeries entrepreneurs Lafayette Berlin particular is more who than are just a moving department to Berlin from store. all We over present the world. a wide They range want of to products live and work from here, international and they enrich luxury our brands city with to French their presence and young and their fashion energy. brands. We are also famous for our men's, women's, beauty, In a accessories, more general jewellery sense, and kids’ what areas. Our your men’s biggest brands ambitions include Sandro, for Berlin? Tiger of What Sweden, are Costume the crucial National, things and that Zadig will leave & Voltaire; a positive women’s legacy brands of your include time Barbara in the Mayor’s Bui, Costume office? National, Karl Berlin Lagerfeld, is on the Pascal right Millet, track, Paule but has Ka and not Vanessa yet achieved Bruno; all of while its goals. Coach, I want Marc to Jacobs, keep working Lanvin and to meet Valentino the great are challenges just some confronting of our renowned cities our in particular accessories in this stores. era of globalization, so that Berlin continues to be a metropolis with a human face, Please even in tell boom us times. more about your Create Berlin initiative. Create Berlin is a platform created by Berlin designers to connect the creative diversity of the city’s design scene. Create Berlin brings together energies and ideas and provides creative talents with opportunities to realise their visions, and to understand the importance of the creative industries in Berlin’s economic development. As an internationally active network, Create Berlin Vincent Senecat Director of Galeries Lafayette Berlin. Burkhard Kieker, Chief Executive Officer of visitBerlin tells IFA International about the curates latest and manages projects various and developments design projects in one Germany of the and world's abroad, most and has dynamic, over 70 exciting members and representing individual the cities... diversity of Berlin’s creative industries. One of the aims of Galeries Lafayette is to In support 2014, this the industry German and capital the various will be design celebrating branches. the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. So much has been achieved in that quarter How of can a century. a non-EU Berlin visitor a city that’s save changing, money reinventing Lafayette itself, and combining thanks to awareness tax-free of the at Galeries shopping? past, with looking ahead to the future. From this For non-EU point of tourists, view, IFA shopping has always and been saving an integral money part is easy of Berlin, at Galeries because Lafayette it was held Berlin. for the Initially, first time in customers 1924, can and obtain can now a global look back refund on cheque a long history, at the customer while still service presenting department the latest on the achievements 1st floor in when technology paying for and their design. purchases. Then they have to show Berlin their has purchases, become a receipt leading and international passport to trade customs fair when and congress leaving the metropolis country or because at the final the city point is of an departure ideal location when leaving for events, the EU, especially and get those their dedicated global refund to trends cheque and stamped. creative This ideas. can For be shown example, along Social with Media their passport Week, and event credit that card reflects at a local Berlin’s global booming refund office start-up and scene, they will will be receive held an from immediate 23 September refund on on, the marking credit card. the fact Alternatively, that a new the internet refund company can be paid is founded in cash. in Berlin every 20 hours. The open spaces and sophisticated Please infrastructure describe some make of the the city culinary attractive delights to artists as on offer well as at tech Galeries start-ups, Lafayette and empty Berlin. factory buildings Our clients and unused can enjoy areas gastronomic are being specialities transformed as into well as galleries purchase and baguettes exhibition and spaces. bottles A of wine combination for their of daily well-established needs. The gourmet institutions food department and up and includes coming an artists Epicerie, has made cheese Berlin counter, the epicentre meat of counter, contemporary wine department, art, and bakery, soBerlin confectionery Art Week, which and takes deli food. place The from atmosphere 17 to 22 September, in our wine is an department opportunity I would for especially art connoisseurs recommend: to get with to know a glass the of art wine scene you in Berlin. can let the evening gently fade away. What do you recommend for visitors to IFA who may not have much time to visit the city. What should they do first? 36 IFA International • Monday 9 th September 2013 51 Burkhard Kieker Chief Executive Officer of visitBerlin I recommend anyone who has been inspired by IFA and wants to try out gadgets to discover Berlin using an app. Numerous providers offer mobile guided tours on topics such as street art or the Berlin Wall, as well as virtual 3D tours. If, on the other hand, you want to disconnect in the truest sense of the word, you can let off steam in Berlin’s open spaces. For example, on the runways of the former Tempelhof airport visitors can fly a kite or try out kite surfing. At 115 metres, the former US listening station on the Teufelsberg is Berlin’s highest mountain, and it's well worth climbing. There are guided tours which provide an intriguing view of the history of Berlin during the Cold War era, while at dusk the area offers an amazing view of the whole city from above. Are you finding that more people are tending to stay on after shows like IFA in order to visit the city? In my experience, yes. Visitors to events and trade fairs take advantage of the opportunity and often extend their stay by a couple of days. The German capital has a lot to offer apart from trade fairs, everything from cultural hotspots to partying until dawn in one of the many clubs. Every visitor can find their own unique experience in Berlin. How do you work to support Messe Berlin and its IFA show? Messe Berlin is a long established partner of visitBerlin. We work together regularly and closely, especially in the congress sector. For IFA we mainly help with communications through online and press work. WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM Where Tourism Meets Business While Berlin is a fantastic tourism city for individuals it is also an extraordinary draw-card for business travellers Jean-François Pieri & Gérard Lefebvre Executive Director, Cleverdis Managing Director, IFA International WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WHERE TO GO BERLIN WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN Previous editions of Where to Go in Berlin President & Founder, Cleverdis Publisher, IFA International Culinary legend in town for IFA Media Days How To Get Ahead In The Capital Ich Bin Ein Berliner Berlin's Ever-Changing Face Create Berlin by Galeries Lafayette Pierre Gagnaire, known as the 'Picasso“It’s of French not cuisine', just a hotel… we sell Berlin feeling” Partner Managing Director Melanie Bähr reveals statistics behind Klaus Wowereit, the Berlin start-up the governing Mayor of Berlin, welcomes you to this wonderful A New Tech Start-Up Founded Every 20 Hours will be in Berlin from September 3 rd to September 6 th phenomenon and explains how other enterprises can get a foothold in the capital French Department store showcases the diversity of Berlin's creative industries city and celebrates one of the key events that shaped its history Ellington: A hotel… a meeting place…with a jazz theme based on the glorious past of its walls “business travellers are something that every city welcomes, which is why we are working to draw more and more trade shows and congresses to Berlin” WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN Our variety of exclusive, international, French and youth brands are combined with extraordinary events, fashion shows, tastings, readings and much more. WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN “Every visitor can find their own unique experience in Berlin” As strongly underlined in our IFA International Weekend edition (7 th & 8 th september) by Klaus Wowereit, the governing Mayor of Berlin, business travellers are very popular customers in cities, and Berlin puts on a big spread to attract them. It’s a veritable “collective seduction” action made towards major enterprises, since Messe Berlin is going to provide its fairs with a new futuristic hall from April 2014: the Berlin CityCube. The organisation Berlin Partner meanwhile provides solid support to companies who themselves want to gain a foothold in the capital (see interview with Melanie Bähr - Managing Director of Berlin Partner in our Friday 6 th Sept. edition). VisitBerlin for its part works on developing events dedicated to trends and creative ideas (see Burkhard Kieker's interview - CEO of visitBerlin in our Tuesday 10 th Sept. issue). Prestigious hotels in the city also play a key role, including the Ellington with its Director Tina Brack who gave us the pleasure of revealing the many facets that make it not only a hotel, but also an atmosphere, in our preview edition (2 nd Sept.). In the same spirit, the Waldorf Astoria is giving us in that same preview all its assets for a great stay, including among others the exceptional comfort of its rooms, a well-known “(…)business travellers are very popular customers in cities, and Berlin puts on a big spread to attract them.” brand spa (Guerlain), a legendary bar (Lang Bar), and a restaurant with a Michelin starred chef (Les Solistes by Pierre Gagnaire). Last but not least, Vincent Senecat, Director of French Department store Galeries Lafayette, revealed in our Monday 9 th Sept. edition how his store supports the “Create Berlin” platform, created by Berlin designers to connect the creative diversity of the city's design scene, making the store not only a place to have your shopping needs covered, but also an active partner in Berlin’s cultural life. If reading this at the show, you will find all our previous editions in stands at the main entrances, if not all are on line on: IFA International • Wednesday 11 th September 2013 29

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