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Day 6 - IFA International

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Special Feature Beko: Smart Innovation for Tomorrow’s Households A+++ rating; or the WMB 81244 LC, the quietest washing machine of its class at just 65 dB. In Hall 7.1a, BEKO introduced an exclusive kitchen design series, “BEKO CAST Line”, a collaboration with leading Spanish product designer Patricia Urquiola. Minimal and functional, with warm, contemporary lines, the kitchen collection includes integrated cooker hoods, hobs and ovens. Following a successful IFA premiere in 2011, BEKO household appliances showcased a range of stylish, functional, eco-conscious products at this year’s trade fair. Having achieved the highest market share increase in Europe in 2011, BEKO aim to further build sales SAFE, EFFICIENT AND HEALTHY COOKING MADE EASY Gorenje claim that the iQook hob is the most reliable cooking induction hob in the world for adjusting the heat source to avoid boiling over, burning, or overcooking. Intelligent preset cooking modes, including the IQsteam mode, simplify the preparation of dishes with the potential to completely change the way we cook. The innovative technology of the iQook system’s IQ sensors, which received the red dot design award 2012, guarantees safe and controlled hob operation and optimised use of energy. The new technology is entirely the product of Gorenje’s own R&D and design departments. around an environmentally conscious “smart generation” who demand both effi ciency and effectiveness. The promise is embodied in Beko ‘EcoSmart’ household appliance range, which includes the WMB 81466 washing machine that is 30% more effi cient than the highest New Line Of Home Appliances Premiered at IFA Gorenje Vita is a family of sophisticated home appliances, premiered as prototypes at IFA 2012, which stand out with state-of-the-art technology, features that promote health, and user-friendly operation. They are designed to enhance the life of the user, to bring vitality into every corner of your home and to contribute to better, healthier lifestyles for all. Gorenje Vita appliances are in effect, loyal and smart companions - constantly improving the everyday cycle-of-life: the Vita Cycle. Currently sold in over 100 countries, and already claiming to be the bestselling brand in the UK for refrigerators, washing machines and freezers, Beko will roll out a range of smart technologies with stylish functional designs under the banner “It’s a smart world – It’s a new generation.” » HALL 7.1 A / STAND 101 The Vita line ambient hood “Trends in consumer demand for home appliances demonstrate that in addition to caring about the impact these products have on the environment, consumers also find it very important to consider the way these products affect their/our lives,” Gorenje President and CEO Franjo Bobinac, said. “This is why increasingly more development and innovation efforts at Gorenje are focused on the health benefits of home appliances. Gorenje’s experts have been working intensely on developing appliances that would introduce significant innovations in healthy cooking and healthy living general.” Gorenje’s Vita line comprises a refrigerator with innovative IonAir active antibacterial technology, the revolutionary iQook induction hob with the Beko EcoSmart applainces The Vita Line Lifestyle ultimate steaming technology for healthy cooking,a kitchen hood with a coaxial filtration system for cleaner and fresher air, an oven with DirecTOUCH control and additional preset programmes for healthy cooking, a dishwasher featuring the special VitaShine programme with anti-allergic and sterilization effects, a new generation washing machine with VitaCARE technology for perfectly rinsed laundry, and the first IonTech dryer with anti-allergic action. All appliances lay claim to high energy efficiency and friendliness to both the environment and the users. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 201 A+++ FOR EFFORT ONE PRODUCT, THREE RESULTS No more cleaning: The iQ 800 ecoStar heat-pump tumble dryer Siemens is premiering its first A+++ condensation dryer. The iQ 800 ecoStar heat-pump tumble dryer with self-cleaning condenser reduces power consumption while offering the ultimate in convenience and performance. The automatic cleaning system — unique to Siemens — saves the user a lot more than the tedious task of cleaning and emptying filters and sieves. In contrast to many conventional machines, whose energy efficiency degrades with each drying cycle due to lint deposits, the energy efficiency of the iQ 800 remains optimal throughout its entire lifetime. » HALL 1.1 / STAND 101 The Philips AquaTrio Pro: one product, three functions Is it a vacuum? Is it a wet mop? Is it a floor dryer? No, it’s AquaTrio Pro, Philips’ latest innovation for saving time and energy in the home. AquaTrio Pro simultaneously vacuums, mops and dries hard floors, delivering squeaky-clean results with half the effort. Suitable for wood, laminate, vinyl, ceramic and natural stone, AquaTrio Pro’s triple-acceleration technology first removes dirt, then mops and dries the floor in one seamless action. Other USPs include 50% faster floor-drying times, 50% energy savings and a 70% water reduction. » HALL 22 / STAND 101 IFA International • Wednesday 5 th September 2012 29

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