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Day 6 - IFA International

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Official Daily News

Official Daily News Source f or International Visitors at IFA THE DIARY OF MISS IFA See you next year! time passes so fast, I cannot believe that it’s the last day already. Anyway, it’s been a fantastic IFA week, the weather was amazing and the products were ‘‘The astonishing, the people were great and the stands were spectacular. Thanks so much for reading my diary and thanks to the people at IFA International magazine for inviting me to do it….see you next year! This magnificent TV on the Loewe stand was signed by Thomas Gottschalk, one of Germany’s most famous TV hosts, and will be auctioned for charity. Here I am with Dr Rainer Hecker of gfu, Loewe CEO Oliver Seidl, Kurt Beck, Minister-President of Rhineland Palatinate, and Thomas Gottschalk As I arrived at the stand, Gastronomy Consultant Stephane Forster was demonstrating some of Miele’s cooking equipment, and these cheese and bacon dumplings were delicious.On the left of the photo is Miele's Christian Gerwens My IFA International friends celebrating another year of producing the official English-language publication of IFA. Front row from left to right: Helene Beunat, Sophie Layer, Valentina Russo, Sichao Guo, Gary Smith, Me, Gérard Lefebvre, Bejamin Ras, Jean-Robert Bournelle, Anja Kuehner, Stuart Braun, Bob Snyder, back row from left to right: Bettina Badon, Guillaume Kaercher, Guillaume Vinrich, Masha Polshinskaya, Jean-François Pieri, Julian Newby, Neil Crossley, Richard Barnes, Jean-Guy Bienfait, Joanna Stephens, Mark Dezzani I FA international IFA International is a CLEVERDIS Publication 65 avenue Jules Cantini - Tour Méditerranée – 13006 Marseille, France • Tel: + 33 442 77 46 00 • Fax: + 33 442 77 46 01 • SARL capitalised at €128,250 • VAT FR 95413604471 • RCS Marseille 413 604 471 • • During IFA: Press Center – Hall 6.3 – Room 401 • Tel: +49 (0)30 3038 81136 • Fax: +49 (0)30 3038 81146 • • • Publisher: Gérard Lefebvre • Publishing Director: Jean-Guy Bienfait • Project Manager: Bettina Badon • Editor-in-Chief: Richard Barnes • Head of Editorial Team: Jean-Robert Bournelle • Desk Editor: Bob Snyder • Editorial Coordination: Sophie Layer • Editorial team: Stuart Braun, Neil Crossley, Marc Dezzani, Max Leonard, Julian Newby, Gary Smith, Jo Stephens • Photos: Didier Baverel • Art Director: Hélène Beunat • Design & Page Setting: Guillaume Kaercher, Valentina Russo, Guillaume Vinrich • Webmaster: Benjamin Ras • Marketing Manager: Jean-François Pieri • With the participation of: Sichao Guo, Anja Kühner, Masha Polshinskaya, Marjorie Sanch To contact them : first name.last • Cover: © Cleverdis © CLEVERDIS 2012 - Registration of Copyright August 2012 Information presented in this publication is purely indicative in order to illustrate subjects contained therein. No guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of data or content at time of printing and thus the latter should not be used for professional or commercial ends. While all efforts have been made as to accuracy and pertinence of content and data contained in this publication, CLEVERDIS may in no case be held responsible for the consequences, whatever their nature may be, that may result from the interpretation of this data or content, or any eventual errors therein. Any reproduction of the content of this publication, even partial, by any means whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the prior autorisation of the publisher. Any copy, whether by photography, photography film, magnetic tape, disc or other means constitutes a forgery, liable to punishment under French law according to the legislation of 11 th March 1957 covering copyright. All brands cited in this publication are registered trade marks and/or belong to companies which are their respective proprietors. The publishers and editorial staff decline all responsibility as to opinions formulated in this publication by those interviewed or cited therein. Their opinions are entirely their own, and are included with the understanding that they contain, to our knowledge, no malicious intent. The inclusion of all texts, photographs and other documents supplied by those included in this publication imply the acceptance by their authors of their free publication therein. Documents and photographs will not be returned. It should be understood that this publication contains forward-looking statements that involve risks, uncertainties and assumptions. All statements other than statements of historical fact are statements that could be deemed forward-looking statements. Risks, uncertainties and assumptions include assumptions relating to the timing of the recorded date. If any of these risks or uncertainties materialises or any of these assumptions proves incorrect, actual results could differ materially from the expectations outlined in these statements. Cleverdis assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements during the period of publication. Photo Credits and Copyright: All Rights Reserved. 42

HOSPITALITY / RESTAURANTS / BARS WHERE TO GOIN BERLIN WWW.WHERETOGOINBERLIN.COM CLUBS / EVENTS / SHOPPING / CULTURE For a foreigner, Berlin has to be described as one of the friendliest and most enthralling cities in the world. In our previous editions, we spoke to “famed” locals about their city. In this fi nal issue, Gérard Lefebvre, President and Founder of Cleverdis – publisher of IFA International – gives his point of view. Don’t Leave So Soon! With so many things to do and see in the extraordinary city of Berlin and its environs, it’s worth scheduling extra time to take them in! I take this occasion to thank Burkhard Kieker – CEO of visitBerlin, Klaus Wowereit – The Governing Mayor of Berlin, Ursula Vierkötter – Managing Director KaDeWe, Georg Strecker – CEO Wintergarten and Raimund Hosch – CEO Messe Berlin for their input and ideas over the past few days. These people all, in their own way, contribute to the greatness of this city. Previous editions of Where to Go in Berlin My work has, over the years, thankfully allowed me to visit the most beautiful cities in the world. And while I may not be from this region, I am, just like its residents, enamoured by the charm of Berlin, made unique not only by its economic dynamism, but also by its wonderful quality of life. I therefore encourage the attendees of IFA to also discover the Berlin area and to at least dedicate a day to this before or after the show. Each time I come here, I have done just this, and each time I am surprised and thrilled with the richness and variety of sights, history and culture. This year is no exception, and before the show, having had a glimpse of the Wannsee (lake) area, next to historic Potsdam to the west of Berlin last year and being charmed by the area, I returned this year for a more in depth look. Our hotel concierge suggested a boat tour beginning at the port adjacent to Wannsee S-Bahn station, and the advice was excellent. This area was one of the most historic centres of the German Gérard Lefebvre President and Founder of Cleverdis IFA International Publisher Empire – from its beginnings – mostly made by Bismark – and having a happy ending as the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. As the boat set out at 10:30 am, I was astounded – and the word is not an exaggeration – by the surroundings: definitely among the most breathtakingly beautiful real estate I have ever seen. Passing by the Truman villa, the villa of Max Lieberman or the Babelsberg Palace as highlights, the countless mansions are quite extraordinary – each alive, surrounded by lush greenery and inhabited by a lucky few. The tour finished at lunchtime – and what better place to satiate one’s appetite than at the picturesque beer garden overlooking the lake near the little Wannsee port? Do yourself a favour… take the time to embark upon a boat tour at Wannsee. You won’t regret it! IFA International • Wednesday 5 th September 2012 43

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